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In this episode, I talk about my strategy for backlinks. Then, I read a bunch of articles about creating backlink strategies! It's fun! I promise!

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building in a new business and the center of venture capital my name is alex edmonds people on the internet call me supreme rumham and this is the building and indie business podcast okay um so today i want to talk about seo some more um so i have had a lot of success with on-page seo and optimizing the pages the best i can uh when i look at results search results i get like in the 90s because i have all these tools and they tell me what to do um but you know i think the one thing that's stopping me and from ranking high let's say is um my off page seo gather getting backlinks things like that and the reason why i think this is is because a lot of off-page seo is like reaching out to people and asking them to link to my stuff and i like to do that so um i have looked at some ways to get um get some backlinks i'm going to talk about that uh let me talk about what i usually do for backlinks let's check out ahrefs and see what it tells me what i do the first thing i do for sure is um i create like a subscribe page and then i take that subscribe page and i link it to like or i submit it to pod not podcast directories um newsletter directories and so that way i'm like promoting the newsletter but actually i'm just looking to get a backlink for like any of my websites that's like like one of the first things i do right okay and then another thing i do is i put it in the podcast show notes right so like i've done over 100 episodes um i think this is like 170 actually so yeah i have a hundred episodes of my my websites and the show descriptions and that those descriptions go to podcast players and then um you know there's hundreds of players and some of them give do follow backlinks okay and then the next thing i do is i um i do a product on launch and product time like i don't think the product hunt launch itself gives a backlink but it'll show like oh alternatives to and it'll put your project in one of those like top 10 alternatives and so that gives you a backlink and then um i'll that's why i post on hacker noon too or like i try to guest posts on hackernoon so that way that gives me a backlink okay let's see what else do i do um yeah i just have like i also have a hub of places where i post links to my other websites so that's why when you look at the podcast website that's why it just has like every domain that i've bought i'm trying to build up the the um domain authority of those websites and then i also um that's why i do podhunt dot app uh those give backlinks as well i don't know if they do follow though and then dev2 um i put stuff in the description of podcast episodes because i know dev2 gives um do follow links um sometimes reddit does not reddit itself but like there are people that take the reddit content and put it on a different website and those websites might give a do follow link um yeah there are other directories where um you can list your project like project promote dot com that gives a do follow link so like all my websites are there um sometimes um people i interview will post their interview from the podcast on um their website and give me a link back so that helps as well some people take the hacker noon post and post on their website and that'll be a do follow link um okay there's that one um apparently my nft project that that gives you a do follow link that took a while though capronian gives do follow links anchor anchor gives do follow links um but i'm done with anchor but still my anchor account exists right so then i started reading about strategies um and there are some strategies i like some strategies i don't like one has become a source for bloggers and reporters so there's haro um which is help a reporter out you um let them use you as a source for information there's a skyscraper technique which is you find websites that write about content specific to your industry and then you reach out to them if they have like a dead link and you offer them a new link that's reaching out i don't like to do that number three on this website is outdated resources same thing same idea number four is use content format to provide to proven generate links a while ago i didn't blah blah blah um publish ultimate guides you already know that the only way to move your site to the top is to build high quality backlinks but that much is scary how for example here's a high quality blah blah blah even though i wrote the guide six years ago and since you generate links today in 2022 why does it work so well first comprehensive guides contain a lot of content in a single page in fact my guide according to blah blah blah a lot of seo factors study including hours long form contents promote uh better in google then but that doesn't have anything to do with backlinks find a guide next outline your ultimate guide write the guide okay that gives you nothing remember from number three for this guide um moving man blah blah blah um develop a similar tactic see authorized resource page resources okay so then another one is to submit your um your link to like and a resource page itself so that's an interesting one that's one i might do um that's basically what i do with the directories right um yeah okay um what do you think okay so that's that one those are the five strategies or whatever how many um okay this one says uh common examples of resource pages like a travel and tourism board universities local government that's one broken link unlinked brand mentions supplier links so this is actually a good one for paintball where i'm selling other people's products and they can list me as a resource to buy those products like a very specific brand so like for paintball it's titman it's empire things like that um oh and then also like since i'm working with a um as an affiliate i can reach out to the people i'm being an affiliate for and ask them to list me i guess somewhere link cap analyst digital pr skyscraper helper rapporto read the field my god why am i yawning oh cause i didn't get any sleep um brown up page can be a great way to build links to content that you are creating as part of a broader content like think about this as the uh run a keyword search for keyword plus roundup um and you will be presented with a list of articles that are published in this format usually is merely list in a particular format give a testimonial that's another thing but i don't that's talking to people okay let me see this one last one uh how much time i've been doing here oh nine minutes good cool yeah um oh form links that's a good one you just hang out with forms link your stuff that's not as much as emailing people so that's not that bad i just have to find the forms for my different industries okay um the first one on this list is piggyback resources um get links from yeah i talked about that one convert unlinked mentions to link mentions so if someone's like talking about your brand um and they don't have it linked you hit them up and be like hey can you link to my website please sir um get listed on a relevant okay so this is like directories kind of like if the top 10 you know paintball websites try to get them one of those look for your pages oh my god yeah i didn't get any sleep last night i had an interview today too so i don't think that went too well yeah okay um look for pages that mention multiple competitors but not you um okay let me read this one it talks about the cheapest email service now i know that um this is so what am i getting at if you can find websites i mention multiple competitors but not you it may make sense to reach out and induce your brand um in doing so you may even convince them to add your business to the page okay that's unlinked not only okay whatever you get that one form links anything else uh still links from so yeah those are some i'm gonna find out some other ways to do that um i'll find more directories read more stuff let me read these other ones um yeah because i don't know anything about paintball so it's not like i can guest post um outreach right keep going guest post with the twist no broken link unlike dimensions see this is a different article on the same website oh um this is new link reclamation reclamation so like you lose backlinks and then you just reach out to them and figure out why they back they stopped your backlink or fix that domain that broke that domain that link paid promotion for linkable assets linkable assets are pieces of content that deserve links tools calculators in depth here's one of my favorite backlinks or oh yeah okay if you recall what i said during the hours getting links to this type of content is all about getting the right people to know that exists do that and they might with outreach your cherry picking but another way sorry i should be talking but another way to get your content in front of your target pay to promote it using facebook ads or simply ppc ad network google adwords you don't have to spend 50 to 100 will often suffice if your content resonates with your chosen audience small percentage will surely link to it um this might be from websites niche okay but what do i do um okay uh okay um it said zero outreach um promote it zoo you could also pay like um once awareness like do a ppc ad on a niche website pay like i don't know whatever 20 bucks they'll give you a backlink i know that um yeah okay the only egg liquid we all need okay ironing all these ahrefs mentions ahrefs first and then ahrefs blog post great okay that one sucks seven actual ways to loot your competitor's backlinks let's look at that one first one is um domain level um okay page level uncover thousands potential by researching your competitor's home okay oh that reminds me another way you can do that is look at your competitors um traffic you do that on similar web and you see where they're hanging out or where people are mentioning their stuff and then you go hang out there right okay um i don't know how long has this been 14 minutes yeah i think you get the point um i don't know anything about backlinks i'm going to learn i'm trying to master that because i think that's the one thing i'm missing and then i'll come back to you if i find anything new thank you for listening have a nice day bye