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building an indie business in the center of venture capital I am Alex Edmonds also known as supremerumham on the internet and this is the building and indie business podcast okay today I will be discussing p2p swaps and what is p2p swaps it's about podcasts a podcast promotions but first I wanted to talk about my book what is my book it is a bring dump of everything I've learned about podcasting in in written form so a lot of the episodes that I've done will be in the book what makes the book different from the podcast I have added extra content so there are things that I didn't think about while I was recording or outlining the episode and those things are in the book so you get extra content bonus content if you will if you have an interest in having a written version of my podcast the link to the book is in the show notes so you can order it right now okay now on to the episode so what is p2p promotions it is podcast pod pack podcasts the podcast promotions so you're promoting your podcast or promoting someone else's podcasts on your podcast and someone else is promoting your podcasts on their podcast okay there are four different kinds of promotions promotions that you can do the first promotion is have a host of another podcast as a guest on your podcast and then you have them discuss their podcast okay so another type of swap or promotion is the add an episode of their podcast to your excess feed so what this is is you receive an episode of their podcast you maybe say you you edit it a little bit you say hey this is this is a podcast episode that's from this podcast enjoy and that way use our listeners know that this is a different podcast okay so the third way is you can add a snippet of their podcast to your episode and play that right before you get into your content so you can add maybe a snippet of a host explaining their podcast or someone else reviewing their podcast so that way listeners will hear that right before your podcast episode okay the final type of swap that you can do is you can talk about their a hosts podcast on your podcast just simply talk about it talk about what it's about what you like about it things like that okay how can you find another host to swap with okay the first place you can look is the open podcast forum where there's a category to find people to swap with the category is called promotional swap so you list what your podcast is about and then if someone is interested in swapping with you and has a similar category they can say hey let's swap okay so the second way is you can email hosts so if you listen to podcasts that are similar to yours you can email that host and say hey I have a similar podcast with a similar content with similar content we should do a promotional swap and then if they say yes you do it if they say no you move on okay the next and final way that you can find a host to swap with is ask your audience say hey is there a podcast that you guys like that is similar to mine and when they give you those answers you can you have you now have a list of podcasts that are similar to yours that you can contact the hosts and see if they want to do a swap okay tips the first tip is that the metrics are measured by month they're measured monthly so you only really need an episode in your RSS feed for one month so after one month you can delete that episode and you want to do this because someone new stumbling onto your podcasts might be confused by the different episode in your RSS feed okay um the next tip is invite the host that you're swapping with to engage with your community before and after the episode okay so if you've been following this podcast for a while and you now have started your podcast then you have a community for your podcast to hangout for your podcast listeners to hang out in and so you can invite the host to engage with your community and then after the episode your community can then ask the host questions about the podcast or information that they gave during the podcast okay so um you the next tip is that you want to make it clear that the episode is someone else's and the way you do this is by saying hey or well you add audio to the episode that they and you and then you say hey this is a different podcast enjoy that way it's a very first thing they hear before the episode even and they know it's a different podcast okay if your swaps are getting lower amounts of listens then your regular episodes stop doing them because that means your audience does not want to hear different podcasts from someone else okay the final tip is have a standard episode ready to swap and what I would what else I would suggest is that you have maybe your best episode ready to swap so that this new audience is hearing you at your best okay now on to benefits the first benefit that I would say is that your podcast is being heard by a different audience with similar interests so that means that these the audience that is here in your podcast is more likely to convert than a people in a different place that don't listen to podcasts or don't listen to don't have any similar interests than your podcast listeners now okay the next benefit is networking and what I mean by this is that you're getting to know a podcast host that has similar content to you so you're basically getting to know more people in your industry and that way if you need advice or you need help promoting something other than your podcast then you could ask them you can be like hey can you help me promote this have you ever been in this situation so yeah that's great another great benefit is that for the week that you have the different episode that's a week that you can take off and you don't have to create content which i think is great okay another benefit is that assuming you do it free then for free then you're getting free publicity and free traffic to your podcast which i think is great okay backlinks when someone has a podcast that podcast gets put on a lot of players and those players they go on Google and so having your podcast in their show notes increases your backlinks and makes your podcast more reliable or trustworthy to Google so when someone Google's your podcast it'll be more likely to show up on the first page of Google which will get you more clicks okay last thing the last benefit is that there are many podcasts to swap with so they're a million podcasts as of right now and so there's not just like four or five podcasts that you can swap with there are thousands so yeah if you keep reaching out to people someone will say hey I'm willing to swap with you okay all right now on to the don'ts of p2p swaps the first don't is you don't want to swap too many times in a row because what was I gonna say oh yeah that's that's gonna be like a stretch of podcasts episodes that aren't yours and so when someone stumbles onto your podcast they'll think that those different episodes or yours and if they don't like those episodes then we'll stop listening to your podcast or they won't subscribe to your podcast which is unfortunate okay the second and final don't is don't go too much out of your own category in terms of the podcaster swapping with I'm staying a similar category so for me I I probably wouldn't do like a venture-backed podcast category or not category but like a podcast that is talking about like venture backed companies because I'm talking about an indie business a bootstrapped company podcast so I'd stick to like the indie bootstrapper category I also wouldn't do like a swimming part cast because I don't know how many swimmers are interested in bootstrapping or indie business things okay the next topic I'm gonna discuss is on the disadvantages so the first disadvantage that I thought about is that you have to trust someone else to help you out so when you send them your audio you have to trust that they're going to put your audio in their RSS feed and they might wait for you to do it for them and then not do it for you so you have to trust that they're going to do it which they might be a stranger so you never know okay the final are not the flame of disadvantage the next disadvantage is that that podcast but they're they're episode the way they structure their episode it might not flow with your podcast and your content and that would create some some problems with your listeners when they go from your structure to the new podcast that's different that back to your structure it might be confusing to listeners and they might listen stop listening sorry okay um another disadvantage is that your audience might not like the fact that you're swapping or the episode that you're swapping with the podcast you're swapping with and for that reason they might not like your podcast anymore or listen your podcast so you lose listeners because you're swapping but also they might make up for it the people coming in from the other the other podcasts they might make up for the fact that people are leaving because of your podcast because of your swap you know what I mean so yeah that might be a problem but also might not be a problem I don't know these are the things I think about okay um second to last penultimate disadvantage is that people might attack you on life and this is a long shot but I thought about it um so you might say something that they don't like in that episode that you send out so they might I don't know they might attack you they might make fun of you they might try to cancel you I don't know I don't really see the cancelling happening happening because like for me I'm not that big of a person or I don't have a big audience so you can't really cancel me you know what I mean I think you know what I mean okay okay any final disadvantage and the last thing I'm going to talk about is that some of the types of swaps are not scalable so you can only have so many hosts as a guest and you can only have so many snippets and you can only talk so many podcasts at once the only really scalable thing is you sending out your episode for other people's RSS feed but then to different people but having a lot of episodes as I've already discussed is not scalable okay that's it for now thank you for listening if you would like to host your own podcast episode to get a feel about podcasting talk to me hit me up on Twitter supreme rum ham telegram same thing email me supreme rum ham at and you could do an episode of the open podcast community podcast and if you would like to write about your experience podcasting there's the open podcast blog blog dot open podcast XYZ and we can I can add your your pot or your article your blog posts to the open podcast blog okay thank you for listening have a nice day bye