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hello and welcome to the building and indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex today I wanted to discuss my new idea open podcast I wanted to discuss what it is what it will become and the future of it okay so let's get into it the podcast directory is no more if you notice in the description of the podcast I changed it from building a podcast directory to building a podcast product and this is because I was on the fence about creating a podcast directory and this is because I wanted to help people in either discover more podcasts or podcasters and I don't think that creating another podcast directory is going to help anyone there's so many and I can only bring so much uniqueness to a podcast directory so I plan on working on the podcast telegram chat and that I have already opened podcast with Fajar and I'm going to turn it into more what I want is for it to be a place for people interested in podcasting or podcasters to hang out so the first thing I want to build for open podcast is a forum where people can discuss different podcasting topics like monetization marketing how to improve their podcast the next thing I want to do is I want to have articles that help people so I have been writing several articles about how to start a podcast comparing podcasting to youtubing so I want to write more and have like a basic amount of articles that people can get started so I'm going to write an article about monetization and a few more articles that I think someone interested in podcasting and that doesn't have a lot of experience would off find very valuable okay so the final thing I'm going to build for the website is a chat feature where people can discuss topics in real time and finally what I want to do is I want to make open podcast a brand so I want to host events that I think will help people become interested in podcasting or help podcasters I don't know I haven't really decided on that but uh I will update anyone on any features I have or any other ideas I have on improving open podcasts so if you have any interest in podcasting please come join me in the telegram chat I would love to help you out and discuss podcasting I will put a link in the show notes okay thank you for listening have a nice day if you got any value out of this podcast and you want to help me out in any way I have a patreon page and a buy me a coffee page which I will be using to improve the podcast so if I need any equipment or software I will use the money I get from patreon or buy me a coffee to pay for those things alright thank you for listening have a nice day bye alright so today's joke is a Helvetica and Times New Roman walk into a bar the bartender shouts we don't serve your type okay have a nice day bye