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hello and welcome to the building an indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex Edmonds today I wanted to discuss owning your content and the importance of it owning your content is creating content such as a newsletter blogging or podcasting and not owning your content it's things like social media so I wanted to talk about the importance of owning your content and the disadvantages that you might run into when you own your content okay so let's get into it so one reason why you should own your content is because platforms can take away your content or your account without notifying you and you might not get your account back so some social media platforms have started to delete accounts that don't fit their standard of what someone on their platform should be doing or like the content they should be creating and they can't get the person that they deleted it can't get their account back so that person loses their audience and now they have to start from scratch with growing their audience again this also goes into the fact that platforms won't protect you if advertisers on the platform don't like your content or that like that niche of content then the platform will put the appetite advertisers ahead of that niche of people and they will start deleting those accounts ok another reason why you should own your content is because a platform controls how often and when your audience sees your posts so with algorithms and an algorithmic feed a platform can control when or how often your followers see your content so if if the platform doesn't like the kinds of content that you post and it doesn't fall into like a bad category then um they will just lower your standing in the algorithm and then your followers won't see your posts so for example let's say I open up a flower shop and I'm posting pictures of flowers and saying hey come buy my flowers and then Twitter or a social media platform does a deal or an advertising deal with one of the big flower companies then so this flower company gives Twitter a billion dollars to advertise on that platform Twitter will probably lower my standing in the algorithm so that prevents people from seeing my flowers and then I will sell less flowers and that's nothing I can control if I were to do a newsletter or just yeah a newsletter or a podcast then that won't happen not no one can lower my standing in their algorithm and I can still sell my flowers okay um another reason to own your own content is censorship so as I just said Twitter or social media platforms all of them well delete content that they don't like so one example is I think it was either 2018 or 2019 D phrase learned to code was going around these platforms and some platforms decided that if anyone posted learned to code then they would delete that account so if you own your own content then you decide what things would be deleted and what things would be kept okay so probably the biggest reason why you want to own your own content and yeah avoid platforms or growing your audience on platforms is you can't take your followers with you to the next platform so like you can't take your Twitter audience and add them to Facebook um this is different with blogging newsletters and podcasting at the very elite are blogging and podcasting are based on RSS feeds and you could take that RSS feed and transfer it to the next platform so if I wanted to go from anchor to transistor I can easily do that through my RSS feed the way you do it for I think a mailing list is you download your audience in a CSV file and you could take that CSV file to any mailing platform that you want to okay the next reason to own your content is someone can claim your content as their own and so someone can take a picture or your written content and copy and paste it and then paste it as their own and the social media platforms will not do anything because technically when someone does this they're not really stealing content from you in a way and they're also by doing this they're creating engagement and content for the platform and that's what they want so they won't try to stop people from doing it okay um another big reason why you should own your own content is because consumers change and they have different tastes after a while so for example the if there is a video sharing or no if so let me just use okay so on let's say people love Instagram right now and everyone is on Instagram then like the younger kids I know that they like tik-tok so I would be surprised if any younger person and my family creates an Instagram account and so this goes back to everything I've been saying you can't take your Instagram audience and add it to tick-tock so you have to regrow all of your your audience you could post your videos on your current platforms your tik-tok videos on current platforms but you won't get a hundred percent of your audience to tick-tock and then also your your current audience has to sign up for tick-tock and maybe they don't want to do that so you're gonna lose a good chunk of your audience on platform to platform if you own your content you can since you're not relying on the platform you could tell your audience hey I'm on tick-tock now but you so you tell your audience that you're on tick-tock and some of them will follow you but others will not but it doesn't matter because you're not relying on the platform to grow your audience you're just using it as a tool to grow your audience okay um now the disadvantages that I've noticed from growing an audience by owning your content okay so there's it's very hard to get organic traffic if you own your own content so um for my podcast I it would be very hard for me to have a podcast go viral or get organic traffic because right now I don't have a big audience so they even if they share it a lot it won't catch on as easily okay um another thing I've noticed that is that it is difficult to grow a following because you're not following the masses so um not that many people I'm not I'm not growing my audience on big platforms I'm using podcasting I'm doing a newsletter and sometimes they're difficult to share and they're that they're not big platforms so it'd be different if I was using Twitter which has 300,000 monthly users and to share that content my tweets Twitter all you have to do is click a button to share my podcast episode a listener would have to copy and paste the episode find the person that they have they want to share it with and then yeah that's how they would share it's very different on Facebook or Twitter because to share my Twitter content or Facebook content it's one click okay so basically my point is is that use platforms to grow your audience but don't rely on them because they're unstable and unreliable okay thank you for listening I if you would like to try pop podcasting out I have the open podcast community podcast which is unreleased where you can try out podcasting and any way you want you can interview someone be interviewed do a roundtable with your friends do a solo episode like I'm doing right now send me the audio send me what you want in the show notes and I will post it in the RSS feed of the open podcast community podcast also come join me on telegram hang out with the in the open podcast community and we could discuss things you could get advice about podcasting yeah that's all I have thank you for listening have a nice day bye