supremerumpizza NFTs on Solsea


Building an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds people on the Internet. Call me supremerumham. And this is the building an indie business podcast, recorded in the indie business studio. Okay, so today I'm going to be talking about NF T's, specifically the NF T's, that I have made. So, yeah, I know you're talking about the NF t's on creating what's changed. The quality of them, how I'm starting the project, the problems that I have run into, where I heard about this and what's next for my NFT project. So let's get into it. So, as longtime listeners know, I have been using Photoshop since 2014. At the age of 18, Photoshop was the very first technology I learned in terms of things on the internet and learning how to use it, and that gave me the confidence to learn how to program. Right. So, I use Photoshop, first, to create designs and put them on T shirts. If you want to hear more about that, I talk about it very in very detailed manner. In the E commerce premium report for revenue research, I will put that in the show notes for you buy it, you can hear about my journey in E commerce. Um, yes. So now I am creating NF T's and I have put them on Sol It is on the salon network. I haven't created any NF T's before because I didn't want to MIT, on a theorem network, because it's too expensive, and I was worried. No one would buy anything. And I'm also cheap, right, so I want to save money, but I heard about Selena and soul. And it was very cheap to met on the salon network, right. Um, the SWANA network is faster, it has faster transactions, and they're cheaper. it costs me pennies to MIT, and less than, right. Also, one thing that changed is the quality of my designs. So, um, my photoshop skills have gotten a lot better because I've been watching videos on because I got nervous. I was like, um, are my designs good enough for someone to buy them 4.1 Launa or one SWANA. Let me watch some videos to watch them, you know, get better. So, I was watching videos that, like how to make things glow, how to make things, change the perspective, and make it more like my designs were flat right and I didn't like that so I changed it, I changed their perspective. And I made it look a lot better just by changing the perspective, transforming the layers. Yeah and it looks a lot better. Clearly, obviously I'm going to put things in the show notes so you can check it out. At first, though. Um, I was looking a little bit embarrassed of my flat designs. I was just going to sell them for. Point one salon, which as of September, that's about $10 Right, so I was gonna put them all for $10. But then when I learned perspective layers and layer styles that changed my pizza images. I focus on pizza like making pizza, and like making the backgrounds all trippy, and adding a lot of color. They look 100% Better one image that I made, I put it for three salami. Right. So I'm starting with 15 images. 10 of them have the same exact background. No, it's the same pizza, but they all have different backgrounds, and the backgrounds build off one another. So, the first image. I don't have any background right it's just nothing. The second image is a gray one. Then the third image is a filter. Put on the gray image, And then that third one has another filter. So I think I did, like, like liquefy, and then I did crystallize and I just kept building off the backgrounds. And so that's, that's what it is, um, that's what my collection is, and then I priced it based on how many edits I did to the background. So, the gray background is worth point once Ilana, and then the crystallized background Nova liquify is worth point two, and then the Crystallis is worth point three. Right, so it just builds off one another and then the last one is like once Ilana. Right, so I just thought that was cool. So when you look at the entire collection. You can see that there's like an order, right. Okay. And then I made like five others, and I got into a really good flow, so I just kept distorting it like making the shape, distorting it, and then it just like the pizzas look really good and the backgrounds look really good. So I got into a really good flow, I started to play with Outer Glow patterns, and I tried to make them look really psychedelic, I'm really proud of the other five really really proud because I put a lot of work into them, and they look really good, like one, but the one that's worth three Silvana, is called radioactive pizza. And I made the pizza glow. The pizza itself, the crust and the cheese, and I made it glow, and then I made the pepperonis glow too, right, and it just looks really like someone dropped in on vat of acid and picked it up, Like the colors look really cool. I made them glow. Right. There's another one that I called Mad solar pizza. And it's blue, and it has a. It has yellow in it. It's a, it's a pattern. Right. Um, and I call it mad solo pizza after the kid karate song. Um, and I tried to make that one. Like, it just looks really cool, and when I thought about like, I saw the yellow. And I was listening some kid Cuddy, And I was like, Oh mad solar pizza, that looks really cool. So I'm proud of that. Yeah. Um, so the problems I'm having right now are that. So, Silvana, itself, and the C saucey network are platform slum network saucy platform are very new, right, so I had been waiting for saucy for a couple of weeks, maybe like two to three weeks to, you know, fix their bugs and get online and allow me to put my stuff on there. And it's a very manual process because they haven't added any automation, I had to mint. My collection one by one, but all the information was the same except for the name. So, like what I was expecting was, I met my collection I pick the settings for it. And then I just upload it right away. But that didn't happen. And then because Selena and Sol see are very new. There are more sellers than buyers. So, I have to wait for the saucey network to finish fixing all their bugs, so that they can promote not just my stuff but everyone on the platform. And by getting more people to look at, you know, the artwork, let's say, are the NF T's, um, more people see my stuff, and then be likely to buy it, right. So the more people that look at my stuff, the more likely they are to buy it so I need. Maybe 100 people to see my artwork before someone buys it, right, but I have to get those views, so I promoted the, the project, or my NF T's myself. Right, I put it in the revenue research discord I put it in the telegram group open podcast right. I did it I tweeted it out, but that only gets you so far like I'm not, I'm not very popular, yet, yet. So, I need I need their help. Right, so I have to wait for that. Okay. Um, so, how did I hear about SWANA. So, um, if you know me, I, if you see me on Twitter, I'm always tweeting that some people, different writers. And so, one writer that I read his publication is Paki McCormick, and he has a publication not boring Dotco, and he wrote about Solano, and he said the transactions were cheaper than Aetherium. And I've had these pizza NF T is ready to go for a while, so I figured why not list them and see what happens. Since it's so cheap, right. It doesn't hurt. And if people don't buy them it's not that much of a loss. And if people do like them, maybe I can move to the Assam network and start selling stuff and making money, or making selling them for Aetherium instead of Silvana. No, it did not try. So, what's next. So, um, I, I've minted, some of the other pizzas. But I'm waiting to see if my stuff sells. And if my stuff sells. I will make the other pizzas that I have, then I'm thinking to do an ice cream. So I learned how to make pizza, and with some adjustments, I can make ice cream. So, with ice cream, the pizza and pizza, they both use a triangle for the cone. And so if I just shift the cone of it. I can make pizza, and then I make a circle, right. And then, that the, the ice cream, and then to make it drip on what I do is I smudge the bottom of the ice cream, and that'll make it trip. Same with the pizza actually I do the same thing. I smudge the triangle, not to protect the beginning of pizza little triangle that you eat first. I smudge that a little bit more than I would smudge the ice cream, and then that's how I make the pizza drip right so it looks pretty cool. I've done for some of them. I did for Mad solar pizza but no, I did it for radioactive pizza too. So if you see those two pizzas, that's how I made it drip right, the pizza stretch. I actually, I created a video on YouTube, to show people how I make pizza but I didn't add the smudge portion of it, I just did the triangles in the square and I showed them how to distort it. So, yeah. Another thing that I'm going to do is, I kept the first versions the flat versions of the pizza. So, if my pizza starts to get more more views and some buyers, I might add the throwback additions of the pizza. And then you can also add different types of content so it's not just GIFs, or images, it's audio. Right, so I might do some exclusive podcast content or revenue research content, but we shall see. Okay, that's all I have for this episode, I'll probably do another episode on NF T's, when I have more to talk about. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.