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building an indie business in the center of venture capital i am alex edmonds also known as supreme romham on the internet and this is the building in any business podcast all right so today i wanted to talk about how i am donating some of the profits of the book to some organizations yeah so i'm talking about who i'm donating to uh what else i'm doing to help out some communities and uh the other things the the kind of tracking that i'll give people the opportunity to do just in case or like to keep me accountable also to remind me so i don't forget alright so let's get into it um donating the profits so i am donating one dollar per sale of the book to a organization um in oakland uh so they're local to me because i live in san jose called occur and what they do is they provide small business assistance and technology training for people of all ages it's actually really interesting so for kids it'll be like uh the kids will be learning python the adults will be learning something like quickbooks or excel and then the elderly people they learn just like how to use their phone and how to use an iphone or an android so yeah they help out everyone and then the small business assistants um they'll teach people not just give them money but they'll provide classes to uh small business owners and that gives them the opportunity to grow their business on their own you know you you teach a man to fish um instead of giving them a fish that whole thing so yeah i think it's a really great organization and um i just i felt like i should donate because it's a hard time right now um for a lot of people uh even though it's not my fault i still feel bad about it um so yeah i just wanted to help out and uh especially in my community where i could see the difference you know um the the reason why i wanted to look at um local local organizations in the bay area is because i feel like with every step a organization takes away from the local area the less money is actually being put into areas and it'll go into people's pockets so like you have the local organization and they put it in to the community and then you have like a regional organization and that the people in the region regional like offices they'll slide some money into their pockets instead of putting it in the organization basically the more steps in an organization the less money is being put in to the actual organization or the cause for the organization that's how i feel so um i wanted to do a local community so yeah and i chose um the website is i'll put a link in the show notes um the reason why i chose ochre is because i'm trying to run a small business myself and i feel i should help other people that are doing that and trying to do that and then also for the kids as well they're helping kids learn technology and i feel that's important for the next generation right and then it helps people that are struggling now and then it helps elderly people um keep up which is something i personally do and actually i have a neighbor she's two store two doors down from me she used to come to my house and i would help her figure out um what was wrong with her iphone so one time she changed the password and her email wouldn't show up so i figured out that uh she she changed the password and so it didn't connect on her phone and then also i even i fixed her wi-fi and that was a big deal because i actually i call it 18 was like hey her wi-fi isn't working and that's when i realized all you have to do is reset the router and uh the internet will work so yeah that's what i do now at my house i just reset the router and uh the reason why this is so memorable for me is because she she came to my house one day and she brought a cake and that was just for me and i ate the whole thing and i gave my mom like a little slice but uh yeah my mom knows that anytime she wants something of mine it's hers and speaking of my mom i'm always helping my mom with her stuff um what happened oh yeah she got she got an apple watch and i feel like i've been helping her so much that i have an apple watch because of that so yeah yeah anyways um so yeah if you have an organization if you're if you run an organization if you're part of an organization um reach out to me i will give free members or not free members free copies of the book i just want people to read the book um join open podcast um yeah and so i've been reaching out to some communities i don't want to mention any names specifically because i don't know how many i'm still reaching out to some people and i've reached out to some people i gave my nephew a free copy actually he uh yeah he was visiting me a couple weeks ago and i was i always tell him what i'm doing and what i'm working on to uh to give him some ideas things things to do for himself right and so i'm talking about the book and he's like alex uh since we're family can can i have a free copy of the book and not have to pay for it and so i'm like this is that fair to everyone else and he goes well i'm your nephew and i'm like okay so i gave him a free copy i loved how he didn't assume that i would just give him a free copy even though yeah i would have um and i did so yeah um also uh individuals um just contact me uh reach out to me uh there's my email supremeroamham dm me on twitter on telegram and i will give you a free copy yeah i uh i've been doing that as well i've been reaching out to some people um mostly for them to read the book and give me feedback but um if anyone wants a free copy reach out um for accountability i'll just say that i i will be streaming the donation process so like i will go i'll stream uh me going to the ocr now website and you'll watch me put in the numbers um and yeah you also so the other thing i did was i used zapier and i created a zap that every time i get a sale on gumroad it goes to a google spreadsheet and so you could see every sale that's being made and so for every line on the google spreadsheet i will donate a dollar yeah so yeah and there's three um there's three there's three files there's one for the workflow there's one for the book and then this one for the bundle okay um yeah so you could see everything i'll link to it in the show notes as well the reason why i chose a dollar is because it just makes it super simple i was gonna do a percentage like 10 of every book but uh i'm not good at math right so no not that i'm not good at math i can multiply okay let me just say that but it's uh it's just easier um and there's yeah i just have to check the lines and that's the amount there's no oh what this person bought the book at ten dollars and this person bought the book full price so yeah it's just easier streamlined okay um thank you for listening um i hope you got some value out of this episode i guess um if you want to host your own episode of uh the open podcast community podcast reach out to me i already said telegram twitter at supremeromham my email supremeromham if you want to have a um guest post on the open podcast community community podcast no the open podcast blog i can make you an author and you can post whatever content you want okay thank you for listening have a nice day bye