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hello and welcome to the building and any business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex Edmonds today I wanted to discuss the launch of the open podcast newsletter I want to discuss what is the current form of the newsletter how I promoted the newsletter the future of the newsletter and what inspired me in the current design of the newsletter okay so let's get into it I sent the very first newsletter on January 8th the name of the newsletter is the sound wave and I named it the sound wave because the San Francisco music movement in the 1960s was called the San Francisco sound wave and I listened to a lot of these bands such as fleet what Fleetwood Mac be Grateful Dead Jefferson Airplane so in honor of the San Francisco sound wave I named the podcast the sound wave okay and the current form of the newsletter is I send it out once a week on Wednesday once a week for now and it's three links from the podcasts industry in the past week since I created the newsletter and it's one highlight of a member in the podcast in the open podcast community so it's either a new member of the open podcast community that has a podcast or it's a member of the community that had a new episode so the January 8th episode it contained a link to an announcement on Twitter from the company sub stack and they announced that they will be getting into podcast hosting so if you are starting a podcast and need a host you can check out sub stack the next link was a link that showed you how to add donations to your show notes and this is because podcast players such as overcast they have a button that their their listeners can press and it'll link you or it'll link them to a donation page for the podcast that they're listening to the final link was a link to a blog post from the host of darknet diaries talking about how they grew the podcast in 2019 and what they did and more details and I highlighted the jar and mango minutes and then I wrote a short description of the episode that was most recent for his podcast and I only did three links because I want to keep it short so that people don't get overwhelmed by the amount of content that is in the email list and then or in the newsletter not the email list and then at the end of everything I added a link to the community and a link to the list short and simple how I promoted that the newsletter is I tweeted it out and the reason I tweeted it out because the people that follow the open podcast Twitter account and the telegram account people in the Twitter and the telegram are different people and I want to I want new people to see the newsletter not the core members of the open podcast community so I want to bring people on Twitter to the newsletter okay and why I want to do that is because an email list is more inclusive than telegram and so this is because for the email list all they need is an email to sign up for it and if they want to join the telegram chat they have to create a telegram account so the email list is less steps to join the community yeah so the email are like the set up of the newsletter it was inspired by near aisle and his newsletter and it's very similar looking to the open podcast newsletter I also want our the future okay now I'm gonna talk about the future of the newsletter so the very first thing I need to do to improve with the newsletter is promote it more and promote it better I need to find places to post the newsletter and this is because the purpose of the newsletter is to bring in people to the community and if I don't promote it better then people won't come to the community which the more people in the open podcast community the better okay the way I designed the newsletter well why I used near ALS design is because I want to be able to insert ads into the newsletter or links to promoted to sponsored content and so by having it simply be links and descriptions I could very easily insert a sponsored post into the newsletter so I would like to have someone sponsor the newsletter so I have to find out where to go to find a sponsor for the newsletter the next thing I want to do is I want to add a design I want to add a color to it and add like different very different fonts and colors to the fonts it's because right now the newsletter is just links and basic fonts okay so the next thing I want to add to the newsletter in the future is I want to make it funny in some way I want to figure out how I could add jokes or something so yeah there's that one and then finally what I want to do is I want to only promote open podcast content so if a member of the open podcast community writes an article then I want to be able to promote it on the in the newsletter and then I want to promote maybe like a discussion that the open podcast community had on the forum and that way people in like subscribe to the email list they can see the interesting conversations that we have on the forum and they would join the forum theoretically okay that's it thank you for listening um you can subscribe to the email list or yeah the email list in the show notes it's in there thank you for listening have a nice day bye oh also if you would like to if you are thinking about starting a podcast but you are nervous to start one you can come join the telegram chat and talk with me right now I am starting a open podcast community podcast which will be members of the community hosting a a episode for themselves and this will allow community members who don't have a podcast right now they're able to get the experience of hosting the podcast without all the hassle of setting it up so they don't have to find a host they don't have to promote the episode at all I will do that for them what else uh they yeah they don't have to post their podcast everywhere I've done all that um all anyone has to do is send me the audio and send me the show notes what they want in it and they're done they get the experience and people will find out about them they would gain Twitter followers maybe a link or they will get subscribers to the platforms so yeah if you want to do that come join the Selig Ram chat in the show notes and talk to me about it we can set something up right now the podcast is on released I'm waiting till maybe two three people start and or create an episode for it for it and then it'll be released I'm trying to make it a monthly thing okay thank you for listening have a nice day bye