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hello and welcome to the building and indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex today I wanted to discuss my qualifications for being hired for those of you that don't know I am still in school I am in my final semester of my marketing degree I am looking for a job on a distributed team mostly but I will take a job in San Jose if necessary so today I want to discuss the kinds of jobs that I am looking for and I wanted to discuss my other qualifications so the first kind of job I'm looking for is one in web development I know HTML CSS and JavaScript I am mostly looking for positions as a UX or UI designer so if you need someone to work in your marketing not in your marketing your design department or someone to design your website I love design and you can take a look at my personal website supreme rum ham dot design or alerts for BTC for examples of the way I design and the way it looks or the way my designs look okay so the next thing you can hire me for is podcasting I can create host and edit a podcast for you or your company I refuse to edit this podcast but I know how to edit podcasts and I can send anyone interested samples of episodes that I've added ok so the next thing I and I know how to do and I'm looking for a job in is graphic design if you need a logo or a graphic I can create it you can check my blog or I can send you samples of previous work I've done ok so the final thing that our type of job I am looking for is one in a marketing department my degree is in marketing so everything else I am self-taught in you can hire me in your copywriting department you can look at my blog to see examples of my writing I can also work in any other marking position that you need I have experience in marketing like this podcast for example I have to market it my website all alerts for BTC I had to promote that in different ways so if you're interested in hire me hiring me for any one of those four types of positions reach out to me you can email me you can DM me on Twitter I will put the links for that stuff in the show notes but you can reach out through email my email SRH broadcast at my twitter is supreme rum ham and yeah that's about it thank you for listening I hope you considered and hire me for any position thank thank you for listening have a nice day bye