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hello and welcome to the building an indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex today the results are in I will be discussing the results of the experiment with dog content but first I wanted to discuss some general podcast things so the patreon page which is to support hosting and editing of the podcast I will be posting the episodes early on patreon so as soon as I finish an episode I'm going to upload it to patreon so you could get it early if you choose to support the patreon page and also I decided that I will not be posting any financial episodes on in the RSS feed of the podcast but what I will do is I will keep them on YouTube and I will post them to patreon as well so I did an episode on lift as a public company talking about their stock and you could check that out probably on Monday I think is when I have it scheduled to be released on my youtube channel I'll link to it as well and you could check it out on patreon and if you guys like those episodes let me know and I'll do more because I have more to talk about in regards to Finance okay I also I created a personal website supreme room ham dot design it's just a place where I can display my projects I'm probably gonna create a portfolio on that domain so I'll link to it all as well in the show notes so check it out alright dog content so I'm gonna walk you guys through my podcast promotion workflow then I'm going to tell you some interesting data points that I receive I noticed during my reviewing of the listens and I'm gonna talk about if I believe dog content is worth it okay so let's get into it so my podcast promotion workflow I I post the episodes on dev 2 lines calm and read it and Twitter oh and I also convert the audio into video to post it on YouTube and I got on dev to mines and reddit I uh I got the same amount of traffic that I get from I've gotten as other the other episodes I've posted there's no difference but I posted it on Twitter because I just created a Twitter account for the podcast and it went viral no no I and now luminary is offering me a podcast deal yeah no I'm completely joking so I got 17 lessons in total that uh that's about what I get with other episodes that aren't related to dog content because remember I said I get between fifteen and twenty and if I got twenty five then that would mean that the dog content is a significant difference okay so some interesting data points I don't get a lot of listens on Spotify but on this episode I got a listen from Brazil so it was organic and also I post the the episode on the subreddit side-projects and usually it doesn't like no one pays attention to it they'll click on it but they won't comment or anything and this time someone up voted it so I think I thought that was interesting and then I got no listens on YouTube why I'm mentioning this is because I expected at least maybe one or two listens on YouTube because maybe people search dogs and their web developers so maybe that would pop up I don't know but I thought yeah I thought it was interesting and so do I think dog content increases clicks and views I don't think I did a large enough study to determine that but I don't think it does because I got the same amount of views so if the dog content made a difference then I would see a little bit of a bump maybe it would be 20 or 20 21 22 23 I'd be getting more views not the same amount of views you know what I'm saying or I guess listen not views listens and clicks ok that's it for this episode thank you for listening if you have any questions any episode ideas anything you want to hear about tweet me email me I will put those in the show notes also the the Twitter account I just created for the podcast I will link that in the show notes also as well so that way when a video is um ready for you guys to be listened to I will post that on the Twitter account and you guys you know right away oh yeah thanks for listening have a good day bye