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hello and welcome to the building an indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex today in this episode I wanted to discuss some productivity tips to avoid distraction I'm going to discuss why I'm talking about this and I'm gonna give you some tips to help you avoid being distracted while you're working but first I wanted to discuss some general podcast things there's the patreon page in the buy me coffee page these pages are for supporting improving the podcast in any way so if I need new equipment or new software at any time the money that I get sent to patreon and buy me a coffee will be used to buy that software or equipment the difference between patreon and buy me a coffee is that um patreon is a monthly subscription and buy me a coffee can be a one-time subscribe alright so let's get into the episode why am I doing this episode well I know that some people in this community they have jobs or they go to school so they're not a full-time maker or they're not independent on their own right now so it's very hard sometimes to find the time and work on their project and it makes it even more difficult when there's Netflix and Hulu and it's just so easy to sit down and watch Hulu for the rest of the night when you come home so and there are so many times when I've been working and I just spend five minutes on the computer and I'm I'm able to find the solution that I've been looking for for weeks on Google just by sitting down for five minutes and you know not watching TV just for those five minutes that's all it took and these companies like Hulu and Netflix and Facebook you know they don't want you to be independent of them or you know they don't want you to improve your life so it's not helping you to be scrolling through Facebook all the time it it's better to be working on your stuff I'm not saying don't watch Netflix or Hulu at all but when you want to work work and don't get distracted by you know Netflix or Hulu okay so the the first tip I use to help me concentrate or avoid spending too much time on my phone is I grayscale it and I do this because I read that the colors on your phone make the phone really interesting to your brain and it doesn't want to stop looking at the colors so when you grayscale it it makes your phone less interesting and more boring to your brain and so how you do this on iOS is you go to Settings General accessibility display accommodation color filters and then grayscale okay and um I always there's some occasions where I need the color like when I'm trying to promote the podcast and I need a picture of the cover art so I just turn on the color again and I'm able to find the red cover art easily on my phone okay and so how you add the short cut is you go to accessibility you scroll all the way down to the bottom and then you go to accessibility shortcut and it'll say color filter and then you just add that and then so when you need the color on your phone you just press the home button three times and it'll pop up okay so the next tip is full screen laptop to not get distracted by tabs in the browser so I find that when I'm working sometimes I will get distracted by a tab on my browser because I have 20 tabs open and I will go to that different tab and stop working and so to avoid this I full screen my laptop which will stop showing the tabs and how you do this on Windows is you press f11 I'm not sure how to do it on Apple okay so the next thing I do is when I'm done for the day I close the laptop to the first thing I want to work on tomorrow so when I open up the laptop the next day that's the first thing I see so last night when before I went to bed I put my notes for this podcast episode audacity and that's the first thing I saw when I woke up because that was so that's the first thing I wanted to do today so and this prevents me from getting distracted by anything else so if on Chrome let's say I have an article that I wanted to read and I didn't finish it I haven't checked Chrome so I don't get distracted by the article that I haven't read and I'm able to do the podcasts as soon as possible okay so the next thing I do is I have Chrome extensions that prevent me from using websites that I don't want to use this Chrome extension is free and it's called time warp you can easily turn it off and on so I will put the link in the show notes I always point down every time I say show notes okay yeah and so you set it up and then you it'll block it'll send you it'll block the website that you want to block and I'll send you to wherever you want to be sent so you can have it send you to Google Docs if you need to write anything and I find it really helpful and I don't even have it on all the time I just got in the habit of not going on those websites after a while and yeah okay so the next thing I do is I walk around a lot and this can be something as simple as just getting the mail and this helps me think I'm always walking around and I find this makes me a more productive okay so the next thing I do is I put my phone out of my view so right now my phone is in the drawer and I sometimes will completely forget about my phone I used to put my phone behind my laptop and so when I got the urge to look for my phone I'd look for it for a bit not be able to find it and I'd get back to work and I I know this is a luxury for some people I know I'm a 23 year old male single male and I'm no one's emergency contact so I know that there are some people that have families and they need to be accessible on the phone at all times so I just want to acknowledge that the next thing I do is I hide my bookmark bar not to get distracted by the bookmark bar and this is the same thing with the tabs but just with my bookmark bar and how you hide the bookmark bar is ctrl shift B and that's on Chrome and I'm not sure if for Firefox or any other it will be the same but I think it is okay and the final tip is I use this app called flux which I will put in the show notes again and it makes the screen Orange so that it puts less strain on my eyes when I'm working so I can work longer and not get the like get a headache from working in the dark or just staring at a screen for too long okay thank you for listening I hope you got some value out of this if you try any tips and they work let me know because some of these I just made up on my own and I want to know if they work for other people too okay if you have any questions you can tweet me you can email me at supreme rum ham and some SRH podcasts at thank you for listening have a nice day bye