Top 10 Out-of-the-Box Podcast Growth Methods

In this episode, I take an episode out of the vault. Top 10 unused, unproven, and out-of-the-box podcast growth methods. I've been slowly working on this episode since November 2020.

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building an indie business and the center of venture capital i am alex edmonds people on the internet call me supremerumham and this is the building an indie business podcast okay today i'm taking this episode out of the vault of uh you know potential episodes that i've had for a really long time um out of box growth methods for your podcast okay so i compiled 10 methods that you've never heard of and now you will hear about them i don't know if any of them work but you know maybe you listen to one you try one and if it works tell me if it doesn't tell me still and then work on the other nine and we'll see how it goes okay so let's get into it um method number one auctions you can sell your cover art and maybe like sell it in pieces so maybe you have a hundred pixels you sell it pixel by pixel and that way people will promote your podcast will be like hey i have a pixel um on this cover you know check out this podcast it's pretty cool right and that way you're generating income with your cover and just the sale alone or like the auction alone will generate buzz because that's really unique um i've never heard of that right and then also you can do you can auction off your byline so like the hosted byline you could put you can auction that off be like sponsored by blink and whoever buys that section you put it like sponsored by you know something like that okay another thing you can do is purchase a piece of someone else's cover art so if you have an interest in another podcast that's in a similar industry you can maybe try to buy like a quarter of that cover art and you know people list on that podcast they'll see the new cover and look at your stuff uh maybe check out your stuff because you know they're like what is this weird podcast on this cover art let me check it out you know that's another one okay and then another thing you can do is you can put all your audio on usb sticks um and then you know hand that out to people when you go somewhere you give it to people they download it they listen your podcast and then you leave like little instructions in the usb stick to uh um like how to subscribe how to listen more maybe links in that little writing that you do yeah okay that's the third one okay so number four wear a podcast t-shirt all the time okay this one is very simple you just create a t-shirt of your podcast like the podcast logo and any time you go somewhere or anywhere you just put that t-shirt on um and you might run into people they might ask you about your t-shirt you might go to a party um people might strike up a conversation about your t-shirt and you start talking about your podcast and you're creating this connection with people so they're more likely to check out your stuff become a subscriber maybe talk to people about your podcast when you're not around you know so that's another option okay um airdrop links to people and crowded places so um the apple has this feature called airdrop where you can um it like replaces bluetooth so you send people this link or like you highlight a link and then you you like go to settings and then airdrop and you can send it to people that have their bluetooth on right or just airdrop on i'm not entirely sure um and when people pop up you do this with your link your podcast link and then when the people pop up you just click their names and start going at it i've actually done this at an airport um and it did not work at all but you know maybe you're like at a convention for your podcast or that industry that you're in and you know those people might be interested in it but uh people in the airport aren't interested in the building and need a business podcast i know that for a fact or at least the four people that i airdropped my link to you know what i'm saying you know what i'm saying i don't know what i'm saying okay so that's one two three four five number six leave a calling card everywhere you go and it doesn't have to be like an actual card what i'm thinking is like i have all these stickers for the podcast so anytime i go somewhere unique um you can just leave like a sticker um and you don't have to peel the sticker off and put it somewhere but you can just leave like an unused sticker or like when you go downtown to a new place downtown you put that sticker in an area like i went to a pizza place um a couple years ago and there was like their electrical box had a bunch of stickers on there and i just put one of my stickers there um or like you go to a convention and you just give people your sticker or you know you go to a meetup and you're handing out stickers like hey that that's that's your business card your sticker um and you can do that anywhere anytime yeah um okay um this is number seven number seven is interview people on the street so you get a mac microphone it's like these tick tock people where they ask random questions you just get a microphone maybe you record it maybe you don't just act official right and then just ask them oh you listen to podcasts or do you listen to podcasts uh what kind of podcast you listen to um would you be interested in listening to my podcast and again that's like the t-shirt thing where you're creating a connection for people or with people not for people that's weird why i say it like that um yeah and just you get people one by one this doesn't scale at all um but it might like maybe your your podcast is about finance hey now um and you you go to new york you're on wall street um maybe you're wearing your podcast t-shirt because you're out um and you start asking people like hey do you listen to podcast you have time um maybe you're interested in my finance podcast something like that okay this number eight number eight nine okay number eight uh send a link back to any spam messages so i get a bunch of text messages about someone trying to you know um renew my car insurance buy my house i don't own a house i don't have car insurance blah blah blah blah blah so what i do every time is i just send them a link to my podcast um most of the time they're just like oh what is this blah blah blah i don't respond after that but i sent them a link right so maybe you can do this in other platforms like anytime someone on linkedin spams you anytime someone sends you their their product hunt launch just send them a link send them a link to your podcast you know that might not get anywhere but you know they're spamming you so just spam them back right okay right all right number nine there's two more left let's let's get this done okay run for the local public office okay so um in california there was an election to um vote if you wanted to recall the governor right and i got my ballot and there were like i don't know 20 candidates and it listed their occupation and i saw one one kid was running like a student but uh there was one guy i don't remember his name at all but it said he was a podcaster and i don't know if um i don't remember if it had like the name of his podcast but maybe you know you put the name of your podcast on the ballot or you you run for public office you put your name on the ballot and in the description somewhere you put a link to your podcast or just like say your podcast in your ballot description and people will check that out because like now you're running for public office you're a public figure and uh california has 35 million people in the state last time i checked let's say 20 million of those people vote you know that's 20 million eyeballs on the name your podcast you're bound to get some people to check that out let's say that's a million maybe less like that's still good numbers i don't i dude there's like 20 000 people that have downloaded this podcast total so like to have a million eyeballs on the podcast going to the website that'd probably crash the website like that's not a bad idea and it's not hard or difficult or you don't even really have to do anything just fill out a form probably and you're golden do you even want to check that out how to run for public office yeah let's look it up um i'm gonna do it in private browser so i don't get weird ads how to run for local government let's do this okay how to run for local government run for your so you want to run for your local office um deciding to run um getting started um 350 plus travel funding a campaign knock on doors learning the ropes um do you have insurance you need insurance run for checking your home auto about your coverage if you want to run for or serve in a public usually someone running a small local action isn't a career politician libel standard okay um yeah you don't need to do any of that just i'm not gonna give you advice about how to run for office but look into it because it's not difficult you don't even have to run for like something that would have a ballot just run for something super local like your hoa president and that way people that listen to people in your local area will listen your podcast and if you start a local business bam people will support you because they know who you are right it's just about that snowball effect one little snowflake then another one another and then gets this huge snowball right okay um now number 10 okay so you have your podcast website and you know your podcast is about finance and then you start researching expired domains and then you run into an expired domain that's kind of related to your subject matter let's say it's and your podcast is about personal finance in some way shape or form you can have your new expired domain with the high domain authority um link back to your old website and that way you'll rank higher you'll rank higher in google people will start clicking on your podcast content and you'll get more views that is number 10. that is all 10 of the ideas that i've had for let's check i think it's over a year um it doesn't say here let's go all the way back to nope nope nope um it might be on my phone where's my phone um let's check you don't have to listen to this part but i'm doing it for fun because i am just recording podcast today so yeah um let me check history um and it goes back all the way to november 9th of 2020 so what um 15 months okay yeah okay those are my 10 ideas try them out let me know how it turned out thank you for listening have a nice day bye