Revenue Research Premium Content Preview: Domain Names

Buy the premium report to read about my detailed experience selling domain names for $4.99

In this episode, I discuss premium content for Revenue Research about domain names. I give a brief overview of what people will find in the content.

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Building an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds, on the internet. I am known as supreme rum ham, and this is the building any business podcast. Okay, so this is a quick episode. Um, I have a product. And it is the revenue research premium report about domains. And so this is a preview of it. So what you'll hear in this report, or what you'll read in this report is about my experience selling the domains that I created. So I created three domains alerts for Bitcoin, calm, and why you What's the other one. Oh Tinder Sorry. So you're going to hear about why I chose those three domains to create them. You're going to hear about how I gave them value, and then you will hear about my problems with, because that is where I bought the domains. So yeah, this report is going to be for 499. It'll talk about my experience selling domains, basically, the link to the report, or the link to go buy the report will be in the show notes of this episode. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye. you.