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building an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds, also known as supremerumham on the internet. And this is a building in the business podcast. Okay. So today we're gonna be talking about, I'm the product top launch for what's the deal with podcasting. I'm going to be talking about the goals I had for the preparation I did. How I livestream the event. How I promoted the arm, launch the results, some issues I had why I think those issues occurred. And, yeah, that's about it. Okay, so let's get into it. My goals for the product launch. So, I'm at my previous product launch my goals were to get subscribers in the form of email subscribers and podcast, subscribers. I'm so, um, for the book launch it's a little different because I was asking for money immediately up front. And so, I think, the product taught crowd. Not many people are willing to give out some money, and that might that may have led to some problems. Okay, so my goals were to get sales and to get domain authority for the open podcasts on XYZ website. Um, so about sales. I gave a discount code to product type, people offering the book for 999. And this is a discount from 1750, which is the original price. So, I wanted to take the opportunity to test out pricing and to see if the pricing has been a problem because 1754 book in ebook especially might be a little too expensive for some people, if they don't see the way I see the book. Because the way I see the book is you're investing 1750 into starting a podcast, which would get you money. Like, if you have an ebook for $10 and four people buy the ebook because you do four episodes, then you've made that money back. Right. But if you're just doing it casually, and trying to learn how to podcast, then, um, $17 might be a lot of money. So yeah, I used it to test out pricing. And then the second goal I had was domain authority. I wanted to arm, our Product Hunt is a website that has a high domain authority I think it's like in the 90s. And so, I wanted to launch on product on with the open podcast dot XYZ domain to get the domain authority from, um, what do you call it from product. Um, yeah. So, in terms of domain authority. I destroyed the custom form. Rip. Um, I, yeah, I had to, because I couldn't figure out how to do. Um, another like another way to add domain authority to not add domain authority to add the landing page that I created to the domain without like adding another layer. And, um, yeah, I just since no one's using the form. It's really slow. And it adds a layer to every thing I add to the domain. I just decided to put my landing page on there so right now if you look at open podcasts on XYZ, if you go to that URL. Um, you'll see the landing page. Um, yeah. And so another way to get another effect of product is that people syndicate. I guess is the word, the products that are on that page are like that are posted there. And so, those URLs have domain authority as well. And the open podcast site XYZ domain would benefit from those syndications, and I'm talking about this a little more because it actually happened. Um, so preparation. Um, I created a graphic to fit. Um, product types. weird image standards, their image arm qualifications or like to fit their requirements. It's like, like 738, by 638. It's something weird like that it's not standard. So I have to go. Every time I do a product launch I have to create images like special for product on which I find really annoying. And that's why if you look at all my product launches the images are very simple. They're like, just words and text there's no graphics or anything. Or like, um, stuff that pops out, like, what the supreme ram ham or the ROM ham logo the blue one, where it's like the images or like the text styling. Yeah, I didn't add that one to the product launch. Okay. The other preparation is I wrote copy. Because you have to comment on on a product launch like as the maker. And so I had to write that out. Um, I had Brendan listed. Instead of me because he has a. He's very involved in the product community. So he has a lot of people following him for his suggestions. And so I let him list it for me instead of me doing it myself. Um, I created a YouTube trailer for Product Hunt, so that could, we could link to that video in the product launch. Um, yeah, I also did this for YouTube. Just so anyone who's looking at like podcasts in ebook or searching for that on YouTube. That would that my trailer would pop up, so yeah. And then I created a landing page as well. For the landing page. I actually learned CSS Grid for the landing page. Um, so that was pretty cool. Basically what I did was I summarized the gumroad page. I took all. I took the copy from the gumroad page and I put it on the landing page itself, but at the very top. I put a button to the gumroad page and difference between my landing page and embedding the gumroad page on my domain, the website. Was that gumroad is super slow. And so by just having a button to it. Um, it would be faster because it would take more time to load, and with my custom code, it was just reading it. It popped up, you read it, and then you clicked in there. And then the navbar was, I added links to the forum, the blog. The email subscription form. And it wasn't slow. So that was great. And I learned CSS Grid so that was cool. Okay. And then I live streaming the watch. And this was a very. Yeah, this was very deliberate. I did this because, oh yeah I did it so that people. As soon as I launched I could send them. The, the, the link to the, the product launch and they could like it right away. So immediately as soon as I got the link, what I did was I. I sent it through the chat. And I'm. I just went. I went Twitch, LinkedIn, on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube LinkedIn, and so that way anyone watching could just immediately click on it and go to it. And so I created an event bright page for the launch inviting people. I sold 15 tickets. So that was cool. I don't think anyone showed up. Like anyone from there, because they didn't say hey, I'm from Eventbrite on the stream. And the reason why I wanted to stream the product on launch is because when I, when I went from, what do you call it, when I went from when I went from the, Like, release the book. Oh, so for the release of the book. I didn't, I did a launch right, I did. I'm pushing the big red button. And the reason why I didn't create an event bright for that launch was because it didn't really lead to anything I just click the button right from pre, pre order to life. And so, um, I wanted the launch, or the stream to lead to something and that something was the product on launch. Right. And so I'm actually I started the stream at like 1030. And during this time, I was trying to like right before this, I was trying to create GIF. And the the video I was following, and I've done it before. It's a minute long, so I'm like okay, I'll start doing this, and then I'll push the button to actually start streaming. But then it took me like, um, it took me more than five minutes to create the GIF. And so I ended up being late. So I started streaming at like 1045. And I would just like go into it. Yeah, I would just go into it and people would be coming in at the stream. As I've already been streaming for 45 minutes. Um, and, yeah, that didn't happen because I couldn't figure out how to make the GIF it. I remember I started streaming at 1135 so I was five minutes late. Because I thought creating the gift was easy. Um, yeah. And another reason I created the Eventbrite arm was to get domain authority and have that free traffic to the book. So, on the Eventbrite page I linked to the podcast, and I linked to the book. Yeah. And then I was hoping that my event price would get a lot of views and people might click on the book and like, buy the book, but that didn't happen I don't even think I got domain authority. Um, okay. So once I launched on product on. I had to promote the product on launch. I promoted in slack. The three slack communities I'm involved in that, the maker log community, the arm, the makers kitchen community, and web dev collective. And so I just put a link. I didn't even say anything. I wasn't like hey I'm watching I just put a link. I did the same thing in telegram maker log. And the open podcast telegram groups on Twitter. I tweeted about it, maker log. I created a task out of it. I promoted it on Reddit, but I messed it up. Because I also promoted the launch as a milestone on indie ackers. And so I did that right before I promoted it on Reddit, And I accidentally promoted the milestone. I'm linked link on Reddit, instead of the actual product launch on the next thing I did was I emailed on every person that has downloaded the BI ba IB workflow arm, and I said, Hey, I'm offering the book at a special discount of $10. Um, because, you know, the workflow doc is a lead magnet for the book so I'm like hey, let me take advantage and offer these people the discount code. Okay. And then, like, two weeks later, I fit like, no, like like a week later, I emailed all the event bright people. And I was like, Hey, thanks for showing up. You can still get the book at the 999 discount. Yeah. Okay. So, results. Okay, I got 33 up votes. 62 page views. Um, seven comments seven comments. Okay. Two reviews. I didn't finish in the top 20. I got zero sales. Less than 10. gumroad views. So, like, less than 10 people, of those 62 people, less than 10 people actually click the button to the gumroad page. Um, yeah. So, when I talked about syndication. I'm like, Ah, what happened was that for a while. The launch was in the top 10, like I said, up till 2am. And that entire time it was in the top 10, it was like the 10th product 10th or 11th. And so one of those syndications that I was talking about that takes products from product on and post it on their own website. Um, it did that, I ended up getting on use, and a lot of traffic came from there. And I got, I think I got domain authority from them as well. So that was cool. But yeah, no one bought it. So that sucks. So, yeah, I think there are some reasons why. Or like, yeah, I have some theories, and I'm going to go over that. The only benefit of these batteries olts, is that when you launch on product on, you get a bunch of spam like when I was in the top 10. I got an email like within the first two to three hours. And so what happens on Product Hunt is that you're on the front page for a week because they go like Monday, they'll show the Monday launchers, they'll show the Tuesday launches, for sure the launches for the week. And so, those people will dm you on Twitter, they'll hit you up on LinkedIn, it's all this spam. So, when you don't have a popular product, you don't get that spam. So that was good, at least. Dude, even recently, I got, um, someone messaged me on LinkedIn, because I commented on someone's successful launch, like, dude, really, no. All right. So, um, some issues that I thought were the reason why the launch wasn't so successful. The first one was that I'm linking to the launch arm. Okay, so the first one is that on the website. The button said, buy for 1750 instead of 999. That's a simple change I could have made. But I just thought, just leave it 17 or 1715 people will understand that you have to put the code in. But, I don't know, I should have made it simpler for them, because people are Oh my god. Yeah, so the second issue that I think was the reason my launch wasn't so successful. Um, is because the community ties were very strong on for the podcast product launch. And I don't think the same ties were there when I launched the book. So, I'm not very active in the telegram group. I use the forum the open podcast telegram group. I use the forum more than anything else. Um, yeah. So, like, I don't think harden. I think two people Jameson per deep arm commented, and that was about it. Maybe someone else. Oh, Brendan did. Yeah. So that was it. There weren't many like for the product on launch, or for the podcast launch a bunch of people from maker log commented, because I posted it there and they saw it. So the problem with maker log at this point is that the community is split arm. They, they split the group up into telegram and slack. And there are people that aren't focusing on either. Or like their time is split. So, if my arm. My. Like if the very strong people are in arm and slack instead of telegram. Then I'm okay. So, what I mean is that like telegram no slack has like channels. Right. And so I posted it on the launch channel, and that that channel will light up. Every time someone logs into slack and they will click on it to get rid of that notification, and they'll see my launch right. But on telegram. The, the conversation will just flow naturally. And it might launch will disappear when there's conversation, unless it's pinned, right. So, um, like maybe the slack people saw it, and the telegram people didn't, I don't know, but it, the amount of visits and upvotes that I got suffered because of it. and here's why. What you need to do is you need to arm for a product launch. You need your community, to lift you up so that other people will see you first. So you want to get in the top 20 arm at the very beginning of the launch. By having your friends, upload it and like it and comment. And that way, that'll lead. That'll put you in the top 20, and then anyone who visits product will see that you're in the top 20, and is more likely to click on your product on launch and upload it and visit, things like that. All right. The last issue, not the last issue but another thing I didn't do is I didn't really tell anyone. I was launching. I just launched, right. so I need to build anticipation and tell people it was launching. Alright, so the problem with the landing page. Was that, um, I don't think my copywriting is clear, like, what I do is I just list all the chapters in the book. And then I have a little like a little headline at the end, and I don't think that's very convention convincing. It says, Get an 18 month arm podcasting education in a few hours. So that's my tagline for the book. And then I say, like this book includes 100 pages podcasts in advice. You got a dark mode edition. And something else. I don't think this is very convincing coffee, copy, I have problems with writing persuasively. Okay. Yeah, so this this copy may have been too overwhelming for people I think I need to cut it down in some way. And then the buttons said 1750 and not 999. So that may have confused, some people. Yeah, I just think in general that I'm targeting the wrong people. Like the product. Some people may have not been interested in podcasting, like the podcasting market is very small. And I'm struggling with this right now. So there are only 1.2 million podcasts right now on Apple podcasts, I believe, as of, what's today. On September, 10. I'm 2020. Okay, make it evergreen. Um, who knows how many of those people are actually active podcasters because an active podcast is a podcast that as I'm that has launched at we've released an episode in a month. Right. So, not many have, like, a lot of them have six episodes, or less, less than six episodes, and those are still considered a podcast, but they're not active So, let's say, um, let's say 500 um 500,000 of those are active, right. That's 40%. And so, I have to find those 500 people, 500,000 people to buy the book. And then also, who knows if they need the book right. So that's an even smaller percentage. Yeah. So, Yeah, my next target audience would be people interested in podcasting, but then how do you find those people. Yeah, I just, I'm having problems right now wondering if the podcasting market is worth it because it, there's only 1.2 million right now. And I don't know many people who are like, I don't know where there's a group of people that are like should I start a podcast right now. I need to find those people, but I don't know if they are there because I talked to people about starting a podcast and they're like, you know, it's too much equipment like you need to carry it around with you, and these are people that travel right so yeah I'm starting to have doubts about the podcasting industry, and I might need to move on from the podcasting industry like targeting the podcasting industry, I will always have a podcast. Um, yeah, but that's me. Okay. All right. Um, that's all I have for this episode. Um, if you are interested in starting a podcast speaking of podcasting. There's the open podcast community podcast where. Um, I post community episodes. So, send me your audio, send me what you want, shownotes, now we'll put it in that RSS feed. I'm looking for writers, for the open podcast community blog. If you want to write about podcasting. I can give you authors access, and then you can post about your, your podcasting article and get people to get. I will promote it right so you will get different people to see your stuff and maybe become your subscriber. Okay. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.