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building an indie business and the center of venture capital I am Alex Edmonds and some people call me supreme rum ham on the internet and this is the building in any business podcast okay I had a little twist to the intro today so today I will be discussing how to grow an industry and because I am in the podcasting industry I I'll be using the podcasting industry as an example but my examples will work for any industry but first I wanted to talk about my book I have a book and it is called what's the deal with podcasting in it in the book I compare podcasting to the stand-up comic I use examples from stand-up comedy to compare stand-up - podcasting and how to make someone a better podcast host yes that is it so you can get the book for free go to the link in the show notes I'll use the code be aib and tell me what you think about the book okay so let's get into the episode growing in industry so the first way that you would grow in industry is you would you would introduce new people into the industry or like up-and-comers into the industry so as a podcaster how I would do that is I would have new podcasters on the on my own podcast as a guest so that the way I can introduce my audience to the new people or I can be a guest on a new podcast and the I could promote my parents on that podcast um yeah that would show my audience new things in the industry okay um another way that you can grow and industry is by starting a network and helping the new people grow so I could start a podcast network I can make the open podcast community a network and that way I will be helping new podcasters grow and giving them an opportunity to what's the word I was looking for to ought to help them monetize and grow their content basically giving them advice kind of what I like what I do now but giving them a financial incentive to join open a podcast I guess ok the next thing you can do to grow in industry is use new products so right now I have my recording software that I use and I've always used one way to help someone new in the industry is I can change out my recording software and try someone's new recording software to help those newcomers out and how this would help someone else is I could be a beta tester and by being a beta tester I will help them find bugs and help them with feature ideas and I will help them make the product better in that way new people in the industry or people that download that software first it'll be more what's the word out there will be less bugs for them to discover and the reason why you would want that is because when someone new is downloading software or someone is downloading new software if the software has a lot of problems they will abandon it so if I am the one who finds all the bugs then those people won't find those bugs and they'll be less likely to abandon the software and you know start their podcasts okay another way you can grow in industry is ads you can buy a bunch of ads and for the podcasts industry the kinds of ads that you want to do to make the industry grow you don't want to do podcast ads because that would be that would just create a loop you're you're you're paying for ads for people that already know about podcasts to find your your ads about podcasts so you have to do different mediums of ads so like I would do YouTube channel ads I would sponsor a YouTube channel or pay for ads on the YouTube platform okay then there are blogs you can I can find podcast writers there are people that write about podcaster the podcast industry no not those people people that write about audio content and that way it's not a far stretch for those people to see a podcast ad yeah that's that's one thing I guess blogs newsletters I've noticed a trend of people on either doing a newsletter for their company or a personal newsletter so I could sponsor some newsletters in that way those readers can discover podcasts okay media companies I can buy an ad and I don't know a newspaper or a magazine promoting open podcast or whatever and that way new people people that don't know about podcasts maybe they can learn about them through magazine and the final one I have and this is kind of a stretch is you can have a billboard ad so anyone driving past that billboard will see your ad and maybe discover podcasts okay the next way you can grow in industry is work with other companies to promote podcasts so you can work with other podcasting companies like other podcasting networks or companies that have a podcast product like a podcast hosting company and that way you're putting two heads together instead of just having one head and that you can work together to promote the industry yeah okay okay so you can work with those other companies to become a decision maker so there are organizations within the podcasting industry and they make decisions or they have like a conference or something and what I could do is I could I could work with those people and then I could become a decision maker and that way I can help grow the industry by being an insider of that industry okay invest in new products okay so like I said when an industry is growing new products will come out that helped that industry or just new products come out and one thing that I could do as a podcast host is I can invest in those products in that way I have a financial incentive to help that product succeed and yeah the more products in the industry the more people will see those products and the more people will join the industry and that will make the industry girl okay create new courses write a book yeah create new courses and write a book write a book and this way because when someone is trying to learn something like a new skill like podcasting or writing or how to write know how to how to learn programming the first thing they do is they look for resources to help them learn how to do that thing so if you write a book or create a course when someone goes to look for a course they will see your course and then they will buy it and that will help them join the industry without a course they might give up same thing with the book they read your book and you help them join the industry and that way it makes them less likely to not get discouraged and actually become part of the industry ok host conferences ok so you can host a conference and you can send out invitations everywhere and invite people and that way when people are looking for something to do or in in an event to go to or something they will see the invitation and then they will join the conference and if they have an interest in podcasting after the conference they will become a podcaster and that will grow the industry it's really funny when a when I was saying invitations I was like my hand motions were like me throwing a ball I don't know it was really weird next thing um at those conferences no okay so you host a conference and then you can go to conferences and what do you do with those conferences that you go to you give a talk and the reason why you give a talk is the same as the Meetup when you're at a conference a person talking for the most part is center stage and that way you have a good majority of the attendees attention and so that way the majority of the people will discover podcasting if they listen to the talks and if they don't know about podcasting they learn about it yeah so if you go to a 1950s radio conference and you give a talk about podcasting then you know all those people will learn about podcasting and they might join the industry okay answer questions so there are a bunch of question and answer websites forums groups on the internet internet groups what someone can do to grow an industry is answer those questions and it's the same thing with creating a course or writing a book people will go to those websites when they have questions and if no one gives them an answer they might give up if you give them an answer that makes it less likely that they will give up and they will become part of the industry yes I agree okay hire people when you hire someone they join the industry and then they have to tell their friends I work in the podcasting industry and then if one of their friends us hey what's a podcast they have to explain what a podcast is and that person learns what a podcast is and so if you don't hire people that does happen okay I don't know why I said that really angry I don't know I'm really pumped up today okay personal selling okay um a podcast host can help other content creators gain podcast and experience and you can sell them the idea of what was the word I was convinced oh of starting a podcast oh my god okay okay so like let's say I know someone who's a youtuber but they don't have a podcast they they're just a youtuber let's call them supreme rum ham supreme rum ham has a pot has a YouTube channel he doesn't have a podcast I invite supreme rum ham on the BAI B podcast and I give them the experience of having a podcast and I make it seem like it's really simple and then they go hey you know it's not that different from having a youtube channel let me start podcasting and then post it to my youtube channel that way see that then that person joins the industry and then that grows the industry okay work with other podcast hosts or influencers to make change okay so let's say there's one huge problem in your industry and everyone suffers from that problem people should work those people in the industry should work together to make that problem go away so like let's say there's a huge platform and it's only that huge platform that controls your industry all the other people in the industry can band together and create a substitute or an alternative for that product for that platform and that problem will go away okay this is a really simple one like and share other podcasts that's another way of helping people discover new things in the industry it's a lot easier than actually interviewing or going on another podcast you can just make a social media post about it okay get new people to listen yeah promote through different mediums writing videos yeah collaborate with people on different mediums so you go on a youtube channel I would go on a YouTube channel I would do a interview like a newsletter interview things like that okay that was actually the last one I wasn't counting thank you for listening if you want to start a podcast but don't want if you want the experience of podcasting and you don't want to do the setup contact me you can do a podcast episode for the open podcast community podcast send me the audio send me the show notes I will add it to the RSS feed and you will get that experience also if you would like to write about podcasting your experience podcasting anything about podcasting there's the open podcast blog talk to me I will give you authors access Suprema rum ham on twitter telegram thank you for listening have a nice day bye