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hello and welcome to building an indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex today I wanted to go over podcast marketing because I posted our I recorded two podcasting episodes and I feel those were pretty successful and people liked hearing about them so I wanted to do another podcasting episode so let's get into it because um I feel like this is gonna be a long episode so I don't want to do a shout out for this episode I have 10 different ways to market your podcasts and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go into create an episode or a podcast from start to finish and I'm gonna walk you through before you have the podcast and then when you have the podcast so for this exercise we're gonna go through how someone can create a podcast about JavaScript okay so the first thing you want to do is you want to create a pre audience okay so you can do this by starting an email list and I have a link that will help you automate your email list that can send out emails automatically to your audience but how you gonna create your audience okay the first thing you can do is create a listener survey on type forum or SurveyMonkey and you asked your potential audience questions you ask them what topics do you want to go over do you want to do they want you to go over react or view or the origins of JavaScript what um what people would you like what they'd like you to interview would do what they like to hear Evan you or someone from the react team or someone that worked at Sun Microsystems the people who created JavaScript yeah let them tell you what exactly what they want so how do you get the survey in front of people to sign up for your email list the first thing you can do is you can go on Reddit and you post the survey on reddit you can post it on learn learn programming learn or learn JavaScript JavaScript react those subreddits you can also go where your potential audience hangs out you can go to stack overflow the free code camp forum places like that and hold on to those two places Reddit and where your potential audience hangs out because I will go back to that okay now that you have done your pre audience and you've created your pre audience now you have your podcasts so for your podcast marketing now that you have your podcast the first thing you want to do is you want to add in the podcast to any podcast directory so oh sorry that's Apple that's Google that's Spotify and all the other random ones like stitcher pod being those smaller ones because people use them and you want to get the maximum audience that you have potential audience that you can okay the next thing you want to do is you want to create a Twitter account for your podcast and what you do on Twitter is use podcasting hashtags to maximize the amount of people that can see on your content on Twitter so you're gonna use hashtag Potter and family hashtag podcasting hashtag technology hashtag web development hashtag JavaScript on every single one of your posts what are you gonna post on Twitter you post a link to your email list so that you can email people the episode when it comes out you're going to post teaser videos like short snippets of your your video or your podcast how are you going to create that video you're going to use headliner dot app and you can create a video a short video based on the exact amount of time that is allowed for video on Twitter okay so the next thing you're going to do is you're going to convert your audio to video so that you can use YouTube as a place to post your podcast and this is exactly what I'm talking about when I say maximize your potential audience you use on on YouTube you're gonna use all the possible hashtags or yeah all the possible hashtags you can to maximize your audience so you're gonna use JavaScript web development react view anything that is related to JavaScript in the description of your video so that people can find your YouTube videos and then subscribe to your podcast okay the next thing you can try is you can try patreon and the same exact thing on YouTube just post the specific audio not a link to the audio and then when in the description of the video you can post a link to the podcast and then use hashtags where they allow you on patron I think they they allow I think five I believe I I'm not entirely sure it's been a while since I've used patreon and when people search something on patreon they'll stumble onto your podcast and that's how you can grow your audience on patreon okay the next thing you can do is have guests and the reason why you want to have to guess is because you can take advantage of their audience so if you have the creator of JavaScript Brendan Eich that's his name I completely forgot it he probably has thousands of followers so um when the podcast is out he can tweet it out to his audience and they could listen to it and they might listen to previous episodes and like those previous episodes and subscribe to your podcast okay so the final thing you can do to market your podcast is right and what you can write about is you summarize each episode you can summarize things you have learned or the main points your guests made while on the podcast and then you do exactly what you did for the podcast you distribute your articles to any possible place that you can so you're gonna try to distribute your articles on free code camp the writing section or their articles section hacker noon you're going to create your own blog and post the articles on Hacker News and any other place that they allow articles on JavaScript okay those are the 10 ideas I have for marketing your podcasts by before you have the podcasts and after you start the podcast if you have an interest in podcasting joining the open podcast community and you can record your own episode of the unreleased open podcast community podcasts you can create the audio and send it to me with these show notes and I will add it to our RSS feed and that way you can get the experience of podcasting without the hassle of setting up a podcast okay thank you for listening have a nice day bye are you listening okay no joke today have a nice day bye