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hello and welcome to the building an indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex today we will be discussing the 1% rule my framework for learning and getting things done I will be discussing um what exactly it is how you can do it and how I built a habit first I wanted to discuss some general things about the podcast as always there's the patreon page that will hope that will that you guys can donate to if you find this podcast valuable and that will support the editing of the podcast and the hosting of the podcast another thing I wanted to mention was the fact that I have entered the podcast in the producthunt makers festival and the day this episode is being released I the voting will start for the festival so I'll be putting a link to the festival page in my page for the festival in the show notes I also want to discuss the fact that I listened to the podcast too and I know you can hear me breathing and so I'm working to to make that happen once I I know I just need to slow down and catch my breath so I'm going to be taking a lot more pauses okay so the 1% rule how I learn and get things done so the 1% rule is you break up tasks into percentages for example I'm reading evil by design by Chris Snyder and the book is 300 pages so I read three pages a day and the point is to get in the habit of doing something if I read three pages a day I'm happy with that because I read more than I had yesterday you know what I mean so this is used for things like tutorials books and other lessons things that you can quantify but what if you can't quantify it so for things you can't quantify you I just do one thing a day an example would be the login page that I've been working on so one day I did the organizing one day I did the styling and I'm gonna do the functionality soon that's just one thing and it's just to get me in the habit of doing things on today is Friday all I have on my list is the podcast I don't have any other things so if I if I record the podcast and upload it and get it ready for releasing I'm 100 percent fine with that if that's all I do if that's all I do it's to get in the habit like I said it's not the size of the test it's that you're you're better up you've done more than you did yesterday you're one step ahead and so how I built this habit I always have an idea of what I want to do before I do it so I I sit down and I know I want to do the styling today I want to do the podcast today and that way I don't have to sit down and figure it out before I start doing it you know what I mean and also I have a system I it's to get me in the mindset so I come home I eat I shower I mess around on Twitter but mess around on slack and then I sit down at my desk I hope open up a new window some no tabs can distract me I open up twitch and I put on music and the music is another aspect and so is twitch so another part of my system is that ah hi I I put on music I've heard a hundred times so when you hear my twitch streams you'll hear Nirvana the Beatles sometimes even bill burr there's just things I have heard a hundred times so that I can focus on what's on my screen and not what's in my ears and also twitch so I stream on twitch because I it makes me work harder when I know someone is watching me this is a they've actually done studies on this and it's called the Hawthorne effect that people work harder when they're being watched oh yeah um I hope you guys got some value out of this episode remember you can always tweet any mail me questions about either the podcast the podcast directory that I'm building or anything else okay thank you for listening have a nice day bye