Growing the BAIB Email List


building an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds, on the internet. People call me supremerumham. And this is the building an indie business podcast. Okay, so today I'm going to be discussing how I have been growing, or like the methods I've been using to grow. The building an indie business email list because my goal for this year is to grow the email list to 20. So, I'm gonna be talking about the methods I've been using to grow the email list. Even though, So far, as of March 2020 I've only gotten one new subscriber. Thank you, Josh. Josh Rosen of polls. He is that one subscriber. So, I'm, I'm going to be talking about the email list, what I've been doing. So let's get into it. So the first thing I did was I created a survey. And in that survey, I had one question that said, Do you know, there's an email list. Because previously. I'm the way I went about the email list, was that I put in the show notes. But then on Twitter. I casually did a survey or no I asked a question, I did a poll, they call it a poll. And I said, do you read the show notes of podcasts, and it was like 5050 Yes and no. So, and then some people said sometimes when I didn't make that an option. So, that means 50% are not reading the show notes. So, that means 50% of people don't know that there's an email list, so I put it in the survey just to like bring awareness to the, to the email list, I don't subscribe to many podcast email lists, but I subscribe to one, maybe two, maybe three. And I just I don't even read them. I just like, I see the episode title in the subject line and if I'm interested in it, I'll go listen to it. It's a very technical podcast so I don't listen every episode, that's why. So yeah. And then, another thing I did. Um. Oh, Josh was the one who signed up to the survey, so again. Thanks, Josh. Um, and then another thing I did was I started treating the email list, like a newsletter because it's technically is right. So, I promoted it like a newsletter. I put it, I added it to a bunch of newsletter directories and that way I can get organic traffic to the, the newsletter newsletter in quotes, and get people sign up from the directory, and especially because the people that are looking at the directories. They um, they would never sign up, or no, they would never hear my podcasts, right, because that's, that's a different source of traffic for me. Right. So, these, these people are looking to read newsletters, and then they're not looking for podcasts, right, so me treating the news that the email was like a newsletter is another source of traffic, you know what I mean. Um, so yeah, and then I'm just promoting, like a, like a newsletter I'm doing that stuff so yeah I'm, I'm doing. Yeah. Yes. So I've been thinking about like also doing, creating a lead magnet for the email list. And it has to be something downloadable, like a PDF, or maybe since the I could get organic traffic from Google. So then I'd have to create like a calculator or something, but then like, what calculator what maybe an MMR calculator. I don't know. Yeah, that's something to think about too. Okay. And then I brought the email list with every episode. So, Um, I do buy me coffee right I create a buy me a coffee post for every podcast episode, just to get that SEO juice. Right. And so, in that I put the description of the episode. A link to the episode page links revenue research. And then I put a link to the email list as well. So I do that for buying a coffee and Patreon. And then there's social media. So for social media. What I do is I do it on Twitter. I don't use any other social media. I used to do it on Reddit, but that's not, that's not my point right now. So, I used to do a tweet thread of like the main points of the episode. And then at the end of the episode, I would put a link to the episode page. Yeah, I would put a link to the episode page, and the episode page has a form at the top to sign up for the email list, and in the form at the bottom, sign up for the email list. So I'm trying to get people to click on it. And then, you know, sign up for their email list. Okay. Um, yeah, so every episode page has two forms at the top and at the bottom. I used to hide them actually. So, they used to be, um, exit and bottom forms. So, when, When you went to the page. And you'd score the very bottom. Then, then the bottom form would pop out. Right, so then you'd be surprised and be like Hey, what's this form, let me sign up for it. I don't know if that actually worked. So I put it on hit, so that way you see all the time and maybe if you're reading to the very bottom of the page you'd sign up. And then the top form was an exit form. So every time you try to exit the page it pop up. So I on hit that as well. Just, you know, because, because I'm just to see if it, convert better. I don't know if it has or not. I need to research that yeah I need to figure out where those, the original people found my stuff. So yeah, that's, that's what I used to do, and then I created a subscribe page on the for the website, and I put that link at the top of every page. And that, that form does something called autofocus, so I'm in the input box when you click on the subscribe page. And then you go there, it, the box, the input box autofocuses, so as soon as someone clicks on the page. What happens. Oh yeah, as soon as someone clicks on the page, it goes to that their cursor goes to that input box, so they don't have to actually click on it to um, to sign up, they just have to type in their email and click enter. I know someone who did this and they got some subscribers. Um, but this is the only page I do it on. I think I do it on the homepage too but I'm not sure I can check. Actually, do you want to check right now. What yeah let's just check check for fun. Um, it's this one. And then I go to next, you know I'm getting really casual with the podcast when I'm like pulling out my. I'm changing tabs and stuff like that, so that's good for me. And then we're just gonna put auto focus. Auto. No, I didn't put auto focus on the first page. Okay. So yeah, now we know. And then what I would like to do is I would like to direct message, some of my listeners, and ask them to subscribe directly. I've done this for a few people like one or two. But then again, I don't know who my listeners are, so how can I DM them and ask them to subscribe to the email list, right, because that's something I have tried it. I asked Brendan to subscribe right. So, I asked him, I know he listens. I know he's listening right now. Hey buddy, how you doing. Okay, so then let's talk about why. Why do I want to grow the email list. Why do you ask like your podcast Alex, why do you want the email list to grow. Here's why. I'm growing the email list will grow the download numbers and get more people listening. Right, so, um, I, right, so it's like people at one point I was subscribed to 80, podcasts, I add at podcasts my podcast player. That's not the case anymore. But, you know, I'm liable to miss a new episode and not, not listen to it, or not download it right. But if I'm part of the email list. I can see that they have a new episode and then click on it. In my favorite. If there's a link to the bottom to my favorite podcast player, and then start listening to it. So, create someone who like it creates a more consistent listener right and it keeps the download number steady, so I can focus on, you know, growing the podcast instead of worrying about like, oh, are my new or my current subscribers listen to the, to the podcast right. And then I'm able to track like true fans, right, so I, there's this case of 1000 true fans, right, that's a belief. And I think that's someone who subscribes to a podcast email list, you know, they might be a true fan, so I can keep track of that number. Right. And then also, it allows me to get to know my subscribers I have like a database of people who really like my eat my podcasts. Right, so I can start talking to them, I could take their email and I can email them directly and be like hey, is there anything you want to see. Is there anything I should add, do you want to come on the podcast and like talk about something, anything related. So it helped me improve the podcast, cuz I've always wanted to talk to listeners, I just, You can't with the podcast, there's no like app that says hey, these are all your listeners, go talk to them. That's not the case for me. Now, my listeners are just numbers. Right, it's, oh, this episode got 50 downloads, this episode got 60 downloads, who's downloading it. You don't know. So, I think it'd be great to, to grow the emails, list to get to know people. Right. And then, you know, it'd be fun. Maybe it would 100% improve the podcast. At least I think I know, I know for a fact, because when you talk to users. Things get better. Right. That's why I created all those surveys. That's why I created the one for revenue research. It's why I created the one for the podcast, right. And so yeah, and that's another thing I did is when I created the survey. I asked for people's email lists, or email at the very last page and I made it optional so like, You can still fill out the survey with without giving me your information. Right, and I wanted the information to talk to people because if someone fills out the survey, then they're probably a true fan, and a avid listener of the podcast. Right. Okay. And then, a problem that might occur, and they might not be giving out their email or listeners might not be giving out their email is because they might not want to give out the personal information, right. So, if they don't want to give out the personal information, they're not going to give me their email. And then also, they might be a really fanatic listener of the podcast, but they've listened to it so much they don't feel the need to subscribe to the email list, so they continue to stay anonymous, right. Okay, that's all I have for this episode. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.