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Building an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds, also known as supremerumham, on the internet, and this is the building in the business podcast. Alright. So today, we will be discussing. I'm hiring people. And the fact that I hired people to help me promote the book. So I'm going to be talking about the website, I used some of the things I did compensation, how I chose people, the requirements, I had the results, why hired affiliates, what I was looking for, the mistakes I made, and the lesson I learned, okay, so let's get into it. The goals I wanted to things from these associated or these affiliates, I wanted sales, and I wanted backlinks. I wanted sales as in like people to sell the book. And then I wanted backlinks from people promoting it on on high quality websites that had a high domain authority, which would translate into getting more a higher domain authority for the open podcast website. So I used indeed, to create the job listing and find people to promote the book. I used indeed because it's free. They had a lot monitoring, monitoring of the listings so when I went on zip recruiter I had some trouble. They wouldn't let me do a commission based job. They were telling me I was charging or no i was the compensation as offering was too low. So I couldn't use zip recruiter. They also called me up Like right after I created the account, and so I found that annoying Every time someone calls me I find it annoying. Yeah, so don't call me. Okay. And so what I did was I set it up the affiliate page or like the affiliate program. I'm too Have the link that so every time someone was registered as an affiliate gumroad gave them a link and how I set it up Was that that link led to the open podcast website. And on the open podcast website was a page where a person would write into an embed of the gumroad page. So that way they can buy the book On the gumroad page or On the open podcast website That way Every time The book was promoted by an affiliate with their link. Um, it was linking back to the open podcast website which would increase the domain authority. So yeah did that for SEO purposes to raise the domain authority and get back Thanks. So that's that's how I reached my goal. of getting backlinks Okay, compensate So The affiliates were offered two things. They were all Four to 10% commission Which has mostly been $1 seven Five and at the highest It was $1 Night Before but Wasn't too high because ah 10% is A lot of money for a book Right But actually That's a hype. percentage of the profits of the book Yeah and then I offered any affiliate free copy of the book. No one took me up on this. So there's that. Okay. So how did I hire and decide How to hire I can only hire in the US I couldn't go international which I wanted to. Just to Expand the pool of People so decided by pop relation. I did The 25 most populated US cities. So New York, LA San Francisco, San Jose Seattle. A bunch in Texas Houston, Dallas, Austin, Miami, Phoenix. Arizona. I can't name them all, but there's 25 of them. Believe me, Madison, Wisconsin. Yes. So how did I like what job listings today use you should be Asking yourself right now if you're out asking that question, but it too them. I did marketing Associate and I did sales See at first I had to Sales Associate because I was Like in my mind Sales is like a one on one selling So I had a vision in my head they would like on the internet, they would go door to door to different groups and sell the book. And then I was like, you know It's not going door to door. It's mass selling, which is marketing. So Did Mark unassociated Yeah, so Where were the most From great question So For the different So for market I got 26 applications from New York City That was the most And these Sales Associate 28 application From Washington, DC Yeah, I That's because those are to cities with high populations, so there's more people that would be interested in the job. So how many applications do I get? So 34 no 434 37 applications total from 26 cities and two listings. So I had 50 Two listings in total, and I went through all of them. Yeah, I have looked at people's resumes and sent out a message. It's true every person that applied Yes, so The requirements were have an email address and have a good gumroad account As soon as someone would apply Hey, I would send a message As soon as I saw that someone applied, it's not right away. But, um, the message was say, Have you created a gumroad account yet? And then people would answer and Some about like 100 people this is super annoying. They would ask what is gumroad Yeah, I'm like dude Why don't you do your research It's a requirement for the job. If you want the job you need to do some research. Search right You So I pretty much hired anyone. On that created a gumroad account. And then send me their email. That's why requirement was An email address Cuz I I needed the email Have any one To make them affiliate, an affiliate I needed the email The account Yeah, so hired anyone that created an account sent me an email The reason I did this as because it's a commission In this job I had nothing to lose Like The way I saw The The affiliate Thing This whole thing was that I would up front. We About $2 But in exchange Getting $15 immediately Right so Imagine If I came to you with an investment insane all you need to do. Give me $2 I will give you 15 back That's incredible. Right? Imagine That's fancy. Sick yeah Okay, so Then why my hire affiliates because I'm doing a lot of things. I have a community. I have a podcast. People are interested in what I have to say. Why do I need to hire affiliates? The first reason why I want to to hire affiliates. I believe I've discussed this before, but I wanted to automate the sales process So, instead of me doing all the sales work I had other people do it Bring me sales So yeah A little bit automated delegation, things like that. Next The reason why I hired affiliates is two To get some backlinks wanted to get x Two networks that I didn't have access So we'll look on Meetup group maybe someone in DC ran podcast runs a podcast Meetup group 500 people so If that person happens to find the job listing. They could become an affiliate And use the Our email lists that they Had to sell some books. I wouldn't ever have access to that? But with the jobless scene. I did Online groups I didn't know About so if there's another podcasting group on discourse, the owner of that could sell the book there and then I wanted to automate the content creation for the book. So other people would create content, maybe review it I could refer potential buyers of the book To the affiliate for Okay So what kind of affiliates was I? Looking for what kind of What is I looking for? Yeah, that works. Um, I was looking for board college students Because You know, they could like Take the time in class to Promote the book instead of two That work which is Yeah, I was In college once, that's what I did. I I would go on my phone during the lecture and so on. I was looking for college students that were willing to spam this Social media to like go Through podcasting Facebook group And just post the link and then leave post a link and then leave. So yeah, I was also looking for other podcasts hosts or people just involved in podcasting because they might know other people that would benefit from the book. So yeah results affiliate things Stuff whatever resulted in one book. sale. So yeah, it wasn't Very effective. And I'll talk about why later. It also ended up on Reddit The subreddit our slash worker How because people were made In front of me because in the jobless I put this is more of a side thing than actual job and that that might Hard to recruit people. So Yeah Um, I hired Over 30 feet over 30 affiliates Then because of the hundred people That asked won't go Road was or something about gumroad or how to Make an account created a video showing people how to make an account. That became a top viewed video on my YouTube channel for a couple of weeks. Okay, um mistakes. The first mistake that I made was as soon as I announced the book in May I started to hire people. And then I was in prison. Order mode. And so that would give them less incentive because the book was listed as 999 which would only give them $1 and those Those affiliates kind of forgot about the book. So that was that where people I found people that were interested in selling the book But then they might have forgotten and they didn't do the affiliate work. So yeah, another mistake I made was the commission was too low. So they were only making $1 75 of course. And that was 10%. What I needed to do was Um, I needed to make the commission higher about 25%. Um, or what I could have done was create a separate product that was like a bundle and I have no So that instead of the the book itself because I could charge more for the bundle and that would be higher. Mission even at 10%. So if I saw The bundle for 30 and gave them 10%. There'll be $3 almost double of the commission right? And then I would also find more motivated people. To promote the book and I think that's one of the problems why only made one sale because they weren't as motivated to sell Sell the book because the commission was low. Yeah. And then With more motivated people, they do the research themselves. Ask me less questions they'd figure out what Road was What gumroad is by themselves. But in the end it was never going to be a lot of money because the book is $20 So even at 25% That's only $4 right? So yeah, that sucks. And the last mistake I made was the I'm confusing job description. I I have trouble with copywriting and I saw The job description is copywriting. So it was a little odd I don't think I explained the book well and the job description. So yeah Alright, what I learned, you get what you pay for because If I I offered them a low commission That's what I was paying them. So that's what I was paying for and Yeah, low commission equals low quality work. So, yeah, I got what I paid for. Okay. Thank you Have a nice day. Bye