Post-Release Album Promotion


Building an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds people on the Internet. Call me supremerumham. And this is the building indie business podcast. Okay, so today I'm gonna be talking about how to promote an album post release, so there's pre release and there's post release, talking about pre release, now I'm talking about post release. So, yeah, there's a bunch of things you can do. I did 123456789 things. So we're gonna be talking about those nine things that I did just generally, I'm going to show you what exactly I did but not go into specifics, because that is for the premium report now. Okay. So, first thing I did was I created tic tock videos. I use the sound to in a video, and that way people would hear this. The songs right. If you're 20 something your own woman that can wear. No, I'm gonna edit 20 something year old woman. That can where was I created tick tock videos. I use the sound to enter video, and that way, people would hear the songs right. If you like dancing, or I don't know, something like that. You might try to create a trend with one of the songs, and try to get that to go viral, and then a lot of people will hear the song, or the artist or whatever, and then you might get more downloads on Spotify YouTube bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Okay. The next thing I did was I embedded the Youtube playlist of the album on the website. And that way, while we were promoting the album, we were promoting the website. And I embedded YouTube specifically, because that's the platform I chose to promote the, the album with an eye, I think, promoting on one album will lead to better SEO and better. Like you'll, you'll rank higher in the search results, because having 1000 People listen to one song is better than, you know, on one platform is better than 1000 people listening to it on 10 Different platforms right. It's, you're more likely to trend on one platform. If people listened on one platform then if your lessons were scattered out and trending might is, is better than just being scattered. Right. Okay. And then, I probably shouldn't be saying this on the podcast but I will. So, Um, I created a Gumroad page for the album. And then I put the links to the album in the Gumroad page. So remember, I, I took the, the embed on the website and I put that on Gumroad and then I put the YouTube but then that also on Gumroad, and that way I would get the backlink for the website. And then, I was hoping that Gumroad would promote the album because it's a product on their platform. But uh, yeah. Okay, and then email list. So, you know me, you know, the first thing I do is I start an email list, right, so I've been sending out updates, sending out updates and now the album is here. So, bam, I just sent it to everyone. I'm just, yeah, I was like, Hey, this is the album. Here you go listen to it on YouTube now free. Yep. Okay. And then there's SEO, there's all that SEO have been working on. I'm working on it. So here's what I did for SEO. I'm on buy me a coffee. The website buy me a coffee has a lot of domain authority. It ranks high in search results when there's something that you Google, and it has an option for, right. So I took advantage of that. Okay, and then submit to playlists. So, when you have your Spotify Premium official artist account, whatever you call it, I didn't write it down. Um, it gives you access to all these things like canvas and the profile. And one of those things is a playlist, curators. Right, so Spotify has all these playlists, and what they allow artists do is pitch their songs to these playlist curators, so I pitched one song to a playlist curator, and I saw heard back from them, but I did it, and that's an option. Right. Okay. And then there's YouTube, right. So YouTube has, like, YouTube creators. And then, like, YouTube artists. And that's where you see like the official artists logo next to a name or something like that. And that means you get more money per stream from YouTube. So, what you do is you want to claim that you want to make that happen. And then you optimize your songs for search, you to do the tags, you do the, the titles properly. Do the descriptions, you add a little bit more to the descriptions, right, make it so that people will find your song from a search, right. So, yeah, yeah. And then there Spotify, Spotify, you fill out your profile, your image, your header, your bio, your artists pick. Yeah, stuff like that. Right. And then I did a product launch. And I didn't expect anything out of this I just did for the backlink mostly get more SEO, and maybe a few people will know, catch my, my stuff and I'll get some downloads or streamer subscriber, so yeah. So, here's what I did, I took the embed link, and the Youtube playlist link, and I added those two links, as the product on watch. And then I scheduled it. So I did this all Sunday. And then I scheduled it for Monday. No, I did Saturday and I scheduled it for Monday, right. So, a product launch is pretty easy. There's a lot of copy but I just copy and pasted the stuff I wrote before. So I used that I learned how to create a GIF in like 10 seconds. So, I didn't know about place. So if you go to like file on Photoshop you go to File and all the way down it's place. That, that adds images into Photoshop, like extra images in the Photoshop images as a layer I think it is. And so to create a GIF. What you do is you do an animation that's based on the layers. And so you just choose those two layers as your gift and we'll go back and forth. So I did that in like 10 minutes if you remember from the podcast book product launch, it took me like an hour to figure that out. And that's a stream that. So, yeah. Um, so yeah that takes care of the gift and then I just made the graphics with the proper dimensions they have those weird dimensions on product. So it's like 635, by 1200 15 I made those graphics. Yeah, and mostly thing out product on is like. It's a lot it's a lot of technical people, right, so I didn't expect much from it. But uh, it's free, right, it doesn't cost me anything. I took an hour. What if it did go viral. Right. Then I'd get a lot of traffic, but then do that SEO link that's mostly why I did it because to get SEO from product on product as like a domain authority of 90. So it gives any website, a boost. So yeah, that's what I did for album post release. I'm still working on like tick tock, and other things. So I might do a second episode. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.