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building an indie business in the center of venture cadible i am alex edmonds people know me as one of the supremacist rum hams on the internet and this is the building indie business podcast okay so today i'm going to walk you through um the podcast website so i'm going to talk about the goals for the podcast website and then i'm going to take you through every page i have it's not that many i have the home page the archive page every episode page um uh the page for the book uh the transcript page the subscription page the about page and the secret second book page okay so let's get started the home page so the home page oh the goals the goals of the podcast website is to get podcast subscribers and to get email subscribers so everything every page is optimized for one of the two okay so the home page the home page starts out with the title the building and any business podcast because i want people to know what this pa what this website is for then i start out with the podcast cover i might just remove that because that is really no value other than like people seeing the cover okay um the next thing is links to the podcast i do the most popular players um google apple and the rss feed and this is one way i optimize for podcast subscribers so by having the most popular players someone is most likely to be using one of those players and when they click on one of those icons um they can subscribe right from there okay next i have descriptions of the topics that can be heard on the podcast i have the description no i have like what is it called like look the word i would use to describe that topic so podcasting then i have a sample of an episode that they will hear that's related to that topic i have um how to interview a podcast guest for the podcasting subject and then i have like a little description of um podcasting and the episodes then i have one for community building and then i have one for web development so those are three topics you will hear on the podcast um okay then i have two pop-ups for email subscribers and the first pop-up i have or not the first one i guess so as soon as you scroll to the very bottom of the of the um home page um what happens uh yeah a a end of the page pop-up will come up and ask you to subscribe to the email list and this is a custom pop-up that i wrote myself and yeah and then so when you're exiting the home page another pop-up shows up and it's an exit pop-up um it's in a different color so the bottom pop-up is blue and the top the exit pop-up is red another custom one that i did so yeah and then there's the nav bar which will take you to the subscription page the book page and the archive page so now let's talk about the archive page um the archive page is a list of every recorded episode so um you will find um episodes that haven't even been released yet that i've put on the website so you'll see episodes from that will be released in two weeks maybe um so yeah you'll see information about that one um yeah and then there's the exit pop-up and there's the end of the page pop-up so yeah um and the archive or no the navbar is a little different um there's the subscription there's the book page instead of the archive because they're already on that page it's the home page so yeah that's what i have for that one then there's the episodes page so every episode has its own page i have like 100 files for um hosted on firebase because i have all these episodes so the way that page starts out is the title of the episode so like for how to interview a podcast guest that is the title of the page i have a podcast cover which i might delete because that's um a waste of the space on the page um yeah and then i have the podcast links they're not to the episode they're just like the same ones i had on the home page they link directly to the podcast on the most popular players then i have an embedded player of the episode yes and it's um the embedded um player is from podcorn no not podcorn um never mind i'll put a link to the embedded player in the show notes um but the embedded player is made by josh alterton alderton um of the getting to ramen podcast who is a member of the open podcast community that's why it's important for me to mention that um then after the embedded player i have the um description of the podcast episode uh that that i would have in the show notes of the podcast and then i have show notes which are a little different from the show notes that you would see in um a podcast player so these show notes include a link to the book um a link to the forum a link to the email list i might delete that one though because i have the two pop-ups on the page as well then i have the episode blog post if i wrote a blog post about that episode um yes and then i have a link to the transcript which i have just started providing um okay so then on the nav bar for the episode page i have the home page the book page and the archive page in the show notes or no in the nav bar then i have the exit pop-up and the end of the page pop-up okay now i have the book page which is a lot of information so the book page is just an embed of the gumroad page to get people to look at the book okay and this is the fastest page on the on the website uh i've been tweaking around with that to make it the fastest um what i did so far is i changed i deleted all the excess css because what i do for every episode page is i just take the previous episode and i copy that page and just rearrange everything to fit the new episode and so i took out all the css from the episode page and yeah i tightened it up as well there's no line that doesn't need to be there so um the average page i have for the episodes has over 700 lines of css the book page has less than 300 there are no pop-ups on the book page the only css is the embed of the gum road page and the hosting um of on firebase those are two things i need the page itself has 400 lines um of code and then um the like the episode page is 900 lines so it's a lot less and then so the goal of this page is to get this page to show up in search results for the word podcasting book and i have another embed on the open podcast blog but um i think this page is more likely to show up in the search results because i show the entire i control the entire experience of this page unlike the podcast blog the open podcast blog because the ghost blog has a bunch of javascript that i haven't gotten rid of yet because i have to go into the theme on ghost and rip out everything and understand where that stuff comes from and how i won't break the blog um if i strip something out where with my podcast website it's custom i built everything myself and i know what needs to be there and what doesn't um also like the meta tags um can be different without getting penalized by a search engine because i control that i guess you know um okay um transcripts so the transcript page which is new um yeah i so i how the transcripts are created are when i take the audio of the podcast and turn it into video and then i upload the video to youtube and when you upload a video to youtube it will create subtitles for the video and you're allowed to download that um the subtitles which is the transcript so i take that and i put it on its own page on the on on the podcast website and then that's the first thing you see no the first thing you see on the transcript page is the podcast episode title and then transcript and then you see just the uh subtitle text from youtube then you see the embedded player from um of the episode and then you see the episode description and then i have a link to the blog there are links to the book and then a link to the podcast workflow document then you have the email pop-ups uh yeah the email pop-ups the exit and the bottom of the page one and that's the transcript page okay then there's the subscription page which is um on the nav bar at the home page and all this is is basically one of the pop-ups that doesn't actually pop up it's just the form so yeah and that's so if people don't scroll to the bottom or exit um by scrolling or like moving the mouse if they do the control w um what do you call it uh shortcut when you do that the exit pop-up won't show up so this is just to make sure those people that use that shortcut or don't scroll the bottom know that there is a place where you can subscribe um to the email list that will send them every episode when it comes out okay then there's the about page and uh this isn't on any navbar because i don't know i don't really think it matters um it's just there because um i don't know it's just there i had it before from uh when i didn't really use the website um when i i created this website specifically for just the product launch of the podcast and then um i wanted to um sell the book and get it on the uh in search results and then i started using it more and i didn't see the value of the about page for the book so i just took it off the nav bar but what this page has is a picture of me i describe my past work i talk about web development i talk about um what else do i talk about um podcast um i talk about open podcasts as well um then i have the email pop-ups yeah so the last page is the future book that i'm going to write um and this just has a short description of the book and then it has a picture of the cover that i just made up randomly and then as a sign up form to a mailing list that where i will give updates on the book okay thank you for listening if you are interested in podcasting and you don't have a podcast um there's the open podcast community podcast where you can record the audio and send me the audio and what you want in the show notes and i will add it to that podcast and there's the open cop podcast blog where i'm looking for people to write about podcasting so i can make you an author and you could write about any topic related podcasting and yeah thank you for listening have a nice day bye