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building an indie business in the center of venture capital i am alex edmonds also known as supremerumham on the internet and this is the building and indie business podcast okay so today i'm going to be going over what i did to promote the book i have a bunch of things that i did uh i might go over some of them individually and expand on them more but this is a quick summary of what i did um and i might talk about why i did it uh if not i'll have an episode on it okay so let's get into it the first thing i did to promote the book i hired affiliates on and the reason why i wanted to hire affiliates is because there are people that have a different audience or no other people that i don't have access to and they would be able to promote the book uh to them so um i created uh job listings on in every major city in the us and i specifically said i was like hey this isn't a job this is more of a um side gig so yeah and then the affiliates got 10 of each sale so for the launch price that would be a dollar 75 uh per sale so um what i mean by places that i can't get to is so um let's say in dc someone has a they run a podcasting meetup group so that person would have the email of every person interested in podcasting um in dc or at least the people willing to attend the events so if that's three four hundred people they could email all of those people and say hey this guy has a book um if you haven't started your podcast and you want advice um read this book and then those people would purchase the book that's access that i wouldn't have because i don't live in dc and i'm not a part of that group okay so the next thing i did was i embedded the gum road page on the blog um and the reason why i did this is because that would make um every book promotion a promotion of the blog as well so uh when i posted the um link to the book on twitter and someone clicked on that link when they were done looking at the book they could go see the other blog posts or uh go to the forum from that blog post so it added more of a promotion to everything instead of just having the gum road page and promoting the book okay um another thing i did was i took every chapter not every chapter yeah every chapter let's just say every chapter i'll talk about why it's not every chapter later um so every chapter i took that i took them separately and i turned them into a blog post and then i would promote the blog post on indie hackers on linkedin on dev2 on barnacles on angel list on reddit and hacker news and so that way um more people would see my content and they if they really liked my writing they would buy the book and then also um no i'll talk about that later okay so then i added another thing i did was i added a link to the book on the forums faq which i created okay so the reason why i did this is because a lot of people um see the forum posts because i promote the forum post and i tweet it out and i share it in other places and so when people stumbled onto the forum and they saw the pinned faq they could go to the bottom and see the book and maybe buy the book okay um seo search engine optimization and i will definitely do an episode on this um so i wanted or yeah i wanted organic traffic to the book and that's what a higher seo score would bring me organic traffic so i added meta tags to the blog every blog post and that way when someone uh searched how to interview a podcast guest um it would bring them to my blog or the open podcast blog not my blog and then um they would get a promotion for the book uh at the bottom of the blog post and maybe if they liked the writing they would buy the book okay um backlinks this is i'm still talking about seo so uh an important factor in uh seo is backlinks and what are backlinks backlinks are other websites that link back to your website so um you need a high domain authority to make it worth it or the website linking back to your um your website should or needs to have a high domain authority for um for the backlink to be worth it so you wanna post it on uh places like twitter um places like uh maker log and so that way by back linking you'll get a higher domain authority and that'll increase your seo and you will get more organic traffic from people googling uh topics related to your content uh okay so the next thing that i did to promote the book is i live streamed a lot so uh of course i live streamed a lot of episodes for the podcast itself and then i live streamed the launch of the book um i live streamed the what's the word i'm looking for oh the release of the book so when i went from pre-orders to on sale i live streamed that i caught it pushing the big red button and then i live streamed the um product hunt launch of the book which i will do an episode on in the future um okay so i answered questions on cora as well um also for backlinks to create backlinks to the book and then every time i answered a podcasting question i said hey um read more about this topic in my book so i promoted the book that way too okay twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter sorry for wasting your time um as you know i'm a big fan of twitter so i promoted the book a lot on twitter um okay so i did multiple things to promote the book on twitter okay the first thing i did was after i finished writing a chapter i would take a screenshot of that chapter give a little preview of it like the intro um so people get an idea what the book what that chapter was about and then i said um you could read the entire chapter uh if you pre-order the book and then i put a link to the book uh yeah so screenshot with a link then i would promote blog posts on twitter and as i recently stated when i promoted a blog post i would have the link to the book at the bottom i promoted the newsletter so in january i started an open podcast newsletter and every time a newsletter came out i would take and i still do this i take the html version of the newsletter and i promote it on twitter to get newsletter subscribers and just people to more people to read the newsletter and the newsletter i already talked about it it's three links and then i talk about i give a shout out to a new member and then i added a new section where i just give like a book update i would talk about what chapter i was working on um anything else that i was working on related to the book so yeah that was another way to promote the book then i did a giveaway still on twitter and i would say sign up for the open podcast newsletter and that way they'd get updates and then i would pick someone at random that signed up for the newsletter during the week uh well that i knew from twitter that signed up for the open podcast newsletter and i would give them a free copy of the book um yes um giveaways okay so on twitter um there would be people asking like oh what are you working on right now what's your side project and so every time i saw that on twitter i would link them to the book and in hopes that someone else would see it and buy the book or that person that uh did the original tweet and sometimes i would get in a conversation with that person and they followed me on twitter so yeah that was great um another thing i would do is uh every time i tweeted something out from supreme rumham twitter account my personal twitter account i would uh tweet it or i would retweet it on the open podcast twitter account and the vib twitter account and then i would also i would separately like um from both accounts the the tweet because uh for certain people when you when you don't set your account to fault to see the latest tweets it'll show you tweets that other people liked and so i was getting more visibility by seeing or separately liking and separately retweeting so i would like it right away and then a couple hours later like let's say i tweeted it out at eight am i would immediately like from both accounts that tweet and then i would retweet it at like one o'clock for baib and then at like eight o'clock i would retweet it from the open podcast account getting that visibility okay and the final thing i would do is i would tweet out threads um with links at the last um part of the thread uh to the book so i would tweet out like summaries of each episode of the podcast which was um how i started the book right so e a lot of the chapters of the book are podcast episodes so i would say hey i'm doing an episode on i did an episode on live streaming this week then i would tweet out separately my notes i would do like one tweet was how to do something how to set up the live stream why you should livestream was another one the benefits was another one the disadvantages was another one and then at the end would be a link to the book saying hey i wrote this episode into a blog post or into my book and it's more correct than i am um so you can read it if you want to get a different type of content i like a different source of the content right so yeah that was twitter i created the lead magnet and this is what i was talking about when i didn't have the book altogether or i added i subtracted something from the book what i did was i wrote a chapter on my workflow every tool i used for the podcast and i didn't like telling people to use specific tools but i thought this was an important chapter so what i did was i took it out and i made it its own separate product on gumroad i offered it for free though let me get that straight i offered it for free but i said hey uh give me two dollars for this and then um 24 hours after someone downloaded the the workflow document which is what i called it um they got an email telling them about the book so yeah i used it as a lead magnet for the book okay um another thing i did was i gave out a bunch of free copies to people in open podcast to podcast listeners hey um the reason why is because i wanted feedback on the book and i wanted testimonials for the gumroad page so if someone gave me a good testimonial um i can add it to the gumroad page and that would create social proof for the book okay speaking of pre-orders i had the option to pre-order the book and the pre-order price was a discounted price so i announced the book in april and since then someone could have pre-ordered the book when before right before i released the book on july 31st so all that time someone could have pre-ordered the book and what was sent to them was the um google doc that i was working on writing the book so yeah when i finished the book i took that google doc and i made it into a pdf and epub so you were getting basically the actual book when you pre-ordered it yeah the next thing i did was i would create milestones on indie hackers about the book so um i think every pre-order that i got i made it a milestone so i would do like oh got my first pre-order got the second pre-order and i would put a link to the book um in the milestone and that way anyone who saw the milestone would uh maybe click on the link to the book and the reason why i did this is because milestones on indie hackers have the best visibility because that's what they have on top when you go to the website so that's the first thing people see so yeah um milestones get a lot of eyeballs on them remember that they get a lot of eyeballs okay and then for the workflow document which was something different i had i created two products on andy hackers i created uh the podcast as a product and so every i think five uh workflow document downloads that i got i'd make it a milestone with a link and then um yeah every pre-order i did a milestone yes and so the next time i release something i'm gonna do more milestones i'm gonna plan it out a little more like um i didn't have the cover until like the last week so uh in the future what i'm going to do is i'm going to make the cover a milestone and probably every chapter i'm going to make it a milestone like hey i finished writing the chapter on live streaming i uh finished the chapter on what do you call it on my the workflow and that way that creates even more visibility okay um reddit so on reddit i would promote every blog post and that way i get more eyeballs on my my content and because especially because i would promote it in our slash podcasting and that's my main audience people that have an interest in podcasting okay um the other thing that i would do on reddit is i posted the actual book on r slash side projects um to of course get more visibility and then r slash promote i did the same thing and then r slash ebook deals i believe was the subreddit i told people about the launch price of the book and made it seem like it was a discount which it is because as soon as i uh make the price more that that was a discount so yeah okay the open podcast newsletter um yeah so i already talked about this i used the blog post to promote the newsletter so that way i can give book updates and then um those i already talked about this but um a newsletter is more targeted than like a social media post so i was getting stronger i was giving a stronger connection and getting more eyeballs than i would if it was a tweet yes um blog post that uh yeah so giving updates and then yeah that's about it for the newsletter i started to promote it more that's all i can really say about that um podcast show notes so this goes along with seo as well but um what i would do is i would put a link to the book in the show notes of every podcast episode i even rearranged um the show notes for every page to have the link to the book and the reason why i did this specifically is because um when you release a podcast episode it goes out to every podcast player and um that's good seo right and then anyone who listens even to like a one-off episode on some random player has the opportunity to buy the book yes um the bi baib website is another way i promoted the book so i also i created a page where i embedded the gumroad page on the baib website i started to create a page for every episode on the baib website um and that would have a link to the book so i'm getting um seo for the open podcast website so yeah i had um the ba ib um links to the book and then every episode i'm linking to the open podcast um website link so just creating backlinks for every place i can okay um what else did i do um community deals i offered many communities deals for the book um there was the maker log deal which is like 40 off for every book if you use the code ml and then there's the frauvees community i offered them the book for free early on to get feedback um indie hackers i i also offered them a deal the 10 off like the launch price deal and then r slash epub or e book deals okay youtube descriptions so on youtube i have about 400 videos and those get organic traffic because it's youtube and that's the whole purpose of putting your video on youtube so um every youtube video has a link to the book yeah a link to the book i think from both websites the podcast website and the open podcast website um so i have a bunch of tutorials on free code camp like the videos are tutorials on free code camp and so every one of those videos has a link to the book and um some of them get really good organic traffic some videos get like two views a day so that's two potential view or two potential people that would buy the book every day i have some videos that have thousands of views so yeah that just keeps continuing and anytime those are people that might be willing to buy the book okay um i created youtube videos of course i take the episodes of the podcast and i um convert the audio into video and i post it on youtube that's another ad for the book i guess um and then i created a um book trailer for the book and then when i live stream on youtube or anywhere on twitter twitch um youtube what i do what i did was i named the title of the stream something that maybe someone looking for a book or advice on podcasting would um would search up and that way my videos would pop up my live streams would pop up and um of course there's a link to the book in the show notes or in in the description of the youtube video so if they look at the description that's potential first that's potentially someone that would buy the book right okay um interviews so uh for the book not for the book but like people that know i wrote a book they want some people want to interview me and ask me questions about podcasting or the book itself so i've done two to three interviews so far anyone that wants to interview me and has listened to this episode for this long reach out to me i've also done a newsletter interview so yeah that's that's creating backlinks and that's uh that's more people that don't really know me that might be interested in podcasting and now they have they know about this resource that i created and so they're they might be willing to buy the book right um tick tock this wasn't very successful but i started promoting uh my content in general um on tik tok and what i realized is that it's not very popular on tik tok because that audience is very young so they are not interested in buying a podcast book but specifically what i would do is i would screenshot my promotions my giveaways and i'd use a bunch of podcasting hashtags and that would get people to look at my videos because i would have i would take the screenshot which was just a picture and i would like add music to turn it into a video and on tick tock the music is searchable so there's that and then i would take i would cut the episodes that i was that were released that week and i would um turn them into short clips that i would post on tik tok just to get more content out there and more views on tick tock um that didn't really work but it's something i did and finally the last thing i did to promote the book is i didn't just have it on gumroad i had it on i have it in google books and then i had it on this website called leanpub so yeah someone just doesn't have to go on gumroad only to buy the book they can search for it on different book platforms okay that's all i have this is actually the longest episode i've ever done thank you for listening if you're listening uh at this point if you have any questions you can email me supremeramham tweet me supreme romham telegram supreme rumham um if you have an interest in podcasting uh but you don't want to set up a podcast yet you can contact me and send me record the episode send me the audio send me what you want in the show notes and i will put it on the open podcast community podcast and that way you will get more visibility because that's an audience a new audience um i'm also looking for writers to guest post on the open podcast community podcast no on the open podcast blog so if you want to write about podcasting reach out to me and i will give you authors access thank you for listening have a nice day bye