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building and any business in the center of venture capital I am Alex Edmonds and this is the building and indie business podcast okay hello to all my listeners in France so this week I'm not talking about making videos to promote your broadcasts only talking about the goals that I have when I make a video for my podcast I'm gonna be talking about the types of content you can create I'm gonna be discussing how you can make videos let me talking about the benefits the problems that I've run into okay so let's get into it the goal that I have when I make videos for the podcast is to grow my audience yeah I want to be on more content creation platforms so that more people know me and my work and then they discover my work and join or use my products and like you join my community okay the next goal I have for creating videos is to convert the video viewers into listeners and to members of the open plod caste community okay so how to how to create videos for your podcast okay so what kind of content can you create for your audience um so what you can do is you can create videos based on the subject of your podcast or yeah of your podcast so what I do is I create videos based on podcasting I've created a video how to submit your podcast to Apple how to submit your podcast to Spotify how to submit your pot I know how to set up a podcast create it and then yeah so I take someone from like recording a podcast all the way to publishing the episode on a on a podcast host so for example let's say your podcast is about music you and music production what you can do is you can go through the basics of how to create how to produce one song and then what you can do is go through a video of how to submit that song to Spotify or onto iTunes pretty much what I did but for pot or for music okay let's say your content is based on web development you can show people how to set up and a web development environment so you can show people how to download node what editor to use how to create an HTML page things like that okay so um how did I find out how to create videos okay so what I did is I found a couple of websites that shows what the most googled things are for certain topics so I typed in podcasting and then I saw like how to upload a podcast to Spotify and then I created a video doing that and that way when people Google that my video will show up hopefully okay the next thing that I did to create my video account my video platform account I filled out the description I added tags and I filled out my profile so I basically I fill out the description of every video with links that I want people to go to so the very first two links are my a link to the podcasts because I want people to listen to the podcast next I have a link to the open podcast form those are the two most important things that I want people to do from the videos and so those are the first two links that they will see when they look at the description next I added tags and so what the tags are is their tags about podcasting like podcast podcasting Potter and family Spotify Apple and that way when people search those things my videos will pop up and that way people that want to see my cup that content will see my videos and maybe they're interested in joined joining a community and they join open podcasts great oh and then I fill out the profile so my profile has a set of links that I want people to go to so I set that up I made sure to have a profile picture a profile banner and then I'm able to set up what videos that I want them to see so I do on the most common videos I do the Apple video do the Spotify video I do the create podcast video things like that okay another thing I do to have videos and for video creation is I take the audio files for BA IB and then turned them into video files and I upload them to my video host and so that way if people are interested in my podcast they can directly listen to it on the video platform okay so how do I create these videos um I use screen recording software to record my screen and then I plug in the microphone that I use for podcasting and then I walk people through how to create a podcast or how to record a podcast okay the next thing I do is I organize the videos into a playlist so that way the playlist is called how to start a podcast and that way if people look that up on the video platform my playlist will pop up and that way they can see my my multiple videos at once and that will maybe get me more views okay the next thing I do is I share my videos with my current audience and the reason why I do this is to get those first initial views so that my videos the algorithm on the video platform will think my videos are popular and they'll show me in the search results and I'll get more views from that okay and finally the last thing I do is I put keywords in the titles so that way people will search those keywords and my videos will pop up so I just don't do how to upload a podcast I do how to upload a podcast to Apple iTunes and that way I get better results or more views okay now the benefits of creating videos the first benefit is you can use your videos as a lead magnet just what I do so that playlist that I have I use it as a lead magnet for open podcast and actually my the podcast Bai be that email list so I say get a private playlist when you sign up for the email list and so in the welcome email I send them the private playlist okay SEO so when you create videos people search for it right those topics and your your videos will pop up and that way people your content are the things on your description will get higher in the search results when people search for those things as well okay organic search when you create videos based on things people are searching for they will get in the show not in the show notes they will be in the search results and people will click on those videos and you will get more clicks and more views on your stuff okay bigger audience one video platform is the second biggest search engine and so having content on that platform is a bigger audience than podcasting because there are more videos on that platform then there are podcasts and so that gets you more views or more potential views more potential people watching your videos okay indexing so because the video platform is owned by the biggest search engine the search engine indexes those videos on the in the search engine and your videos get end and then when people search for those things they'll come up even in the show in the search results they don't have to work to find those videos elsewhere okay detailed analytics so when you create a video you get a lot more details and the analytics you'll get how people found your podcasts what they searched for or how people found your videos not podcast you'll get um when they started and when they stopped when they when they when they dropped off how they looked at it Oh what videos they watched after and what connected them to that video like if they watched a video before that what video they watched after that which i think is really great okay exclusive content okay so when you have your audience for the podcast and for your videos you can create exclusive content for the video people and that way it'll help you figure out what your podcast audience likes and if that if your video people like that content you could share it with the podcast people and then you have like an audience for your videos already and you can keep it away from your podcast until people like it you know people like it okay a similar setup to podcasting so um the video setup and the podcasting content or how to make a podcast and how to make a video that setup is very similar so I just I use the same mic I use the same software so yeah it's not there's not much difference between videos and podcasting especially when you're doing tutorials when you're doing like videos with a camera it's a little bit different okay I'm doing videos you can be more experimental so you can experiment on with the title you can experiment with the content because this is not your main audience so for the podcast for the haddem the podcast monetization episode I changed the name of that title in my videos so that way I can see if changing the titles will help me get more views so in the podcast its podcast monetization for the videos it's how to monitor or how to make money with a podcast and I wanted to see if that would get me more views okay um other content creators can see my work and join open podcasts so there are many people that podcast on video platforms and they do a video podcast and so they might be searching up different podcasts on the video platforms and then they may see my podcast and then they see the description and then go to my links and they join open podcast great okay um the final benefit of videos making videos is you have a potential income source so on these video platforms they will pay you per view or when you when you have a lot of views and so that is it another income source that you can have for your content which is great okay um problems I had a lot of problems with you people and you're gonna hear about it okay um competition like I said there are more video creators then there are podcasts so to cert like there's a lot of people creating the same content so there's a lot of competition between those video creators so yeah you have to make them really good or know the tricks okay um visual aspect and I talked about this in one episode and what I mean by this is when you're listening to a podcast um you don't have to focus on anything else with your eyes you can do it walking around washing the dishes on your commute but with videos you have to focus on your phone or wherever you're listening or you're watching the video so people have to like set time aside to watch your video and that might be a while before someone gets the chance to actually watch the video okay less control on these platforms they have a they want to control everything that's on the platform because they have advertisers that they want to please so if something goes wrong they'll just take your video off yeah and like for example I was making a video and I had I accidentally had music in the background and they took my video off because of that okay censorship and this is very similar to the control aspect if you have a popular video channel and the people know or the video caught the video platform it knows that a lot of people are watching your videos and you say something that they don't like they will take that video down for that reason yeah that's not the same thing with the podcast you can say whatever you want okay you have to pay the troll tool so a lot of younger people are on these video platforms and they will make fun of your videos and say bad things about your videos if they don't like your content so you kind of have to deal with that but if you have more adult content that doesn't really happen often so there's that okay need a big audience to monetize your videos so on the biggest platform video platform you have to have 240,000 minutes watched before you can officially monetize your videos with that platform you would have like a sponsorship but that's a little different thing so yeah that's a lot of time I think that's that's a thousand hours watched and that's in one year so if you do it in 366 days yeah that's they won't let you monetize but it's a rolling total so like if you have that total like to say you do it in January first and you reach it on next January second it's not wasted you just have to do it before you have to make it has to add up to those hours in that time so yeah okay the last problem that I have is you need to constantly be creating videos and adding content to the platforms to stay high in the ranks so they want new channels and if you stop creating videos they'll not all they'll they won't have your videos in the search results very high up people would have to search for really searched for those videos if they want to see it but if you have a lot of subscribers and they don't unsubscribe then that doesn't the search results don't matter but yeah that's the final problem that I have found okay thank you for listening if you would like to start your own podcast but you don't want to go through the hassle of sending them up or you just want to try posting an episode and see what would happen there's the open podcast community podcast reach out to me and we can talk about having you host an episode and if you want to write about podcasting there's the open podcast blog talk to me about that and I will get you set up on it adding your content to it okay thank you for listening have a nice day bye