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    Show Notes:
  • I discuss the Open Podcast forum. I go over the Telegram chat and it's future, the discourse forum, the current content on the Discourse forum, A Discourse forum walk-through, what the Discourse forum needs, Problems with Discourse, the custom forum, the custom forum tech stack,benefits of the custom forum, problems with the custom forum, custom forum walk-through,and what's next for the Open Podcast website.
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building an indie business in the center of venture capital I'm Alex Edmonds and this is the building and the new business podcast okay so today I'm gonna go over the forum because I finally finished the forum so I'm going to talk about the telegram chat the discourse forum that I built what's on the forum I'm gonna give you a forum walkthrough of discourse I'm gonna talk about what the discourse form needs problems with this course that I found um the custom form that I've built the benefits of the custom form problems with them with the custom form custom form walkthrough and what's next for open podcast the website specifically um okay so let's get into it the telegram chat so I am no longer promoting the telegram chat right now so I've changed everything in the newsletter the Twitter account to point to the forum um the telegram chat is still good the way I see the telegram chat versus the forum is that the telegram chat is casual and the forum chat is really formal so the types of conversations I would like to see on the telegram chat are like about football or how your day is going the what I want to see on the forum is like talk talks about what kind of social media strategies people are using and like questions about how to grow your podcasts or feedback on a podcast okay so the discourse forum right now the discourse forum is on just run on digital ocean with their one click thing that they have I don't know what it what exactly it's called okay so the reason I decided to run a discourse forum is because there are some features that I want to add to the custom forum and I don't really know how to do that yet these specific features and so having the form on discourse buys me some time to take extra time to build those features another thing about the discourse forum is there's very little maintenance to update the discourse forum I just click one button and the forum is updated another reason I did the discourse warm is because discourse has a lot of features that I want such as badges for the users and pinning I'm able to easily pin like a certain topic or forum thread and finally the discourse forum has a very simple set up it's an easy to understand and yeah so what's on the forum right now is a question about lead magnet magnets that podcasters can create a question on social media strategies to weekly new episode threads and a question about podcast milestones if someone wants to share a podcast milestone that they have reached like amount of subscribers an episode has reached a certain amount of downloads or you total downloads for a podcast okay so I'm gonna walk you through the discourse form right now let me see okay so the discourse forum has categories that people can separate their questions into which i think is really great and then you can easily sort those by like latest or topic bird top like what was created recently or what's most popular which i think is great then I can usually make other people moderators which is something I can't do on the custom form right now so like when I in the episode about running a community having moderators to check for spam or people being disrespectful I could have other people delete those things so it's less things that I have to worry about and badges I've always wanted to have badges for users like the people the original members of open podcasts that uh they were on the telegram chat so I want to have like original member badge for those people okay so what the discourse forum needs the first thing the discourse forum needs is integration with stripe so that I can easily have a job board for bokken podcast and I can easily add add that the people that want to have in that or add to a job board um can just usually do that with stripe another thing I would like for discourse to have is customization so for like the users or for the users I would like them to be able to add very specific things to their profile and I don't know how to do that yet or the discourse forum or even if it's available to me um the next thing I would like the forum to have the discourse forum to have is giving me the ability to be able to have like tabs of the different portions of open podcast so that way it's easy to go from the forum to like the job board or the ads and the final thing that what I would like the discourse forum to have is the ability for me to transfer data between discourse and firebase so that when I'm done with discourse I can easily transfer all that data to firebase and have like an easy transition for the different users that might be a digitalocean problem okay so problems with the discourse forum the first thing is that I feel like the discourse forum is built like rebuilding the community because I have to get the users the community members that are part of the telegram chat to use the discourse forum and they might be already comfortable in the telegram chat and they might not see the value in the discourse forum and how I see the value of the discourse forum while we're here or just any forum for open podcasts is that when you have a chat and you want a question to be answered that that chat question will disappear very easily in a thread or no in a chat when people are talking about soccer or how their day went and so with the forum it'll that question will stay there and more people see it and you're more likely to get an answer okay um the next thing that is wrong with there my problem with the discourse forum is I don't have full control over it so I like I already talked about this but I can't transfer data or add other things to it okay now onto the custom form the custom form was built with firebase Express react next j/s and I don't run the other one Oh Redux yeah okay I used a 12-hour video series to build the forum and it took me like four months I started in September and I ended in January yeah it was a lot of work and I loved because some form okay so the benefits of the custom form the reason why I wanted a custom form was because I wanted to have the ability to control everything I wanted to be able to put ads I wanted to be able to add different kinds of pages I wanted to charge for posts for the job board and the ads are no yeah the classifieds page that's what I've been calling it so people can pay to post an ad for if they want to guess or if they want to co-host okay um the next thing about benefit of the custom form is there no middlemen so there are no second services that a member needs to sign up for so with the custom form there no with the discourse forum people need to sign up for discourse and yeah that's one extra step that people may not be willing to take okay and the final benefit of the custom form is that it's cheaper than discourse and it's cheaper than discourse because I have to sign up for digitalocean and pay for the hosting on digital ocean okay okay so problems with the custom form it's low it takes a while to all the data when you have logged in okay maintenance I wrote the custom form and react and I don't know react very well because this is my first experience with react and it's hard to maintain the custom form and I will be righting that wrong um next thing next problem is I wrote it and react to get a job and that's not an issue anymore so now I just have this really complicated form that I kind of I don't understand some areas of the form and yeah that's difficult adding features is difficult so before I decided to use discourse for the forum I tried to add another page and connect it to the back end of the website and that was difficult for me and so I just decided to buy some time to rewrite the forum and vanilla Jas by using the discourse forum we're creating the discourse forum okay and that brings me to my next point this course has a lot of the features that are you want and I already talked about this painting badges okay Dee another problem with the custom form a big problem that I think is that there's no nested comments so someone comments on your post or update as I've been calling it and you can't you'll get a notification when they comment but when you reply you can't reply to their comment and so they won't get a notification that you commented on their comment okay I also struggled to create an edit button for the post that is something that I already have because on the profile when you want to make changes to your profile you edit it I struggle to add that feature to the posts I just need more time to figure that out okay another problem the final problem that I see right away is that I already had a few people sign up for the custom form and those people have to now create another account to join form the discourse form but this discourse account for the discourse form it's just another thing that they have to do okay now the custom form walkthrough okay so let me give me a sec okay so when you you you log in know you sign up and you log in and it goes to the home page now when you when you first open the papen podcast XYZ you'll see words like login sign up homepage and when you are logged in as a member of the website you'll get emojis instead so you get the plus emoji forward posts and update the home emoji for the home page and then you'll get the notifications emoji for for notifications when someone likes your posts or comments on your posts I think this is really cool and that's why I decided to keep that feature when the when I was doing the videos okay let's see the profile that you have is a short bio and what I'm hoping is that people put their podcast that they're hosting as their bio you can add the location where you're from the website that you have which is either the website to your podcasts or a personal website and the date and the month and year you joined the reformed okay and then right under profiles you have a transistor dot F M ed and so when you're on the home page for the forum and you want to look at someone's profile you can click on their name and then you see their probe their profile and then every post that they have created which i think is cool ok so now I'm going to discuss what's next for open podcast XYZ so the first thing I've already mentioned is that I am going to rewrite the entire website in vanilla JS so I have to do that I've been trying to avoid coding right now or programming and so that might take a while the next thing I want to do is I want to add a page on open podcast XYZ for the forum so there's gonna be the home page and the nav bar and I want to add a section for the forum on the nav bar okay that's real simple like I said I've been avoiding coding well I've been working on something and that's so I haven't been working on a for and they know okay then after I rewrite everything in vanilla jeaious I want to add a classifieds page for people looking for hosts or to be a guest and it's a paid feature and then I want to add nested comments then I want to add um Twitter authentication so that creates one less step for people they just have to click on sign in with Twitter and that there they go so right now they have to come up with a username come up with a handle and do the passwords it it's an extra thing that they have to do and if I do Twitter off the medication they can avoid that okay next I want to create a job board but the first thing I have to do before the job board and the classifieds that ads is integrate those two pages with stripe so I'm gonna be working on that after I rewrite the website in vanilla JavaScript okay um the final thing that I want to do for open podcast as of now is add a resources page so what this is is it's the most common things that people use to get started so like a mic stand and then a link to a specific mics and links to mics what software I'm using to record the podcast what software I used to livestream the podcast okay and then I want to add a frequently asked questions page and this is like how do you promote your podcast and then you I have a link to like the forum discussion about podcast marketing and then the last thing I currently have on the roadmap for the forum is a list of every open podcast members podcast so that way it's easy to see every open podcast members podcast and it's easy to share with people new to the community okay that's all I have for this episode thank you for listening if you would like if you are new to podcasting and you don't have a podcast yet you can host an episode of the open podcast community podcast where you just record an episode yourself send me the audio file and links what you want in the show notes and then I will add it to the open podcast community podcast and you will get the experience of hosting a podcast so come join the telegram chat and talk to me about it if you are interested again thank you for listening have a nice day bye