SEO Content Strategy


building in any business in the center of venture capital i am alex edipins people on the internet call me supremerumham and this is the building an indie business podcast recorded in the indie business studio okay so um yesterday i was like looking at the traffic trying to figure out how to get more traffic for ultimate paintball guns because you know i get like one or two um organic searches or clicks every couple of days right but i'm getting a lot of zeros and so i was in this interview and this guy was saying how he learned um seo on his own and he was able to build up the traffic in like three or four months and so i asked him how he did that and he said he just wrote articles for the content he just wrote wrote like wrote once a week and so i'm sitting on this information and like i have the domain authority i have the backlinks and the blog has nothing so last night i wrote one article and i wrote um the top uh like the top five best paintball guns and i just did like the most expensive paintball guns it's really short it's like 600 words it's nothing and i pumped that out and that was the first thing i did and i promoted it i promoted it on andy hackers twitter maybe read it and that got me 17 people clicking on my uh website um just in that 24-hour period right so yeah i did that and i need to continue doing that the thing is like if you ask me what you need to do for your website i have it down i literally have a list that i talk to people about in interviews i say google search console hrefs alt tags uh keywords email list lead magnets blog posts link building but i can't do that for myself right like i can't think of that uh for myself like it's a block for me which is super weird um yeah so i need to start pumping out content i started that last night uh i'm going to be releasing another um article tonight um about the top 200 top best no best paintball guns under 200 and so on the website right now there's only two of them so i have to get the thing to 600 words so that means like 50 words for the intro um what is it 200 word 100 250 words each yeah and then like a 50 word exit or conclusion so i have to get that done um that might take me maybe tonight um maybe by tomorrow i have it done so that's pretty solid um yeah and then i need to find new things to write about and new things that'll bring traffic and um in my little intro that i give to people in interviews what i say they should do is write alternative to articles how-to articles and product reviews so um i think i need to do product reviews i will first yeah i need to do product reviews but before any of that i need to check is anyone looking up product reviews for these paintball guns and see if there's anything there and then maybe i can find um like different videos or different people reviewing the products and then i can just take those piece them together and make my own 500 word blog post from that and that way you know i can uh pump out content and generate that traffic you know what i mean you know what i'm saying right um yeah what else is there how else can i bring traffic um i don't there's the email list i started the email list um so i need what i need to do is i need to take that content and then send it through the email list and that will get direct traffic and increase the time on site and increase yeah the seo right um yeah i don't if this was the problem is that this isn't a writing thing for me so i don't think writing i just think like oh pump out the product descriptions and fix those up and get them and it'll just work from there because i have i don't have to build like um the backlinks or yeah i don't have to build backlinks because ultimate paintball guns already has that that's why i bought this domain right um what else is there um yeah so start an email list redo product descriptions alt tags maybe an affiliate program lead magnet that's another thing i can do but the lead magnet isn't to get traffic is to get emails um list school blog posts yeah so how to guide product reviews alternative to holiday gift guides um yeah i looked into the holiday gift guides i did like valentine's day paintball um father's day paintball there is something for christmas but i'm gonna need to save that for next year i guess 2022 christmas maybe thanksgiving yeah i gotta look up all the holidays and see if there's anything there um yeah and then i don't know what to do for the how-to guides i know nothing about paintball that's my biggest hurdle with this project just in general is um i know nothing about paintball so i have like how to load a paintball gun how to get your girlfriend in a paintball maybe those will work um how to choose a loader for your paintball gun um then alternative two could be like alternative to titman cronus or alternative titman something alternative to empire axe pro these are all paintball guns i don't know if you know that um yeah and then um there's one other thing i could do in terms of writing content i can build a frequently asked questions page um and that way i have like internal links and then i have you know i will have the h2 tag for the questions and if people ask that question um i can just answer that and when people ask that question on google my thing will pop up and that'll get me traffic and that's something i don't have to deal with yes i just need to get this traffic rolling and then i could just sit and make this a passive project yeah um is there anything else um how do i yeah um so yeah how i came up with best paintball guns is that i literally just typed in like i think i typed in ultimate paintball guns and then my keyword um software keyword generator no keywords everywhere that showed like best paintball guns so i clicked on that and then it was like best paintball guns under 200. that was another option that i had on the side so i think i just need to to do that i need to find like what are what's content that people write about in a different industry then apply to paintball guns and then just see what comes up and then write about that um yeah because i think that's how i'm gonna have to generate traffic and if i can do like one article a week or let's let's try okay so in terms of content just in general the more focused the better right so it's quality over quantity so if i can do like maybe one a month um and we'll we'll go from there right so um it says like all the articles say that it takes like three to six months for seo to kick in so we're in december that's when i started the website so like march april should be when seo starts kicking in and if i do these articles um you know one a month um i can you know help that speed along i it doesn't even have to be one a month because like a 600 world article is nothing for me i just need to find i need to create my list find and create my list of things that i can write about and then i'll be okay um yeah so the problem is just coming up with that list right i need to search alternative twos product reviews um and start there and see what i can write about um i used a content uh bought um like a ai content generator and it sucked if you look at my twitter i had like um a thread of [ __ ] my ai says and it's all stuff that that content generator came up with let me see if i could find one and read it to you um because there's one really funny and it was about like oh i have a family and my family's in the hospital and i'm disappointed because i'm reading paintball stuff right um let me see okay um in instant communication um you vital game time information wirelessly the ifi i5 goggle system lets you play the game at another level so this is all my writing this is the next evolution paintball goggle system technology this is the ai many of you may not know this but long before the i5 and the m2 became a reality i was in the hospital waiting room waiting to see my wife and daughters as as i was sitting i can't remember what thoughts were what my thoughts were but i found myself frustrated that we were catching up on the latest paintball gear news instead of talking about my family like where did that ai come up with that did someone just start talking about like go from paintball or some other type of technology and then start talking about their family i don't know dude the ai is weird and that's why that's why i created that um forum because not formed that thread because i just had a bunch of these random things that i was saying and it wasn't related to paintball and it was in no way the direction i was going for my content it was super weird um anyways anyway anyways anyway um thank you for listening have a nice day bye