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building an indie business in the center of venture capital I am Alex Edmonds also known as supremerumham on the internet and this is a building an indie business podcast okay so on this episode is about my book editing process I'm going to take you through every step of the editing of the book I'm going to talk about my outlining process recording the episode the the tools I use the problem with those tools and the benefits of my process and the problems I found with my process okay so let's get into it so the book that I wrote is what's the deal with podcasting and it is a book comparing podcasting they're talking about podcasting how to podcast and using examples from stand-up comedy to show how these practices that I talked about in the book are put into place alright so the first way I heard ya the first way I edit the book or the process of ragging the book is I outline the chapter that I'm thinking of so for example the chapter on live-streaming I have one section about had a live stream one section about the benefits one section about the problems with live streaming I will talk about the solutions to those problems if there are any I give tips like that don't really fit into the other four categories okay the outline ends up to be around 300 words I use voice memos on occasion when I have a idea and then I put the voice memo I type up the voice memo and I put it into the outline okay so the next step in my writing process is I record an episode so my my chapter that I write it starts out as an outline goes to a recorded episode and then I type up the recording and I edit the recording for errors and other things okay so the outline has the main idea of the of the chapter and then so it's how to had a live stream and then I say use twitch and then I say use switch because this so this is the main idea how to live stream the reason I wait that I messed that up so it's why you should live stream is the main idea the reason is because it'll get you more followers and more people looking at your things and then I provide evidence any evidence is I've gained more Twitter followers and people telling me that they've seen my live stream and they follow more of my work or they're somehow watching my work so that is the recording process the next step is I take the recording and I turn it into a written written content and so how I do this is I sometimes will take the transcript and I will edit everything and then just format the transcript into a article or blog post but mainly what I do is I will take the record and listen to it change things around to what I like are what it what's better for writing and I will then speak it again into a Google Doc using speech to text and then I will just say what I said in the episode over again yes okay now once I have my fully spoken blogpost I'll put it through grammarly and so Graham Lee is great and what Grambling grammarly is looking out for is a couple things so when you start a new gramley document it asks you a bunch of things that you're looking to the way you want to structure your writing so it's asks you who your audience is or how you want to display your writing to your audience or yeah who your audiences are they general people that uh they know about the about the topic a little bit are they a bit more knowledgeable or are they experts in the subject matter and it will edit your are writing to fit that audience and then it asks you how formal do you want to be do you want to be informal neutral or formal okay then and ask you your domain of writing and this is the sound of your writing do you want to sound academic business casual creative then your tone do you want to sound a neutral confident or friendly then your intention do you want to inform people describe convince or tell a story then while you're editing your blog post it will on edit for correctness are you spelling things right is your grammar correct clarity is your writing clear can other people easily understand it and sometimes when your writing is unclear it will highlight the sentence and sometimes it'll rephrase it for you which i think is great all right then it it edits for engagement and what engagement is is is this is this writing interesting are you capturing people's attention okay the final thing that gramley checks for is delivery are you delivering this in a manner that people understand it or willing to read it okay so now the problems with grammar Lee so grammarly doesn't want uniformity and this is really annoying to me so when you're using grammerly it will underlined in green a word you've used before so in my writing I've used the word episode a bunch of times after the first few times of using the word episode it will underline episode and give me a suggestion to change that word because I've used it too many times so the suggestion will be something like event and event does it fit the thing I'm talking about like the way I'm talking event isn't a good replacement for the word episode and also when I write something I want people to be able to track the way I'm talking so I want to stick with the word episode so that every time I'm talking about an episode people can look search for the word episode and understand I'm still talking about the same thing if I change it from event know from like episode or recording um that might be difficult for people to track so I don't like that okay and sometimes it will give the wrong suggestion and event an episode is the exact example that I can use to demonstrate this event an episode are not the same thing you know an episode is an episode of my podcast an event would be like the event of me recording the episode okay okay another problem with grammarly is on occasion it will tell me that my writing is wrong it'll underline it in red but then not tell me how to fix it so I have to guess and move words around or delete words to figure out how to make my writing fit grammar Lee's suggestion okay and a huge problem I have with grammarly and the final problem I have is that sometimes it will say that I have an error at the end of my sentence and this will be a suggestion of changing my period to a question mark even though I'm not asking a question so when I had all my chapters put together I had like 50 airs literally and probably thirty of them were saying that I need to replace my period with a question mark so that was annoying okay so the next tool I use for editing my blog post articles the book is Hemingway and so what Hemingway checks for is run-on sentences adverbs passive voice and similar words so the run-on sentences is great because I really have that problem of using run-on sentences usually what it makes me realize or what how it shows you run-on sentences is it'll highlight the run-on sentence in yellow when it's kind of when it's kind of a run-on sentence and then red when it's really a run-on sentence and usually what you have to do to fix that error you just put a period somewhere or multiple periods if it's red okay in adverbs so the problem with adverbs is that they're kind of lazy and so it'll highlight those in blue and yeah I just change it it's like functionally I change it to functional yeah and so the next thing is passive voice passive voice is it makes your writing sound not I don't want to say lazy but it's less attention-grabbing that's a word I can use and so you change the words to fit a more active sentence structure I guess no no okay so I have a problem with saying could be and that's passive voice and the way I change that is to just get I just erased could be and I put get and that's active voice okay the final thing that grammar no Hemingway checks for is similar words so I tend to use similar to in my writing and there's a simpler simpler phrase that I could use to replace similar to and that's like but I'm not a fan of using like in my writing because I'm from California and people stereotype like as a word that people from California use okay and that looks bad in writing but that's just me okay so the problem with Hemingway is it's simple yeah it's just very simple things that I could just check for myself I just like it highlighted though so yeah maybe they haven't an extension I can use I have to check that okay um yeah it's simple and then another problem with Hemingway is that every time you leave the tab it'll restart to the top of your writing so let's say you have a 2,000 word blog posts and you're on the around 500 words and then you go to a new window to check something else or like copying paste the writing into another document it will start from the top then you have to scroll back so it's really annoying but Hemingway is free I think it's Hemingway dot app so it's really good to get you started eventually you will be able to check for those things yourself and yeah okay so the next step actually the final step in my writing process is I take my blog post article chapter whatever and I use reader mode dot IO to listen to the article using speech to text ya know text-to-speech sorry to write the article I use speech to text to correct the grammar and edit I use text-to-speech okay yeah so I flip them over use reader mode Dada yo have you said that and so I listened to the blog posts are the writing piece and what this does is it corrects errors that something like grammarly or Hemingway would not catch so if it's not a grammar error if I'm just using the wrong word if it sounds weird that's what listening to the blog post does and it it helps me with formatting because I can sense when I need to change the format of the writing like if I need a second header or an h1 or h2 or third h3 when I feel something is missing from hearing the the the writing I will add it right after and then I will put it put that chunk of writing through the writing process I'm able to hear how someone else hears my writing because there's the way I hear it and there's the way someone else will hear it you know what I mean so it allows me to get feedback from from someone else technically yeah okay um problems with speech to text okay so it's kind of hard to pause speech to text and that can cause problems because again if I have a two thousand word article and I need to pause to change something I have to go back and hear the other 500 words again so that is not great translation problems okay yeah so when something doesn't hold on okay when something doesn't translate well or oh no okay so sometimes when I'm using text-to-speech there are words that know so when I'm using speech to text sometimes know when I'm using text-to-speech sometimes I have to edit my verbal tics so like right now I'm saying um and and I have to edit those out and I have to spend time fixing that okay okay so the timeline of my editing process usually it takes around 8 days for me to write a right ricourt outline edit outline record and edit write and edit a chapter sometimes when I'm struggling it'll take me more than 8 days but usually it takes me eight days the outline takes the longest I I write chunks of the outline before I go to bed and then I record the episode so like in one day I'll write how to another day I'll write the benefits and when I finish that cycle of stuff then I will just think of things that I should add to each section okay so the fits of the process the I don't get writer's block which is great because I think speaking it helps me to not have to I have to come up with something on the spot so I can't be waiting to think of something to say I have to think of it right then in there and then also what was I going to say yeah on ik just writing on a keyboard I have difficulty doing that because I think I'm writing one idea down and then I get a new idea and that new idea it will slip my mind as soon as i before i finish the current idea that I'm working on with speech to text as soon as I get a new idea I can just say it and then it'll be down on paper I love to edit my chunks of writing to make it sound coherent but I will understand what I was trying to say at the time and then I'm able to expand on it okay another benefit of this writing process is I'm not nervous to release my content out in the world because I know that it's been heavily edited and I know how people will hear my writing and that makes me more confident because I I am comfortable with how people will hear my writing okay um the last benefit of the process is I get feedback so when I hear the episode I'm getting feedback from other people technically I'm just I'm hearing how other people will hear it which gives me feedback because if I need to if I don't like the the the text to speak then I change it until I like the Texas speech and how it sounds on the on reader mode okay problems one problem is that it's not free this process I had I have to pay for grammerly and I have to pay for a reader mode already well reader mode is a one-time payment but yeah it's not free it's totally worth it though 100% it's a it's not really a problem it's just something that if you want to start this process it'll cost you money and that may be an issue for some people okay um the final problem and the final thing I'll say about this writing process is that it relies on a lot of tools it relies on having the ability to do speech to text on the editing tools grammerly and Hemingway it relies on reader mode yeah and that's a lot of tools for something if one of these tools isn't working then I will struggle to finish my writing and that isn't good because sometimes I'm on a deadline and I want to get the writing done okay wow this is a long episode thank you for listening this far I appreciate it if you would like to have a blog post on the open podcast blog reach out to me supreme rum ham on twitter supreme rum ham at supreme rum ham on telegram I will give you authored access and you could post whatever you want after that and then if you want to practice having our podcasting there's the open podcast community podcast which when you could you could do an episode on anything and send me the audio send me what you want in the show notes and I will post it I will add it to the RSS feed and then you will be able to grow your audience from the open podcast community podcast ok thank you for listening have a nice day bye