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hello and welcome to the building an indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex today I wanted to discuss why I think you should build your first idea if you don't have any products right now um but first I want to discuss some general podcast links there is the patreon page and the buy me a coffee page which are for donations to the podcast which will improve the podcast so every dollar I get from patreon or buy me a coffee will go directly back in the podcast if I need software or new equipment that's where um the money from patreon and buy me a coffee will go um so let's get into it so the first reason why I think you should build the first idea you have is because you will continuously run into problems and these problems can be can carry over to the other projects and by working on it I product you will have the opportunity to figure out how to solve those problems so my first example is when I was creating alert for BTC calm which will be on product on soon check it out um I had problems with firebase and so I was able to solve those firebase problems when I was working on alerts for BTC and I ran into very similar problems when I started working on the back end for the podcast directory so by working on alerts for BTC I was able to help solve my back-end problem with um the podcast directory okay so the next reason why you should just build the first thing that comes to your mind is because by building something it'll give you better ideas so just in the time that I've been building the podcast directory I've had the idea of a telegram chat bur not a telegram chat but a community to build a community to help other podcasters out so I'm working on that I've started a telegram trap I've been writing um helping people get started in podcasting the next idea I had was to build a content marketing product to help um content creators mainly podcasters um promote their products better and I've got an idea to write a book for podcasters because they've been writing so much and yeah I probably would have gotten those ideas without building the podcast directory or starting podcasting and oh did I have anything oh yeah just by writing like when I'm doing a podcast episode I have an outline right and just by outlining a episode that I don't really want to do I get the idea for new episodes while I'm doing I'm doing the outline so there was one day where I had no ideas so I just started writing this outline for an emergency episode I have which is about how I learned to code so if you ever hear this episode that episode how I learned to code you know I've run out of ideas and just want to publish something so I was writing this outline and then I got the idea for how I learned new skills that episode so yeah just by doing stuff I get better ideas that's my experience okay so the next reason why you should build your first idea that you have if you have no ideas is because you'll be able to practice launching so you can launch your product on product on and you'll be able to find out like what how you write and how that affects your product on product I'm like because you have to write a description you have to read tagline and so if a lot of people aren't naturally clicking on organically um if people aren't organically clicking on it then you know there's something wrong with what you did and you will be able to take what you learned and apply it to your next product launch and then you could post on hacker news about your experience and people will follow you and yeah okay so the final reason why you should build the first idea you have is it's an opportunity to build an audience so I've already talked about how to build a product in public but in order to build a product in public you need a product so you to build on a product your first idea is an opportunity to grow your audience okay um thank you for listening have a nice day you can tweet me at supremerumham you can email me at SRH podcast at have a nice day bye