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building an indie business in the center of venture capital I'm Alex Edmonds and this is the building an indie business podcast all right hello to all my listeners in France um so this week I'm gonna be talking about email and how a podcaster can use email to grow their audience for the podcast okay I'm gonna be talking about the goals that you can have for email how to write an email for your podcast I'm gonna be talking about lead magnets or landing pages I'm gonna go into detail about both of them I'm gonna talk about the benefits of email what you should not do when it comes to emailing your listeners and the problems that you might run into when having a mailing list for your podcast okay so let's get started um so the first thing I want to mention is that you can start your email list before you even start the podcast and that way as soon as you have the podcast launched you email it to those your pre audience okay so the goal um you should have four emails or at least the goals I have for my mailing list for the podcast the first one is to get people to listen to your episode as soon as it comes out because when you email someone your mailing on the mailing list you want them to click on it and download the episode and listen to the episode as soon as they see the email my second goal with email is to connect with the audience on the email lists without social media so with email they can easily reach you and that benefits you because they have easy contact with you on like social media where they have to go and find you they have to get permission DME Oh at least for me because oh my god I get so many emails from product on people and DMS from products on people it's so annoying okay um so how do you want to set up your your email to email potential subscribers okay so the first thing I do for my email list is I send them a link for their welcome link I send them links to the most popular players so Apple Google Spotify in the RSS feed at the I say welcome I send them a lead magnet which I'm going to talk about later and then at the bottom are the links to the popular players and my target audience for the email list are my biggest fans not people that have just stumbled onto the podcast okay um so how do you set up the email like what structure do you use great question okay so the first thing I do is for the title I have new episode of the building Bai B because I don't say building an Indy business it's way too long I regret the title um so I always do be AIB so new episode of Bai B and then the episode title and then I have the a link to I have a head I have a header and it says something like I don't know new episode blah blah blah doesn't really matter and then I have a link to the episode and then I have the show notes and this is all in the body of the email so Alex you have a new episode every week do you hand write this email great question no I do not there's something called merge tags and I use MailChimp I don't know if other email services have merge tags but MailChimp does so you connect MailChimp to your email provider to MailChimp and then they have something called merge tags I can put a link in the show notes so you can learn about merge tags but it helps you set up the the email where it's like every time a podcast as a released podcast episode is released it'll have like a title and it'll be the title of the new episode body show notes things like that so you can set up the RSS feed to automate this every time which I love okay one final thing you should keep in mind when having emails setup is that when a picture is in the email it'll get to Google the email will be added to Google's promo folder so it's like main social promo folder and so it'll be difficult to see when someone is on their desktop if it goes in the promo photos folder so less people will see it finally I send my emails at 3 a.m. Pacific Standard Time Pacific Standard Time because that's my time zone and 3 a.m. is because when they're checking their phone in the morning their emails it'll be right there so also I'm gonna be never mind how I had it before so recently I just I had it set up but I changed the format of the email so how I had it before it said new episode of Bai B and the reason why I thought this was bad is because the few emails that I get for podcasts I pay attention to what the episode is about so they have the episode title and the show notes so it's very easy to tell what the episode is about and new episode of Bai B does not have that advantage the next thing I had the first thing in the body that I had was a picture of the logo nobody needs that and it breaks my promo folder picture roll then I had a big headline I don't even remember what it was it was a headline then I had the title of the episode from the merge tags show notes from the merge tag a listen Now button that I could click and it would send me to the episode then I had a picture of the player which would also send you to the episode and then I had a picture of my blog to promote my blog at the bottom yeah so I broke my row three times about pictures now how I have it set up okay so I have new episode of Bai be the episode title so people can see what the episode is about okay then I have in the body I have a big headline and it's like it's like in a header font something like that I don't remember then I have the merge tag title which is a link to the episode then I have the show notes then I have a listen now button I think that's the only thing that's the same then links to the podcast Google Apple Spotify RSS feed and this is not the episode but the entire podcast just in case someone stumbles onto my podcast or the email that I have and they're not subscribed yet subscribed um lead magnet what is a lead magnet a lead magnet is something that you give to a subscriber to give them incentive to subscribe to your email list so what is my lead magnet my lead magnet is a private playlist from YouTube that helps people create and set up their podcasts so I let people know that this playlist is private in the welcome email to make them feel special so why is this my lead magnet great question it's my lead magnet because my podcast or no the lead magnet is how to create and set up your podcast and then my podcast is how to podcasts and that's why I have episodes about how to have a podcast like the storytelling episode the podcast marking episode things like that alright your lead magnet can be anything it can be a PDF file can be videos it can be an audio file anything you want okay so the landing page what a landing page is it's like a page on like on a website it helps people to understand what your what the value prop of your thing is in this case what your podcast is the value probably your podcast so how did I display the value prop of this podcast great question again so how I displayed the value prop is I broke down the podcast and through or the podcast episodes that they would hear in the three different topics community building podcasting and web development and I talked about the different types of the different episodes that they would hear so like for like I was gonna say for landing page for a community building I did running not running in a community I did growing the community for web development I talked about learnings as for podcasting and I talked about how to interview a guest and I said why these episodes would help a new listener or someone listening to the podcast right then at the very bottom no at the very top I had links to the popular apps Google Spotify I already mentioned them and then I had an about page which was a separate page allowing people to get to know me and then I had a link to open podcast again because everything I do is about promoting open podcasts okay problems with the landing page did I talk about problems with the lead magnet oh so problems with the lead magnet is sometimes people will sign up and then leave after getting the lead magnet another problem is that they may not be interested in the lead magnet and for they don't sign up okay so problems with the landing page is that designing it you can it's very difficult to find out what your audience or your potential audience is interested in like the the the perfect design for you your landing page to get the max amount of people to sign up to your email list okay benefits of email alright shareability and what shareability means is that everyone has an email address and so if their friend if they think their friend is interested in your podcast they can easily just forward the email to them to their friend and that that person will subscribe potentially and then another benefit is that everything is automated for this process so all you need to do is design it once really well and then you're done another benefit is that there are no algorithms involved unlike social media so people see it when they see it it's not like you send it at 3 a.m. and they see it at 10 o'clock at night because there's an because your email isn't as strong in the algorithm okay more control over user experience this is different from social media where you get 144 140 characters and you don't get to choose how they see the email you can design it you can add colors you can structure your email um yeah data is yours so when you want to move email services you can take the email or your email list somewhere else and just start up again no problems whatsoever another benefit is good stats so you know when someone emails it how often someone email or opens the email the percentage of people opening it you know people what people click on so that's really great stats and this is unlike social media or even podcasting but yeah I shouldn't have brought that one up okay um people can easily get in touch with you all they need to do is reply to the email and they get in contact with you which is great acts as a reminder so like I said I check my email and I see what interesting podcasts are having a new episode and this acts as a reminder for me to go listen to it how to grow a email list the first thing is put your email form in the show notes in that way people who are interested and being on the email list can join it very easily um okay promote the episode with your email in the web format so you can have a format where it's not just the email it's like an HTML page and so how you can promote this episode is by having the email from the HTML form as your promotional page and that way you promote it on reddit twitter you promote that page instead of like a link to the POC gasps okay the don'ts of email listing email listing um okay so don't add people without permission let them join themselves don't just take their email and then add them to the email list that out that makes your email list look bad and you have like a score on Google and if people mark your email as spam which it will be if you add them randomly less people will see your email because it'll be marked in the spam folder okay um don't have a large email form and so what I mean by this is that you can ask them a hundred questions as they sign up for your email list don't do this I literally just asked for their email some people asked for their name last name where they were born what country they're from things like that I'm exaggerating but people ask a lot of questions and you want to make it as easy as possible for them to sign up for your email list so just have the email it's all you really need okay have a large email don't do this so what I mean by this is like having a lot of content to put in the email like don't put your life story in the email just have the content that they need to read okay use an unfamiliar email address so what I mean by this is anyone who knows me and listens to my podcast knows that I go by supreme rum ham on the internet and so the email address that they see when they get my email is supreme rum ham at so if I were to have something like San Jose 408 at a welcome that be confusing and they would mark my email as spam and then it would go back to the spam folder and people would not see my email so by having an email address that someone would recognize you avoid that problem okay problems that you would have with the email address or the email list okay collecting emails it can be difficult to collect emails because a lot of people just don't want to give their email address out because they're afraid someone might sell the email address or stuff like that so you might have problems collecting the email address styling it when you're creating the email this is very much like the landing page it can be difficult to find the optimal design for your email yet the email that you would be sending okay people get a lot of emails so people get a lot of emails from services and companies that they're involved with they might miss your email on occasion and so yeah okay that's all I have for this episode thank you for listening have a nice day