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Building, and then the business, and the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds, also known as supreme ram ham on the internet. And this is the building, building in any business podcast. Okay, so, um, that today I wanted to talk about Bill Burr, and how he does his ads. So I'm going to be talking about the specifics of how he does his ads. I'm gonna give you examples of each one. I'm going to talk about the impact of these ads. I'm going to be talking about why and how other podcast hosts can do ads like him. And I'm going to talk. I'm going to be talking about the problems that the average podcast host might run into, because they copy his style. Okay, so how he does his ads. He makes fun of the company sometimes not all the time, and he doesn't use this style all the time, but uh, he'll make fun of the company every once in a while. Um, for example, he was selling a video doorbell. And he read the price, and he read the discount price. It was like oh it's $250, but because you're Bill Burr listener it's 150. And he immediately said, That's expensive, you already have a doorbell attached to your house on, you're still paying off your house. The wires of the new doorbell will just end up in the ocean, and then in a bird stomach. Yeah, so he didn't give a glowing review of the product. And then he reads the copy directly, even says the directions. So it'll be like, give a personal example, and I'll be like, now we need to give a personal example. And so, when the video doorbell was like giving personal example, he was like, you give a personal example. I don't even know what this product is so I can't give a personal example, I don't have a video doorbell see is that a glowing example for you. And so yeah, I thought that was super funny. Um. And the final thing that he does, he interrupts the ads to talk about something random, and then I'll circle back to the ads. So, he didn't do this and, but he, he could have been like, yeah so video doorbell blah blah blah. You know, my friend has a nice video doorbell SAT or not video doorbell a doorbell ring, and I really like that. And so I went to his house one day to watch football, and I ring the doorbell and I was like, oh hey that's nice Video doorbell blah blah blah, things like that. That's how he does his ads, so more examples. One time during the holiday season, he was selling berries, and he laughed so hard at the fact that he did use the word fruit, and he kept laughing, really hard. After he said fruit, and he was like crying laughing I guess he's just that generation. And so, um, he was like, I'm laughing at the word fruit, and then at the end he was like, oh, wow, while he's laughing He was like, What am I selling like this isn't my audience. It was super funny. And then they kept advertising with them repeatedly I think maybe two, maybe, maybe one maybe two years ago, he was selling this that I've been listening to this podcast for a long time maybe five years at this point. And so, he was like, yeah, you should buy arm. Berries for the higher ups at the kk Tate K, they might be interested in this. And then so that was the final straw they finally stopped advertising with them. Maybe in 2018. I have to find out. And then they came back, like the next year. That was 2018, they came back for 2019. And he made fun of them for that too. So yeah, and then he was selling razors at one point, and he would do the ads in a Boston accent. They sell shaving butter so he would say, shaving Bada, instead of just saying, shave butter, which I thought was really funny and that's how I practice my Boston accent, I listen to that ad on YouTube, and I'll talk about that a little more. And then so the last example that I have that I thought was really funny is that he was selling sunglasses, and they use the word acetate. And so he didn't know how to pronounce it he was like acetate a state. And then so he googled the word, and he had Google on text to speech, and he repeated it like five times acetate acetate acetate. Yeah, so that was really funny. Um, so, what's the impact of these ads and why am I telling you about them. Okay. So these ads are very impactful, because they're funny and memorable. I came up with these five ads, just off the top of my head. Oh, there's one more thing. He um, he creates a song for one ad, and someone. Yeah, I'll talk about that. So, yeah, that's the fifth one he creates a song for one advertiser. So these ads are impactful, because they're funny and memorable. I came up with the five off the top of my head. Yeah, so when people want to buy something, or buy that product or think, Oh hey, Bill bird did an ad for that. I can get it for cheaper. If I use this code. And that means more sales and more money for the podcast advertiser. Another reason why you should do ads like him, is because fans make videos of the ads. And that's free advertising for the brand, so it's more exposure more people finding out about the brand. Yeah. Um, someone made a video. Yes, someone made a video of the song that he did. So he made a song for this advertiser, and then someone made a video of like a slideshow of him. And they also added the lyrics, and then with the lyrics, was a, a bobbing head of Bill. And every time. There was like, every time the word was said. The bobbing head like hit that word, and then the word was highlighted. And so I thought that was really funny. Yeah, they did that for free. And that's even more exposure. Right. And that's specifically for that brand. So that was another reason why I'm in the forums. People repeat the ads all the time. So on Reddit. I think my little caption and that, in that form in the Bill Burr subreddit is acetate. So, and sometimes people will bring up like acetate or like sunglasses like what is that sunglasses company, and people will just say acetate acetate acetate repeatedly. It's actually pretty funny. Um, someone made a video clip about an apocalypse movie. And what they did was they added his audio about acetate to the movie and made it seem like he was the villain. So, and a crucial scene in the movie I guess the heroes were pinned down. And there was like a siren. And every time a siren went off his audio like him saying acetate what um, would be played instead of like, whatever that video had, um, and the last two is someone might make a podcast episode about his unique advertising style, and anyone listening could look up these brands, and maybe buy their product. Even though I am not bringing up the actual brand of what he was selling. Personally, I introduce people to Bill Burr using the video doorbell ad, because it's just so funny and it's not not really about the video doorbell because it's like a five minute clip of him. He goes off, like, in that one video that I show people. He goes from video doorbell to talking about how he could be a DJ. And that's how it ends. He's like imagine me being a DJ, and the video with like a lot of drugs would be taken. And that's the end, you won't hear anything else. It's pretty funny. Um, So why and how other podcasts hosts could do ads like him on why the ads are more impactful, like I said before, and this leads to more clicks and how podcast advertising works, is the podcast or podcast host is paid per click CPC paid per click. Yes. And so, if more people are clicking on it, that leads to more money. And if more people are clicking on their ads they're more effective, and that might attract more advertisers which will lead to more money. Right. And then people won't skip the ads. So, people tend to skip podcast ads. They know if the ad is like a minute and 30 seconds, they'll just hit the fast forward button three times and then they're done with the ad. I've seen people say that they don't skip his ads because they expect it to be funny. They're not always funny but they just want to catch that in Sham. every time they are funny. Okay. arm, the ads might turn into YouTube clips like listeners might turn the ads into a YouTube clip, and then listen. Pete new people might find the YouTube clip and start listening to the podcast, but that's more benefit from the podcast hosts. Okay, so how can a podcast host do an ad like builder. So the very first thing they can do is stop reading the copy from the brand and make up their own. So like, make up a song for the brand. So, there's a famous underwear subscription company. And if they decided to advertise with me. I would just be like the underwear company finally decided I was worth advertising with. So go buy their stuff. Something simple it's not like I'm breeding out of anything. But it's different, and that might be more effective, who knows. Um, well, the underwear company could find out if they advertise with me. So we'll see. Okay, so, um, there are problems that this advertising style might create, and let's go through them. Um, the brand might not like the random content. And this only really works. If you have a leverage. So, what do I mean by leverage. I mean, you have an audience. And the audience clicks on the ads. So, let's say you have 1000 listeners, and they're expecting. 100 people, that's high but let's just say, 100 people to the brand is expecting 100 people to click on the ad. Um, if you don't get 100 people 50 people click on it with your funny advertisement, then that's a problem. But if 200 people, click on the ad. You just caught leverage, because now you can do whatever you want to make people laugh, and the brand won't mind because you're getting higher numbers. Yeah. But yeah, that's all I have to say. Just make sure you have leverage. If you're gonna do it like that. Lose advertisers. Um, yeah. Bill loses advertisers all the time when he doesn't do a proper ad. And so, you also might lose advertisers. If you don't do the ad the way they like, okay, future advertisers might not enjoy the ads, and they might want to not want to advertise with you, because they hear the past ads, and they don't enjoy that content. Okay. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.