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hello and welcome to the building an indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex today I wanted to discuss growing a community and how I've learned to grow the open podcast community and the five ways I have been growing the open podcast community with Twitter writing creating interaction interacting with the people on the platform and providing value to the members of the community but first I wanted to give a shout out to the jar setec he is the co-founder of the open podcast community it was actually his idea originally he came up with a name open podcast and he had the idea to create a telegram chat as an MVP you can hire him as the jar as a service move over functions as a service faas now stands for a jar as a service you can hire four jar for logo design branding video promotion branding and poster design branding all right I will link to all his stuff in the show notes let's get into the podcast okay so how I use Twitter to grow the community is I follow everyone who I believe has an interest in open podcast so I have my Twitter list that we discussed in a previous episode and for the open podcast Twitter account I have followed everyone on that list and some of them have followed me back the second way I use Twitter is every person who has a new episode in the community I tweet about it and I tweet with a little extra stuff about podcasting so I use some podcasting hashtags to help that person get more visibility in the on Twitter okay so the next thing I do is I write about podcasting I have a couple articles about pot the podcast industry and I plan to write more so right now I have a article about the podcast market this that was even before I started open podcast or before I even started the directory I have articles comparing podcasting to writing and creating videos on YouTube and I have how to start a podcast and in some of these articles I mentioned open podcast so recently my how to start a podcast article was featured and hacker news now our hacker noon hacker noon not hacker news hacker noon and on the end of the article I mentioned join communities to get ideas and other things and I specifically linked to the open podcast community and what happened was that a couple of people joined the community because they saw the article at least one person one person joined because they saw the article okay so the next thing I do is I interact with people on different platforms in a way that will bring them to my platform so I am very active on reddit I won't answer questions that people have about podcasting that I know I don't overstep my boundaries but I will answer questions that I have a good answer to so um recently someone on reddit wanted to start a stock market podcast and I just simply mentioned like don't give advice like actual investment advice because they might be able to come back and sue you if the investment goes wrong simple things like that or someone asked about like how to do an intro or add music and I mentioned audacity another platform I go to is indie hackers and I I just answer questions that people have about podcasting same exact thing I do on reddit and sometimes I will bring up open podcast or I make sure specifically on indie hackers to have a link to the open podcast community in my profile so someone recently joined the community and they said that they found the community on open air on indie ackers because I have a link to the so the telegram chat on my indie ackers profile ok so the next thing I do is I create interactions and this is so that people who are looking at the community to join it they don't see a inactive community and think that no one else is on the platform or in the chat and the way I do this is I post links to articles that I see I ask questions I give P opportunities to talk anyone who joins the community I asked some two questions I asked them how they found the community and if they have a podcast and if they say no I don't have a podcast I will link them to my articles and then they will read it and maybe have a podcast and that will create more information that I can share with them and then I could take their podcasts and then share it on the Twitter account and see I have a cycle going okay so the final thing that I do is I provide value to members I will do anything I can to help any member of the community so I created a video for one of the members showing them how to add their podcast to all the podcasting platforms and when I did this it was about ten I saw the question about how to add the podcast to different platforms like stitcher or Apple podcasts when I solved the message I was awake for 10 minutes and then I said give me two hours and I'll create you a video and that's exactly what I did 30 minutes later I had the video up and running and they were able to use that video to post on every platform okay another way I provide value is I answer their questions so if someone has a question about what equipment to use I give them the most recommended equipment that I know of I help them grow their podcast through tweeting about it through listening to it I just I help the community any way I can if they have some question about podcasting I will retweeted anything so um another thing I wanted to talk about about growing a community which I currently have is the disadvantages and one disadvantage I have for growing the community is that it's on telegram and people might be interested in joining the community but they might not want to create a telegram account so that is one disadvantage that I've noticed and another thing that I notice is that you need a lot of members to have a lot of interaction in the community that's organic so if you have very little members it'll be hard to get interactions organically so that's something to think about okay thank you for listening just so you know I have recorded the trailer and the first episode for the open podcast community podcast it's a very it's a mouthful I know I'm sorry and if you are interested in hosting your own episode it can be whatever it can be a solo episode exactly like this one I have right now you can interview someone you can be interviewed it could be a roundtable with your friends if you're interested in hosting an episode come join the community and contact me tell me you're interested and we will set that up thank you for listening have a nice day bye are you still there alright I have another joke this joke is technically a joke I already did but I scraped the episode so I can use it why didn't the teddy bear eat his cake because he was stuffed okay um thank you for listening have a nice day bye