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building and then the business in a center of venture capital I'm Alex Edmonds and this is the building that Andy business podcast hello to all my listeners in France and the reason why I say that every day or every stream every podcast episode is because my stats tell me I have a lot of listeners and France okay so this episode is going to be about surveys I'm gonna talking about the goals for your survey how to create a survey the benefits of surveys the problems that you'll run into for a survey how to promote a survey and get people to fill it out the don'ts of the surveys errors on my part and that'll be the end of it okay so let's get into it the goal of a survey is to get to know your listeners what they want to listen to and what they expect from the podcast so how to do a survey you want to make the survey as easy as possible to fill out so you don't want to ask questions that are huge and long writing you want to make them fill and not fill in the blank but uh like multiple-choice easy for them and just click and answer the question so what kind of questions do you want to ask your audience ask them what their favorite episode is and the reason why you want to do this is because you'll get a sense of what type of content they like to hear and if they don't have that answered ask them what they want to hear directly and if it's different from your current content you will be able to figure that out ask them how they thought they found the show the reason you want to ask assets question is because um you have a bunch of places where you promote your content your episodes and so by asking them this question you will find out what is the most effective method for promoting your podcast so if someone tells you or if the majority of the people filling the survey tell you that they found the episode or your podcasts on Twitter then you could promote you could better promote the podcasts on Twitter one or you can stop focusing on other platforms or focus more on other platforms because your twitter strategy is great okay ask them how long they've been listening to the show the reason why you want to do this is so you have a reference of what you need to talk about from the past more so let's say all the people filling out the survey um have just started listening in the past couple of months and let's say you um talk about your background and where you get started how you got started before like what you did before you started podcasting so let's say you created videos on YouTube so if you want to reference that in a future episode explain what your you can explain what types of videos you did and what you did on YouTube because the majority of your listeners they won't know what you're talking about because they're new and they haven't listened to that episode presumably oh okay the next thing you want to ask them is if the show is missing anything production-wise are content wise or anything like that just ask is this show missing anything and the reason you want to do this is because there if people think something in the production is missing this is their chance to tell you and you can easily fix that problem so if someone says oh I think you should have music at the beginning and the end of the podcast adding music is something very simple and if it makes your listeners happy why not just add it okay the next thing you should do for the part the interview sorry I keep trying to my podcast is in my mind I'm trying to say serve it okay the next thing you should do is make every question optional um this is because if they don't want to answer the question if you make the question optional they have the option to skip out on it put the fill in questions at the end and the reason you want to do this is because they're all once they fill out the multiple choice questions um they're already invested in the survey and they're more likely to fill it out at the end because if you put the fill-in questions at the beginning they'll probably want be as invested in it and they might not they'll just exit out of the survey okay and then allow for anonymous submissions so the way you do this is you don't ask for any personal information so for my survey which is in the show notes if you like this podcast or even if you only listen to two seconds of it I would be grateful for your feedback okay so the way you allow for anonymous submissions is you don't ask for any personal information so at the end of my my survey I ask for your email and this is just so if you have interesting information or any interesting feedback I would like to talk to you more and so by putting the email I have a way of getting the contact with you but if you chew who's not to put your email the submission is anonymous okay now benefits one benefit is the survey gives you a chance to find out what your audience wants to hear and by doing that or hearing what they want to hear you can improve the podcast and make a better podcast for your audience which can create more loyal listeners another benefit is that you are involving fans in the production fans listeners and those listeners that are involved in the production of the podcast will become more loyal listeners especially if you listen to their feedback and add it into the podcast ok the final benefit is that you'll hear interesting feedback someone put for what they want to hear from my podcast is they want to hear about my life and what I do outside of the open podcast in this podcast and I thought that was very interesting because I've never even considered having an episode about me cuz I've already done that but they want to hear not so the episode that I've done is about what I've done in the past they want to hear about what I'm doing currently and I never thought to do an episode on that so it was really interesting to hear that feedback alright problems that you'll run into problems okay um one problem is that is the problem that you'll have out of two problems that I have written is getting listeners to fill out the survey so some people listen to your podcast when they are working out or in the car driving and those people can't do two things at once or they can't fill your survey so it'll be a struggle to get people to fill out the survey because they have to be reminded or have another trigger in their mind to fill out the survey and I'll talk about this later choosing questions to ask so the questions that I gave you earlier are questions that I think are great and they will help you improve your podcast um I'll talk about this later in errors on my part but uh there are some questions that provided no value I looked at the answers that I got and I was like okay there's nothing I can do with this information so choosing what questions to ask can be a problem okay I'm getting the survey filled out okay so how do you get people to fill out the survey so that you get their feedback um one way I did this as I put it in the show notes I put it in a show notes so that people that read the show notes and are very interested in the podcast they can just click on the link and fill the survey another way you can get the survey filled out is social media so you can tweet about it ask people to retweet it yeah you can promote it on social media and get people to fill it up okay promote the survey with the episode so the way I promote my podcast is I have the title the episode plus ba IB podcast in the title of wherever I'm promoting it then I have the show notes then I have a link to the podcast and so when I was promoting the survey I would have a link to the survey right under the link to the episode so that's how some people found the survey another thing you can do is you have this very powerful medium which the people interested in your podcasts will hear what is that medium your podcast so what you can do and what I did was I announce that I have a survey for the podcast on the podcast and some people heard about this and they fill out the survey which was in the show notes so they could easily find it once they had the desire to fill it out okay um another thing that I did to get the survey filled out is I personally asked some people that I knew were my big fans of the podcast I asked them to fill it out and I got some people to fill it out when I asked them personally yeah because I've built a relationship with them and they are invested in the success of my podcasts and my success personally okay um one thing that I did or that I thought of doing but I didn't actually do it is you can offer an incentive to fill out the survey so this can be anything from stickers a podcast shout out things of that nature um it does you don't have to spend money but it would give them more reason to fill out the survey okay now things you don't want to do when creating a survey don't ask for too much personal information don't ask them where they live don't ask them for their mother's maiden name this it's just not cool there's no reason for it the only thing I asked for was the email it's too invasive to ask for too much personal information okay another thing you don't want to do is expect people to fill it out right away so regularly announce it for a couple weeks maybe like a month like I said people need to be it people have to have the mindset to fill it out so if people listen to your podcast in the car working out they're not gonna fill it out right away because they're doing something else while they listen to your podcast so you can remind them by asking them personally promoting it on social media so when they're scrolling on social media they might have more desire to fill it out than when they're working out that rhymed a bit okay um finally the final thing that you shouldn't do is make it super long it's less incentivizing if you're asking people on the first question to write in an essay for your podcast and they're doing you a favor by filling out so don't waste their time okay errors on my part that I did when filling out or creating the survey I have a couple wasted questions and I'll talk about what I should have done or questions I should have asked so two wasted questions I asked are you willing to join a community for Bai be listeners dude I already have a community open podcast I can simply just invite people to open podcasts and that's basically a community of listeners of my listeners right so I didn't need to ask that question I guess when did you listen and this question is like I chose in the car and the gym stuff like that I've been talking about that in this episode so um yeah I don't think I needed to ask that question I think I could have asked a different question speaking of different questions I should have asked I should have asked where they are in the podcasting stage so are they currently recording the first episode had they've been podcasting for three months a year stuff like that and the reason why I should have asked this is because I run open podcast and the main target for people in open podcast or like new members is people that are new to podcasting so that I can help them out and by knowing this I would be able to carry my content around what stage the majority of my listeners for the podcast are in so if people have been podcast the majority of my listeners have been podcasting for six months um they don't need to hear about what equipment I use so yeah I could create my content better um finally what I should have asked is if they know about open podcast everything I do is to promote open podcast and so by asking about if they know about open podcast that's clarification and basically an invitation to open podcast and so yeah that's why I should have asked that question okay thank you for listening have a nice day if you are interested in writing about podcasting or your podcast experience join the telegram chat there's a link in the show notes talk to me and you can have your your content your blog post on the open podcast blog and if you are not yet a podcaster but and you want to get the experience of podcasting you can have an episode on the open podcast community podcast come talk to me all you need to do is send me the audio file and the show notes and I will add it to the podcast okay bye