Side Project Email Strategy


building an indie business in the center of venture capital i am alex edmonds people on the internet call me supremerumham and this is the building an indie business podcast okay this is another episode where uh i have no notes and uh it's basically just so i record this so i can um you know refer to it later and maybe write this stuff down it's about email and how i use email in my side projects so let's get into it all right so the very first thing i do when i set up basically any side project is to put a form on the email list or not not put a form on the email list but uh i create a form and i put it on the website to get people's email so i can email them right and the reason i do this is because direct traffic is a ranking factor and when someone clicks on a link through email that counts as a direct visit so yeah so i do that and then um what do i do after that um so i set up the form i set up the welcome email the welcome email um will sometimes have like a checklist or some type of lead magnet a checklist discount it depends on what the website is about so like for revenue research i think it's just like um it's like a series of videos or something like that and it has like links to the website maybe the podcast oh yeah the podcast the lead magnet for revenue research is the podcast which is just my recordings of the um writing right so that's the lead magnet and that's exclusive to email subscribers but if i were running an e-commerce store like maybe it has an email exclusive discount code in it right so then uh i do that you know i have the form people sign up i might add like a pop-up and exit pop-up so when people go to exit it um it shows up to them and maybe they're more incentivized to sign up yeah things like that and then i'm sending them new products so every time i have a new blog post i have a new product on the website i send them that and that's to get direct traffic to this brand new link that i just created on my website right um yeah and then i might give them a discount to that new product and that new that discount is higher than the original welcome discount so the welcome discount might be look like 15 let's say if i'm selling a digital product um the new product one might be twenty percent right um and let's say they use that twenty percent discount code um then in a couple days i'm gonna ask them for a review and then i'm gonna send them a 30 percent discount code and so that way you know it keeps people on the email list active in purchasing or looking at my stuff right so that's another way i use email for my side projects right um yeah so i send them an intro discount a middle discount and a welcome back discount yeah um yeah that's pretty much how i use email um let's talk about why i use email i use email because it's more effective than social media it helps me rank higher on google social media doesn't do that and it helps me oh time on site it increases time on site so when you're getting that new traffic from email um there's people on your website and they check it out and maybe they spend a little more time on the website than someone who you know clicks on it from social media and doesn't know where to go because if they click on a very specific link then they're gonna you know review that link right um what else um what was i just talking about oh why use email so yeah it increases um the domain authority of the website and then um oh yeah it's more effective it's no it's more i don't know what the word is i want to say stable consistent consistent is the word so um i have an email list i have let's say 200 people on the email list i know at least 20 percent of the people are gonna open that email and i know at least like five people might buy something or they might click on my link whatever i'm doing um with social media i never know like maybe 10 people see when i sent out maybe one person clicks um and it maybe it might go viral next i don't know but uh it's too risky to rely on social media and then also like i talked about this in the book actually um you can't banned my email list you can't stop me from sending emails to people right because i can take that list of emails export it out and put it on another platform i can go from email octopus to mailchimp to um whatever that blue email list is um yeah but with social media they ban you you lose your following you lose your access to people and you know that causes you to lose revenue right so that's another reason why like um email you own the platform so first reason i like it is because it's consistent second reason is because it's um i own it yeah and then the third reason is you know i feel like people respond to email more than they respond to social media so like i get more of a connection with um you know my readers other people buying my stuff and i like that and when i post something on social media i might get like three or four likes and maybe a comment and that's it but um with an email list at 200 i might be getting three or four emails back per email which is a lot better and yeah another reason is because you have to keep the social media game going in order to stay favorable with um algorithm i also wrote about this in the book so like the more you post them higher up you'll get in the algorithm or the algorithm will favor you and then your post is more likely to go viral with email my email isn't going to go viral viral but um you know there's no algorithm in your inbox if people see it if people want to click on it they'll click on it right like it's not going to hide in the inbox because gmail doesn't like my email um or like doesn't like the content of my email right so yeah um that's my email strategy that's why i like it thank you for listening have a nice day bye