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building an indie business in the center of venture capital I am Alex Edmonds and this is building an indie business podcast okay let's get into it today I'm gonna be going over my workflow I'm gonna be talking about what tools I use to to record the podcast and produce the podcast what are you talking about the tools I use that are related to the podcast but you don't necessarily need them things that I use to do extra stuff for the podcast like developed a survey the newsletter that I have for it right now not the newsletter but the thing I send emails with for the survey not for the survey for the podcast okay so what's gonna do it the first thing I do for the podcast for the first service is I take notes so I outline the episode and I use simple Memphis I want to make it clear that this podcast episode is not sponsored so I'm about to be mentioning a lot of services so it's not sponsored for that reason okay that's not why I'm doing it all right so the second thing I need to do after I take my notes as I need to record the podcast and for recording I use audacity um this is an open-source project it's free you can also use GarageBand for Mac but if you have a Windows device I would go with audacity it's very simple to use I have a tutorial how to start a very basic tutorial for people so you can check that out on my youtube channel oh if I remember I'll put it in the show notes okay so once I'm done recording the podcast I turn the audio file that audacity has given me and I turn that into a video file I do this because I want to put the audio on YouTube and allow people to listen to it on YouTube so the headliner dot app helps me do that I record the podcast with a fee fine Mike fi fi ne and then I have a mic stand a generic one that I bought on Amazon to help me not have to adjust the mic okay for live streams I use stream lapse I used to use OBS but then I was having some problems and now I use dream labs obvious it's very good check it out so with stream labs you can only record or you can only stream to one platform and to allow me to stream to multiple platforms I use stream labs just restream diet sorry so restream allows me to stream on Twitter twitch and YouTube all at the same time it's great for creating the transcript of the podcast I use YouTube so with YouTube if you look into the like the editor section of the video it comes up with a transcript for the video or ya for the video I take it take the file I edit everything that's wrong with it and I have these transcripts I don't really know where to put them but if someone asked me for the transcript I will send them the transcript of the episode okay now everything is done for the podcast now I have to do everything for the live episode okay so for for listening to the podcast I use over stun FM and the reason I use overcast is because it's built by one guy Marco and so I want to support another indie maker I listened to the episode on the app which is only available on web and iOS then overcast has a feature where I can take little snippets of the podcast and turn it into a video file for social media so on like Twitter which is my main promotion platform I you're allowed to have a video for 2 minutes 2 minutes and so I create that video on overcast and I frequently forget to do this I think I've only done it like 3 or 4 times out of 50 episodes so yeah so I forgot to mention that I use transistor dot F M for hosting so what is a podcast host a podcast host allows you to upload your audio to the platform and then it'll it'll host your files so that you can distribute your audio with an RSS feed to all the podcast players Apple Google Spotify so through the RSS feed people can listen to your podcast and transistor FM allows you to gives you an RSS feed okay now that your podcast is up and running you need to promote it so like I said I use Twitter and I do it through videos or I just I also do a tweet storm so I'll I'll take my notes that I've made the bullet points and I'll do a tweet storm with the bullet points okay the other services that I've used for the podcast I've created a survey for the podcast and the service I use for on the survey is type form so type form allows you to create free surveys and the free surveys allow you to have 10 questions you could have multiple choice you could have right in you could have true or false and a bunch of others that I can't even remember but I used those three type of questions for my podcast survey for the landing page that I created for the podcast I used pork bun to buy the domain and then I used firebase to host the website now in the podcasting universe or industry I am considered technical or very technical and so if you don't know how to spin up your own website and do all the HTML and CSS then you can use something like WordPress or Squarespace to create the website and it's just drag-and-drop and then you could buy the domain with WordPress or Squarespace I think they charge you a monthly though and 4ba I be - podcast comm which is the landing page that I created that is just a one-time I think it was like three dollars which is really good for a dot-com domain and then I also send people a summary of my podcast episodes every week and I use MailChimp for this this action not a good word but okay oh so yeah I use MailChimp to collect the emails I use MailChimp to send out the emails and the way I do this is I MailChimp allows me to automate the email so I set it up and oh wait I I connect my RSS feed for the podcast to MailChimp then I set up the email I design it I structure it I style it and then I every time a new episode is added to the RSS feed it sends out the email whenever I want it to okay it's a great service for someone who has a small audience okay finally I use buy me coffee to solicit donations and other things like that if people want to give me money that's the one I use I use buy me a coffee for two reasons one a jar kept telling me to use buy me a coffee instead of patreon and so I just made a buy me a coffee the reason why I've decided to use buy me coffee as my preferred donation platform is because um on buy me coffee you can earn people who want to donate can donate just once and that's it on another platform like patreon you have to become a subscriber and constantly give the person money which I don't really like it's a lot of hassle and then also on buy me a coffee um you can just do it you don't have to create an account which is the exact I think you need to do to give someone money on patreon so yeah those are all the services I use to run my podcast if you have any questions reach out to me I can help you with anything if you want to host an episode of the open podcast community podcast reach out to me we will talk about it all you need to do is record the episode or and send me what you want in the show notes if you want to want to write an article for the open podcast blog also reach out to me and I'll help you with that I'll create an account for you and you can have your blog post or write as many blog posts as you want okay thank you for listening have a nice day bye