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building an indie business in the center of venture capital i am alex edmonds also known as supreme rumham on the internet and this is the building and any business podcast all right so uh this is the 78th episode of the podcast and that means i've been doing the podcast for 18 months and so i thought to keep it light for this episode that i would give you interesting data points for the podcast okay first i wanted to mention that the book is now live and not in pre-order so you can go to the link in the show notes um use the pass the discount code baib uh all over cap and get the book for free so if you'd like to read it go get it okay so interesting data points so i'm going to start with the top episodes of the podcast um the first episode with the most downloads i'm gonna go over the top five um the first episode with the most downloads is the dog and web development episode and this this episode um it keeps going back and forth with the build your first idea episode so yeah apparently dogs are very popular who knew and that experiment worked so keep that in mind for your content the um third episode is yeah oh yeah uh the third episode is the coffee and wealth development episode so apparently coffee is very popular uh next is the trailer just because it's the first thing you hear with the podcast and the fifth episode is the one percent rule seems like people are very interested in productivity okay so um another data point that i've learned is that people don't listen on the podcast the very first week they listen weeks later so there was a time where i did not promote the podcast and i would only get 30 downloads in the first week and then a couple weeks later i look at the number of downloads for the podcast for that episode uh sorry i was drinking water and uh what would happen is that that that amount of downloads would grow organically so i would have like 50 downloads for that episode in like two weeks two weeks later yeah so i thought that was interesting the most used app to listen to the podcast is overcast and that is because i use um overcast to promote the episode um lately i've been using google podcast so yeah because i like how google podcasts will show the show notes and the podcast episode description so yeah um i have an average download number of 50 so the average listener amount is 50. um most downloads in one week is 466. yes most downloads in a day is 106. yeah um and one thing about that downloads in a day is that was a day that i was at work so i had not it was just like a tuesday not a monday when the podcast is released or a new episode is released it was just like a tuesday so i had not done any promoting okay um sixty percent of the listeners over sixty percent of the listeners are in france um which is kind of weird not weird but uh yeah that's why uh and every once in a while say hello to all my listeners in france um why this is weird is because i don't really know anyone in france so i don't know how the podcast caught on uh in france so yeah i would like to know though so if you are in france and you i would like to know how you found my podcast so um you can email me supremeramham you could tweet me supreme romham or you could uh message me on telegram supreme romham again okay um 19 of the listeners are in the us which makes sense because that's the area where i am in so people who access every place where i promote the podcast um at 6am when i promote the podcast um my podcast episodes will be the top thing that they see so if they have an interest they'll click on it and that happens every week so i'm surprised that it's not reverse where um sixty percent of the listeners are in the us and nineteen percent of the listeners are in france okay the biggest fan of the podcast is my mother no i'm just joking she doesn't listen in the podcast okay um next thing the longest episode of the podcast is the interview with brendan weinstein um that's about 46 minutes uh the shortest episode is the episode at 3 minutes and 48 seconds um yeah i shouldn't even have done that episode in my opinion because i clearly didn't have enough to say about it but you'll learn so the longest solo episode is the book review of evil by design at uh a little over 26 minutes yeah that book was uh like 500 pages and not 500 pages and a traditional like eight by a letter like eight by eight book um it was my hand like my entire hand could fit on the cover and it was still 500 pages it was insane and i kept going through the book while i was uh doing the episode so yeah that's another reason why that uh episode is so long okay um every podcast episode has been recorded in california specifically in san jose yeah so yeah i don't really have anything else to say about that that's just what it is okay um the next interesting podcast fact is that it took me 12 months um to reach 5000 downloads 53 episodes uh specifically um and it took me four months to go from 5 000 downloads to 10 000 downloads so yeah um i turned 27 episodes of the podcast into a book so yeah the book is basically um a written version of the podcast but i take out some ideas from a podcast episode and i've added some ideas to almost every um episode yeah so there are things that i didn't think about before i recorded that while i was writing the episode i thought about okay um i have scraped two episodes of the podcast and only two episodes um the first episode was taking a break and in this episode i talk about how i'm a little burned out um from doing the podcast and i don't have any ideas but then right before i was about to record i got an idea for the episode for an episode that week instead and i haven't had any problems since um so i don't need that episode i think i even deleted it um okay the second episode that i've scraped is um history of the industry which is in the book so it would be 28 episodes or yes 28 episodes of the podcast would be a book if i didn't scrape this episode i just really didn't like it i was kind of just listing facts of the podcast industry like um george bush had a podcast and he was the first president to have us president to have a podcast um the first podcast was started in 2003 um the first podcast host was libsyn in 2004 so i just didn't really see any value in it it wasn't fun um it wasn't very informative to people it was kind of short and i don't like having short episodes anymore i try to keep them at least 10 minutes and under 30. so yeah um the next fun fact of the podcast is i've edited around two minutes of the entire podcast so i have about 25 hours of audio content and i've only edited two minutes of it probably less than that around two minutes so what i've edited in this podcast is two things i've edited out um water noises so when i go for a drink on occasion it makes a sound into the mic and it just sounds weird i don't like it so i edit it out and then i sometimes will edit out dead air mostly at the end of the podcast when i just don't click the um the button like the stop recording button quick enough just so that i don't have uh on purpose dead air no accidental um dead air all right so last three facts our last two facts um i've done two interviews with the podcast but the rest are solo so yeah and the last fact is i've had zero underwear ad underwear scripts underwear subscription ads which almost a lot of podcasts have have a lot of podcasts have an underwear subscription ad and i'm very proud that this podcast doesn't so yeah all right that's all i have for this episode um i appreciate everyone who's listened to the podcast if you have an interest in starting a podcast there's the open podcast community podcast where if you you record an episode on your own you send me the audio send me what you want in the show notes and i will add it to the open podcast community podcast um rss feed and so you will have the experience of podcasting without going through all the hassle because i've already done that for you okay and there's the open podcast blog where if you would like to write about uh any experience you have in podcasting where you record an episode your first episode for the open podcast community podcast and you want to share your experience doing that i will give you authors access to the open podcast blog and i you you will be able to post it there okay thank you for listening have a nice day bye