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hello and welcome to the building an indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex Edmonds today I will be discussing podcasting and how I come up with my episode ideas this will be the first episode I will do about podcasting because I run a podcast community and I want to share my knowledge about podcasting to help other people become podcasters or improve their podcasts so I will be discussing the four ways I come up with episode ideas for my podcast before ways I come up with episode ideas are doing something conversations exercise and events I will be giving you examples of episodes I recorded and came up with through these four methods okay but first I wanted to give a shout out to someone in the community and that person is resolved Yousaf he has created vej social calm the social network for vegans and vegetarians so if you are a vegan or vegetarian and you are looking for people to talk to talk to check out his website I will link to it in the show notes alright let's get into it so on the first way I come up with episode ideas is I do something like I work on the website so through working on the website I have come up with several ideas such as the product update episode for the forum I have been working on the forum and that is the only I work on for the website and while doing that I had the idea to talk about it on the podcast a another episode that I did that was linked to me working on the website is the dark mode vanilla j/s episode I was adding dark mode to my website I think this was the not the not the not open podcast but this was the directory and I had the idea to show people and like comment on it do a live stream and then record the audio as what I mean and post the audio as a podcast episode the next doing something that helps me come up with podcast episodes is using new platforms and this can be like any website that I'm I've recently discovered and I have started using and testing things L so this is the episode this is the Barnacles episode this is the Cora episode all three of those were platforms that are new to me and I had some thoughts about them another thing that I do that helps me come up with episodes is I outline episodes so while I'm outlining I will think of new episodes that I could do for the podcast so one day I was out of episode ideas and I was outlining my emergency episode my emergency episode is learning to code and this is basically the process of how I learned to code and this is a like a four year five-year process I started at 18 and I struggled till I was about 21 and so I don't when I talk about this because I feel like my audience doesn't need to hear it or it won't help anyone so if you ever hear this episode I have run out of episodes for the moment so I was outlining this episode and talking about I was outlining the part where I finally learned JavaScript and that gave me the idea for the one percent rule episode which is something I use and another thing that I do or the final thing that I do is I read so that accounts for the three or four book discussions episodes that I've done and the learnings as episode that I did because I was reading a book to help me learn saz okay the next thing the next method I use for coming up with episodes idea episode ideas is I have conversations with people and some like one episode that I came up with after a conversation was the comparing podcasting and YouTube episode so I was having a conversation with Owen County a valued member of the community on twitch this was one of the first conversations I ever had with him and we got into a discussion about streaming versus podcasting and that came then the episode for podcasting and creating videos on YouTube came to me same with the product update newsletter episode I came up with the idea the exact idea like what content I would be putting in the newsletter after having a conversation with some of the members of the open podcast community another way I come up with episodes that episode ideas is from conversations that I see so I see people talking about dogs and I thought what if I make an episode about dogs and make it seem like it's an actual episode but it's not and then I could test out whether dog content increases your likes and your views yeah and same thing with the coffee episode I had that idea as well okay so the third way I the third method I use to create episodes is I exercise and the example I have of this is the growing a community episode so um I go to work three days a week as of now and I have to walk a mile to the office during this time I think a lot and one day I was out of episode ideas for the time being and I thought about the things that I do and one thing that I have been doing is growing the open podcast community and I have specific methods for growing the the open podcast community so I thought it would be good for me to talk about how I've been growing the community another episode that was the result of exercise is the benefits of podcasts in episode so I was walking not to work probably somewhere else and I thought about how I have benefited from podcasting and that it would be a good idea for me to discuss how I benefited from podcasting to encourage other people to start their podcasts and start podcasting okay the final way that I the final method I use to come up with episode ideas is events so these are things that happen to me so one example is the episode failure to design for thousands of users and how I came up with this episode is something happened to me at work and I used that event at work to write about her to record that episode the other episode that was a result of an event happen to me is the failed hn post and how that happened was I posted an article on Hacker News and it got no clicks so I decided to talk about that and why my post was a failure okay thank you for listening if you found this episode interesting and you want to know more of the things I do around my podcast like marketing or any the setup or the equipment that I use let me know and I'll do an episode on them I have many ideas for podcasting episodes so if you enjoyed it let me know and if this episode has given you the podcast bug but you're still a little nervous about creating your own podcast come join the open podcast community and reach out to me we have an unreleased community podcast that I'm looking for other people to host before we release it and this can be anything you want if you want to be interviewed where you want to interview someone that's fine if you want to do a solo up like this that's fine if you want to do a roundtable with your friends that's also fine any episode that you want to do we won't post it and you will get the feeling for what podcast is like and finally if you are a podcaster and you're looking for a community of podcasters come join the open podcast community on telegram thank you for listening have a nice day bye are you still there alright I have a joke how do you keep a bagel from getting away you put locks on it okay thank you for listening have a nice day bye