building an indie business in a center of venture capital i am alex edmonds people on the internet call me supremerumham and this is a building an indie business podcast okay so today i'm going to be talking about my latest domain acquisition which is this was an expired domain that i bought hooray okay and um according to ahrefs the domain authority is 15 which isn't bad because revenue research has a domain authority of nine and um the podcast website has domain authority of um 20 i think same with the um open podcast website so 15 isn't really too you know bad um so i bought this website because um i always see these websites that they compile all the free codes that um like the discount codes right that someone gives and like a website gives like if i go to i don't know where do i buy oh like i've been buying wordpress websites or no like yeah i've been i've been getting set up on wordpress so i always look for a discount code and i google it i'm like wordpress discounts and i'll find the discount code on some website so i thought of someone using this website as that website so i bought it and yeah this is also an internet thing right so discount codes from their e-commerce purchases so someone on the internet and knows how to use the internet might look on swap d swapped um dot co and they will find free gift and they will make that purchase or someone listening to this podcast episode well um contact me about buying this domain which i don't mind if you want to right so yeah um it's registered on pork bun i don't know if that makes a difference to you so yeah um that's that's it um i can also raise the domain authority very easily because um i could put it on the podcast website or it's already on the podcast website so it's just a matter of when will the domain authority be raised right um okay that that that's all i have for this episode thank you for listening have a nice day bye