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building an indie business in the centre of venture capital I am Alex Edmonds and this is the building and indie business podcast alright today I'm gonna be talking about the open podcast blog that I just set up recently what are you talking about how the blog was built why I started the blog what's on the blog currently and the yeah what what the blog will continue to be and what I hope for the future of the book okay so let's get into it how I built the blog the content management system or CMS that I used is ghost ghost org I use digitalocean to host the blog with their one-click marketplace I did a $5 droplet I used a free template called massively to set up like the CSS and HTML of the blog and then I followed a really great tutorial by an open podcast member steff smith who wrote an article walking readers through how to set up a blog on digital ocean with ghost her blog is deaf Smith dot IO if I remember I'll link to it in the show notes okay so I had no problem setting it up everything is perfect about the blog so far I loved it so why I started the blog so I I do podcasting to have people find open podcast and everything I do is about open podcast content wise so blogging are having a blog is another medium for people to find open podcast it so I have the odd concentrate now and with the blog I have written content and so I can post blog posts in different places even the same places that I post my I would my podcast episodes and they'll do differently because different communities will respond differently to different types of content so like on Hacker News yeah hacker news they don't really respond well to audio content so if I summarize one of my podcasting episodes and I write that up for the blog and then I post that on Hacker News that has a better chance of getting more people to see it and then join open podcast okay another reason why I started the blog is the more content I create the more people will find open podcasts and more people will join open podcast so the first are train yeah the first article I wrote I have written for the blog is how to interview a podcast kiss and that did really well pretty much everywhere I posted it and so another reason I started the blog is because I written cart so firm audio content it's really hard for it to get support like shares on social media because it's a link to another place so people have to exit out to listen to my podcast episode and then they might not come back to social media and then share the episode but with with a blog you can have like a function that allows people to share certain sections of the blog posts and share it on social media which makes it easier to go viral on on other platforms okay so currently like I said I have one blog post that I wrote how to interview a podcast guess which is a summary of the podcast episode that I did it might have a little more details because the way I do promotion for the podcast is I'll do the podcast episode then I'll do a tweet storm and I might add more things to the tweet storm that I didn't really think about when I was doing the episode and then I'll write up the tweet storm and the podcast episode by listening the podcast episode while I type and that might give me more ideas so each time I have like a new form of content for the episode I get more ideas so I have I have one one article right now and I will be posting monthly right now so like every first Friday of the month I think so far I don't have a problem with producing content I have a problem figuring out how to promote that content and so once I figure out how to promote the blog post where to where to post it with time to post it how do like what should I post in the body of my my promotion to get more people to see it once I figure that out I'll start posting more and get more traffic okay so how did I promote the interview article I added it I I posted it on Twitter I on the open podcast Twitter account and then i retweeted it from my account and doing that it got a lot of views actually even someone like a messy dot F dot F M I think they're a podcast host they created a graphic promoting the the article with like the main points and so that was good the only problem that I like the only thing that I wish that they did was they link back to the Twitter account what I wish that they did was linked back to the actual article and so there's that so besides that I posted it on indie hackers so Andy hackers has groups and I specifically posted it in the podcasters section and so that didn't do really well it it only got 16 views last time I checked ok another promotion that I did was I posted on Reddit in the are slash podcasting section and that went that did really well that is most of where the views for the the article came in it was at the top of the the subreddit for the day I got like 250 views so that was great and I got some people to join the newsletter which is great I posted on Hacker News and it didn't do too well I don't I I don't even think I got any people looking at the article I posted it in the open podcast newsletter at the top I I don't think I released that newsletter yet so I'm not sure how it what did but we'll see hopefully it does stuff what I do with the newsletters I post that on reddit - in the podcasting section and every time I post that the newsletter it gets a subscriber so that's great I posted it on barnacles barnacles the the results don't show up immediately so when I post my episodes on barnacles it's like my article stay at the top for a couple days and then it'll gradually go down over like a month so and through the month I'm getting clicks so you can't really tell right away if something is popular mostly because on barnacles you don't get a lot of interaction or people posting so that's why even for a couple of days what you post will stay at the top and I'll it'll be on the front page for about a month so you'll be getting clicks for a month yeah that's all I did for a promotion I need to I need to figure out how I can post it to other like other specific podcasting web sites or forums or groups I need to find other places where they'll allowed me to like guest post okay finally what I hope for the blog for the future I hope my goal my goal not what I hope my goal is to have other members of open podcast writing blog post about podcasting or their experience podcasting and that way I can help members of open podcasts grow there they're following by guest posting on both the the blog okay that's all I have for this episode if you would like to guest posts on the open podcast blog reach out to me join the telegram chat same with the open podcast podcast the open podcast community podcast if you would like to host an episode let me know and we can arrange that all you need to do is do the audio yourself record do a solo episode be interviewed to interview someone do a roundtable with your friends send me that audio send me what you want in the show notes and I will add it to the open podcast community podcast thank you for listening have a nice day bye