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hello and welcome to the building an indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex today I'm going to be continuing this series of podcasting episodes and talk talking about monetization today I'm going to be talking about the three ways you can monetize a podcast ads selling something or having your listeners pay directly let's get into it ads so there are three types of ads that you can have in a podcast the first one is pre-roll the second one is mineral and the last one is post roll the difference between all three of them is when they when a podcaster will play them so pre-roll is before you start the podcast meta rule is in the middle of your podcast and post roll is after the podcast sentence so based on when you play the ad is how much you will charge or get paid for the ad I don't really have numbers but I know that this is how you charge for the ads you can also do affiliate links so you sign up for something like Amazon affiliate links and then you discuss a product like let's say I'm discussing which microphone I use and a specific product or specific mic company I can put a link to the exact mic I was talking about on Amazon with an affiliate link and then anyone who clicks on it and buys the Bison microphone from my link will be giving me money okay let's move on to self something so another way to monetize a podcast is by selling something and this can be an e-book consulting a course or services and this is one way to keep your podcast ad free while still be still being able to monetize the podcast so for ebook if I were to write a book it could be something about podcasting and I could write about podcasting I could take all my episodes turn it into a book and then sell the book to my audience who prefers written content and that way I'm able to monetize the podcast and yeah for consulting how I can consult is I did give people advice on their podcast I could help them grow their audience help them improve the content other podcast things like that for course I can make a course on podcasting I could record myself setting up a podcast promoting a podcast editing a podcast and helping people start a podcast for services I can physically help people create podcasts by doing it for them and then giving them the password to everything or like I could edit their podcasts for them okay so have users pay directly and you can do this through donations or you can have a private podcast so let's say I closed open podcasts and the only way to get to building an indie business is by paying to become a member of open podcasts and I give them the private our RSS feed URL to the podcast and yeah anyone who pays for open politique ass gets the link that's one way to monetize a private podcast okay so those are the ways you can monetize a podcast through the examples of how I can do it with my community and my podcast thank you for listening I hope you got some value out of this and an understanding of how to monetize your podcast thank you for listening have a nice day bye