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hello and welcome to the building an indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex today I want to discuss my side project open podcast and I wanted to discuss specifically monetization of open podcast I plan to monetize open podcast with sponsorships a job board and selling things I'm gonna give you specific examples of what I plan to sell companies that will potentially use the job board and companies that I will reach out to or be an affiliate of - for the sponsorships okay so let's get into it sponsorships the company or the company types of companies that I will be reaching out to for sponsorships are products that podcasters can use for their podcasts so the companies are the products I'm thinking of right now our podcast hosts so that would be transistor simple cast ellipse and microphone companies so that would be sure other mic companies I don't really know many microphone companies as you can tell recording software so audacity maybe what's that the script that that new product that was on product on recording software or no that's what I just said sorry and podcast networks too so that podcast networks can um promote their podcasts on my platform and so that would be all things comedy Airwolf gamelan Balthazar some examples so another way I plan to monetize open podcast is with my newsletter I want to UM have a newsletter and I've uh I've already talked about the newsletter and so to reiterate because I have new listeners on occasion is I want to do a newsletter that um it gives people the news about the podcasts industry and also gives people news about the open podcast network or not the open podcast website and the people within the community so I will send someone interesting news that I find in the podcasts industry so any new products any company that gets funding stuff like that so a way to monetize the newsletter is allowing one of the sources that I will use for news to sponsor the newsletter and that would be like pod like those types of companies okay so another way I plan to monetize the podcast are open podcast is with podcast ads so I plan to do a community podcast and that would be a podcast that members of the community can host episodes to get a feel for podcasting or boost their profile within the community and I was thinking that maybe I could edit the episode to have ads in the episode to help make money for open podcasts okay so the next way I plan to monetize open podcasts is a job board and so I would reach out to companies in the podcasts industry to host or not to host to have like a to post jobs in the job board so the types of jobs that I was thinking about is like people looking for producers for podcasts or if a podcast hosting company is looking for I don't know another designer or someone in the marketing department they could post in the job board and maybe I could help them find an employee okay so the next way I plan to monetize open podcasts is with a resources page so what I want to do is do like in a frequently asked questions page and list all the products that will help someone start a podcast so microphones recording software other things Oh mic stands things that would help them start a podcast and I will link to the Amazon page for that product and it would be an affiliate link okay so another way I plan to monetize the open podcast website is by selling stuff and really what I want is for companies to pay for to monetize open podcasts but I want to give people the option to support the community so like with the resources page they don't have to go to that link it's just optional for them to click on the affiliate link so by selling something I mean like stickers t-shirts things like that but also consulting and this would be just me so on on the form they can ask they can ask me questions and I won't answer them but maybe they want me to do like a one on one session this is people in the community maybe someone new wants me to help them individually and like video chat with them and walk them through the process of adding their there the podcast to Apple podcast so they could give me some money and I will do it for them or maybe they want me to listen to their podcasts and give them like give them pointers maybe that could be another way to console I don't know I haven't really thought about it much so that's another way and then I also want to put ads on the website so right now I am an affiliate for word transistor FM and so the way I was thinking of using that is by having an ad for transistor on the website and one reason specifically transistor dot F M is because when someone signs up for the service through the link I put it's not just like a one-time payment it's five dollars for every month that person uses the service so it's another way it's a way of creating revenue for recurring revenue for open podcasts so that's another way I've thought of monetizing the website actually that's the last way so yeah there's there's getting companies to pay for it and there's offering things to the the people within the network I don't want people like I said to pay for open podcasts I'd rather have companies do it but yeah okay and that's how you can monetize the community by getting companies to pay for it or having your audience pay for it okay thank you for listening have a nice day if you want to host an episode and be part of the the open podcast community podcast come join the Selig Ram chat I will be happy to help you with that all you have to do is record the episode send me the audio and tell me what you want to put in the show notes and that's it okay thank you for listening have a nice day bye