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building an indie business and the center of venture capital I am Alex Edmunds also known as supremerumham on the Internet and this is the building a new business podcast all right hello to all my listeners in France today I'm gonna be discussing probably one of the my favorite things that I have researched for this podcast I'm going to be discussing how comedians relax on stage I'm gonna go over why focus on this I will be discussing the interesting things that I found the benefits of those interesting ones the problems with the interesting ones ones that a podcaster can actually use the benefits of those ones the problems for those ones the other ones I found that don't really fit for a podcaster actually that's only one thing and then I have one that is unconfirmed so I'm going to talk about that okay so first I wanted to discuss an announcement I want to talk about the book that I'm writing I'm writing a book about podcasting I'm gonna be talking it's basically it's a broadcasting of everything I've learned about podcasting for the past year so it's gonna be a lot of things that you've heard on the podcast with a little extra content things that I didn't think about until after I recorded the episode um so if you want to read the book it's free for the podcast listeners go to the link in the show notes and then put in the discount code Bai be okay okay so let's get started um first I want to mention that I will be giving no names I have contacted specific comedians and ask them for advice I will read that advice but I will not mention their name because some of these things are kind of not appropriate and I don't want to ruin anyone's name okay so the first thing the second thing I want to mention is why focus on this the reason you want to focus on how to relax is because relaxing will make your podcast sound better um the second reason is people get nervous on the mic and they need to learn how to relax the third reason is I thought this would be really fun to research people can use the tips about relaxing on stage to relax on the mic and then finally a better sounding podcast will lead to more listeners okay so now the interesting ones the first thing I heard and the inspiration for this episode is that one comedian I heard mention that he got a prescription for xanax to be on stage or like to help him relax on stage and so that is an option for some people you can get a prescription yeah the next one that I researched and found out is drinking I noticed that many comedians are drunk when they're performing and so that is another option next thing I read about is that some comedians they get high on stage they smoke weed and then they go perform and that helps them relax their muscles and body the next one that I read about or no this one I noticed I noticed that many comedians they smoke cigarettes while they're on stage and I guess that helps them relax or like they can focus on smoking when they're nervous and that way they don't really show that they're nervous I don't know the final one of the interesting ones that I saw and noticed is that many comedians their own cocaine when their on stage so there's a documentary about the Boston comedy scene and many of those comedians interviewed they mentioned cocaine okay so the benefits of not the interesting ones let's call them illicit is what they are the benefits the first benefit is that all these mentioned drinking xanax weed smoking they don't take much effort to implement you can buy a pack of cigarettes before you go perform and you probably perform you in a place that serves drinks so you can drink while but right before you perform okay the next benefit is that all these things are easy to find like I said you can get drinks at the club you can smoke on stage yeah so they're not hard to find and my last and benefit is that you can do these things on stage probably you can drink on stage you can smoke on stage yeah so clubs don't have a problem with that okay no the problems with these things um okay so the first problem is when you're drunk or high you might not be able to focus on the material which is the most important part of the performance um these substances they might make you sound worse because if you drink too much or smoke too much they could you if you're too drunk you sound worse and yeah your your performance will suffer okay the final then the next one is that you're relying on outside substances too much and the way I think of that is that what happens when you can't you know you can't afford to get your CNX prescription or you can't afford alcohol or weed then you can't perform or you'll be termed nervous to perform like you usually do okay the next problem is money all those things I've mentioned they cost money so what if you don't have the money to afford those things then your performance suffers okay the last thing that is a problem with these substances is a you become dependent on them and that means addiction or you just you're not able to perform at your best without these things and your performance suffers okay similar to the other stuff okay now the ones you can use there is one comedian that I listen to and what he does is he has complete focus on his performance in his material when he's driving to the comedy club he doesn't listen the radio it's complete silence and he doesn't talk to anyone before he performs he's just focused on his material but after he gets offstage he's all friendly and everything and people know this so they don't bother him okay um the next one that a podcaster can use is yelling I read a comedian will yell at anyone who talks to them before our performance and that helps them relax and release all the stress and then similar to the focus one they're completely normal after they get offstage okay so this next one I emailed a sober comedian one that doesn't drink or smoke and I wanted to find out how he relaxes on stage and this is what he had to say just really look at the crowd before you go up and tell yourself they want to see you and are lucky and are lucky you are going up take that and and so what he means is you are lucky to have people that want to see you perform and you need to think about that and that'll give you a reason to give the best performance that you can okay the next one that I read about is they're comedians that they memorize their material so that way when they're nervous they don't really have to think about their material they have it up in their head okay the next one that I read about is one comedian has a sandwich routine so right before they're getting ready to perform even before they get to the comedy club they eat a sandwich from a specific place and that helps them relax and it helps them build a routine for their performance okay another one that I listen to from a comedian that is a podcast he said act like you don't care and what he meant with this is that when he has like a special and he's recording that special he'll get nervous but if he acts like he doesn't care that oh this is a big performance that'll help him relax and he'll be able to not get nervous and perform better okay the final one is hot shower so some comedians they take a hot shower before the performance and that relaxes their muscle and muscles and they are relaxed right before their performance okay now the benefits of the ones that you a podcaster can use the first benefit is it helps you build strong it helps you become strong mentally because all of these they don't rely on outside things I have substances let's say substances so you can do this anywhere and it'll help you build a habit of being able to perform properly so you can do this habit anywhere in the world or you yeah you do this routine anywhere in the world you can do it in the middle of nowhere you can do it in the most populated city anywhere okay this is an individual activity so you don't need anyone to you know memorize your material you can do that yourself and this is different from the illicit substances because you're relying on someone else to help you get alcohol or get a xanax prescription so yeah the last benefit is you're building a routine so with something like memorize or material that's a habit and a routine that you build and you could do that anywhere you know it's similar to the strong mental health angle okay problems the first problem that I find with this is it takes time to develop a habit so you can pick yelling and that might not work out for you or you have to remember to yell at someone before and if you forget to yell at someone your performance suffers the next problem that I find is that any one of these takes a lot of focus so you have to be able to focus on these things and you know you focus on them and that takes a lot of strength mentally you know okay the next problem I find is to build a habit it doesn't happen overnight so you really have to focus on it okay and the final problem that I find is those people that drink or smoke they might make fun of you for your habit that you chose and you just have to deal with that you know there's nothing you can really do you know just make fun of them back okay only this is really that last one's really for comedians anyways okay so the other ones that I found one actually the only other one I have is uh focus on three different people in the crowd only so you can focus to someone on your left focus to someone in the middle and focus someone on the right and you just switch off in that way it seems like you're looking at the crowd but you're only looking at one person and so for a podcaster this is really only for live recordings other than that you don't really need that unless you want to tape like three different people to your wall while you're recording and you just go listen or switching off between them because right now I'm I'm looking in different areas while I'm recording so yeah you can do that and finally the one unconfirmed method that I found comedians can't see the stage so I was just talking about this yesterday to someone so my theory is that because all the lights are on the comedian the lighting in the crowd is very minimal so while you're on stage while you're propped up on the stage it is difficult to see the crowd so that way it's you can't really see them so you don't really notice them and so you just focus on your material and you're good so yeah my theory is that you can only really see it like the first one or two rows and that's it I haven't confirmed this one though I just thought I'd share I don't know okay that's all I have for you thank you for listening if you want to host your own podcast episode you can host an episode of the open podcast community podcast you can reach out to me on telegram at supreme room email me supreme rum ham at and then yeah you can close your own episode just send me the audio and these show notes also if you would like to guest post on the open podcast blog blog open podcast on XYZ just reach out to me and I will give you access okay have a nice day bye