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hello and welcome to the building an Indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex um happy 2020 everyone it's a new year new episodes for the podcast alright so this week I will be discussing my results of the coffee and web development episode so I'm going to explain the experiment because I'm told that I have new listeners and they need to be caught up on the experiment and the origins of the experiment I'm gonna go over the results as well okay first I have two announcements the first announcement is that I am live-streaming this episode on Twitch before the race the release of this episode and if I like how it goes I'm gonna be doing that for every episode so you get an early stage of future episodes the second announcement is that I will be live-streaming the launch of open podcast so during the livestream I'm going to maybe add a new feature and I'm going to actually like launch the last iteration of open podcast for version 2 version 1 was the telegram chat so version 2 is my own website okay so let's get into with them so what this experiment is is that um I was having a conversation with Stephanie Hobart um like I don't know the beginning of 2019 and she was saying how she showed her Twitter analytics and it showed that dogs were very popular with her audience and that they're only there for dog pictures and so someone commented and he was like oh what good is this information and I said that you can use this information to cater your content towards dogs to get more people to like it so he worked at digitalocean and what I said he could make a like a tutorial and make it about dogs so like this is how you use digitalocean to make to allow more dog pictures to be stored on digital ocean and I said this as a joke but I wanted to test that out and so the dogs and web development episode is probably one of my no it definitely is one of my more popular episodes so I had the thought to do that because a lot of people on Twitter and on telegram say that they will click on anything about dogs so I wanted to test that out to see if by doing a podcast episode about dogs and making it look like a real episode would get more clicks and right now that is of the dogs and web development episode is probably one of my my top 3 episodes so a lot of people talk about coffee and so I decided to do the same exact thing that I did with dogs with coffee and here are the results I'm gonna be comparing the coffee episode and the dogs episode as well so the first thing I do for a podcast episode is I post the episode on Hacker News so the coffee episode got 7 clicks or Wesson's or downloads whatever you want to call and this is compared to 13 clicks downloads whatever for the dogs episode so on Hacker News dogs are more popular than coffee okay so on indie hackers I also post my episodes there the coffee episode got three downloads and the dogs episode only got one so coffee is more popular on indie hackers I also posted the episode on barnacles I had 65 downloads before I posted the coffee episode on barnacle barnacles and after I had 82 downloads so that means I had 17 downloads from barnacles and that is first the dogs episode that had 18 downloads so it's very close there it's basically a toss up on barnacles I also posted the coffee episode on pot hunt and that only got one download and I don't have the results for the the cod the dogs episode on pod hunt so in total the coffee episode has 84 listens as of December 9th and I posted the episode I have to check my phone on let's see the cop did October 14th so that means October December no October November December 3 months as 84 downloads versus the the dogs and web development episode which has been out for a while now let me just check that it has it was posted on dogs on web development April 29th so the end of April so that's what for eight months almost and it has 90 downloads so I would say that given that the coffee results or the coffee episode has less downloads six less in only three months I would say that coffee is more popular than hot dogs yeah so and I think this is because like people like they make shirts that are like I turn coffee into code and things like that I don't really see that about dogs so it's more relatable I guess in a way I still have to do a written version of both of them I have some I have like 90% of a written version of dogs and web development like explaining the experiment and going through the results and I have to do that I have to finish that article post it everywhere as well compare the results of the dogs and web development episode and the written version and then I have to do that for coffee and that will tell you which content which type of content is more popular with people you know audio dogs compared to audio coffee and written dogs compared to written coffee okay that is what I have for now I was just trying to keep it really light for the first episode of 2020 I hope you enjoyed this episode and got some value out of it you can always tweet me at supreme rum ham email me SRH podcast at come join me and everyone else in the open podcast community on telegram there will be a link to the community in the show notes I hope you enjoyed this episode have a nice day bye