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Building an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds, people on the Internet. Call me supremerumham, and this is the building an indie business podcast, recorded in the indie business studio. Okay, so today I will be talking about consulting, and how I'm going to start consulting, right, so I'm going to talk about what kind of consulting I'm going to be doing, how much I'm going to be charging. Why my setup might tech setup. I have a bunch of restrictions right Sony's talking about those, and why I'm I do those, and then what I still need to do. I have no idea if this is gonna be a short episode or not I have no idea ever, to be honest. Like the E commerce episode that was supposed to be like 20 minutes, and it ended up being 40, which is the longest episode that I've recorded right so recorded all right so, mostly, I think it's going to be short. I don't know. Okay, consulting, so I'm going to start to take in consulting clients, right. So, I'm going to try consulting with podcasting, writing, and revenue. So what does that mean. So for podcasting, I imagine that would be helping people set up their podcasts, right, maybe like, you show them how to use Caproni show them how to put it on Apple podcasts, things like that. Show them how to record, or I can help them write a podcast episode show them how I rate my podcast episode, and that will help them improve their content right away. Right. So that's another option. And then there's also writing since I wrote a book. I can edit their writing, I can show them my editing process, because, again, I don't. If you pay me. I don't mind sharing my secrets. So, even though I do it on this podcast, but there was a podcast that oh, there was an episode of basic brown nerds that I listened to and I'll link it in the show notes with Kat of growth hackers and no growth hacks, H, A And so, what he said is the what and the wire free. The how you pay for. So what that means is that you say what you do. I'm a writer. How do you do it. You know, what you do. So I'm a writer, the why I do it. I read about finance and podcasting and the how you do it. So that'd be the editing the writing process that's paid, right. So that would be. Yeah, that would be my writing and consulting, and then revenue. So I study a lot of revenue sources and how companies generate revenue so if you're struggling to generate revenue for your business. Your Side Project whatever comes back speak with me for an hour. Right. And I will help you out. It's really funny there was startup that I was working for for like a week until I realized that they didn't. they were never going to generate any revenue. And so I quit. I feel like I should send the CEO a link because he would try to pressure me because he wasn't making any money. Right. And I was like, stop trying to pressure me like, not my company not my problem. Right, so I just stopped working there because he, cuz he yelled at me, right, because I was writing. We were all the three of us were working on documents together. And then, apparently, there was a shortcut for taking screenshots, and I took a screenshot. And then, it was in my copy and paste thing so I, I copy and pasted that screenshot. into into the document, by accident, and he started like yelling at me like, Oh, we don't have time for this we have to work, and blah blah blah, all this other stuff. And he yelled at me for longer than then it took me to fix that error, right, and I just thought like Dude, you're not paying me enough to yell at me like that, and I don't need this. So I just, I didn't even technically quit, I just stopped showing up, and then he eventually like removed me from the slack group. Right. Yeah. Um, that wasn't a real job. So that's why I acted like that, but if you pay me enough, then you can yell at me all you want, right, you pay me 100 grand a year, yell at me all you want for my errors. Right. And I, if I have a problem with it. A I'll tell you, and b i won't just stop showing up. Right. Um, so yeah. So, what am I charging. After that huge whole thing. Right, so what am I charging. I'm charging $50 for one hour. I will set up your podcasts, I will write, or edit your content. I will tell you how exactly you can generate revenue. I will give you examples from my previous writing, right. So yeah, $50 gets you an hour with me. So why $50 I don't know I'm just testing the water. I like that number. It's. Yeah. Yeah. um, and what I like about consulting is you're on directly providing value for someone and I can see the value, right, if I'm adding in someone's writing and making it more SEO friendly, and that helps them rank higher. I can see that right. I can see that I'm giving them exactly what they need, so that way I'm providing value, which is. It's just an issue I have with podcasting, where I don't know if I'm providing value through my experience, mostly because like I get like 50 downloads. As of May, 2021 Um, I get like 50 downloads an episode right. But I only talked to like five listeners. So I don't know if I'm helping or hurting or, you know, I'm just yelling into the void. Right. I don't know. Okay. Um, so my tech setup. How is this all happening. Okay, So, I'm using Stripe checkout. So I made a product on stripe checkout. And then I use the success page. So once you pay me on stripe checkout, it'll send you the success page, and the success page has a link to my Calendly my entire calendar. Not my entire entire calendar because I have every episode that I'm going to record on my calendar just for my brain, right. So, yeah, it has a link to my calendar, all my appointments that I have booked, and someone who has on sees that page, they can book me from 10am to 2pm, seven days in advance. Right. And then once you book that some questions will pop up. And I'm got the question, I think it's just one question it's, why are you booking this, and the options that you have a revenue podcasting or revenue, podcasting, or writing, and no I forgot this. And then gives me their email so I'm able to email that person. After to get more details. And that way. I have more, I can get more information. Right. So why all the restrictions on why only 10am to 2pm. So, I have trouble sleeping, I haven't talked about this on the podcast I don't think. But I, I have a habit of waking up at 4am. And then, like, like to 2am to 4am around there, and I've trouble going back to bed right away. And so I usually am able to fall asleep at 6am When I used to wake up. Um, yes. Yeah, so I can't guarantee I'm going to be up and ready for a meeting for 10am Because, let's i Sometimes I wake up around 8am And then I have to eat. I have to wake up, eat prepare, like, have my notes ready to go. And so 10am I can guarantee you I'm ready for a meeting, but any son before that. No. So I'm giving you 100% at 10am. And then, why, why 2pm Because after 2pm I'm pretty much useless. Like, I, I have my hardcore stuff planned out for before 2pm And then, after 2pm I'm still working or doing stuff right, But, um, I schedule what I call mindless things which are things that like, I don't have to put much thought into like uploading this podcast, or copying pasting something, That's when I usually schedule that. So like I already know what I'm going to say in the show notes. So I don't need to focus on that too much, or I'll write the show notes. After I record, but then I upload the rest of the podcast, after like 2pm. Okay, yeah. Um, and then sometimes I have to copy and paste a lot of things, right. Oh yeah, so, like, like my podcast workflow, it's pretty much after I write the show notes, it's copy and paste, because I create the page, and then I just copy and paste everything into the, into everywhere else, right. So, 10am to 2pm. I'm at the top of my game, right, and then seven days in advance. I. It gives me time to prepare like mentally I'm like yeah, I have a meeting at 11. I have to prepare for that. Right, I have to change my work schedule around, I have to make sure I don't schedule anything else that's not going to be scheduled on Calendly, right. So, make sure I don't have any doctor's appointments at that time. Right, so I'm preparing, and I can do that like, I can't prepare if you schedule me three days in advance. Right. So, what I want to do is I want to prepare before the event so like if you say you want to do a podcasting session with me. I'm going to I'm going to have my notes ready for writing the episode. I'm creating the content like recording at a record, I'm going to talk about my gear, so I'm going to have all that listed. And then I'm going to sock, like I'm going to have notes for, like, upload and podcasts and putting it on Apple podcasts, right, so I'm going to have all three of those ready, unless I talk to you. And you say, I just want help with like setting up a podcast. Then I'm going to have those notes out ready to go, so that when we meet up. I'm not wasting time. Right. Okay. And then so what do I still need to do. First of all, I need a better setup, just in general, because I'm calumnies Challenge is a little weird. So if, if you look at the success page right now. You have to click on like, like, there's, there's different schedules set up. And so you have to click on the right one. If you have multiple schedules. Right. So, there's something else I can do to fix that. Right. and then I need to find clients right because this whole thing does not work if no one's paying me, or no one's scheduling with me, so I need to do that. So it'll be in the shownotes if you want to schedule a session with me. So yeah, that's all I have for this episode. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.