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building an indie business in the center of venture capital I am Alex Edmonds also known as supremerumham on the internet and this is the building an indie business podcast okay so today I'm gonna go over my experience using tinder to grow my podcast I'm gonna be going over how I set up the account the goals the goal that I had I'm gonna go through each day what happened I did it for seven days and then I'm gonna be talking about the problems with tender okay so let's get into it account set up so on tender there is no friends feature so I said it as I'm a man and I'm looking for women I set up the name of the account to be be AIB and I am 24 years old so I set up the range to be 20 to 26 and that's the ages of the women I was looking for okay so the description I had for the account is looking for someone that is willing to listen to me especially on Mondays with an overcast link and the Monday the Mondays reference as a reference to be days the podcast is released okay so then I had the podcast logo the the old podcast log was the one that didn't have my face on it and then I had to configure the the image to fit tenders ridiculous dimensions for photos I think they have it I thought they had it as a the dimensions for an iPhone 6 picture but it turns out that wasn't it so I had to do several iterations of the original logo okay and I used the original logo because I didn't want first of all anyone from high school to know that I'm doing this experiment and then I couldn't do my face even if I wanted to because of the ridiculous dimensions and that was just too much work ok and then so my opening line for when I got a match was hey are you willing to listen to me ok now my goal my goal for this tender experiment was to get one listener that's it ok so the first day I got one match and then I said my opening line and they unmatched me ok then I got tinder has this feature where it shows you like your potential matches or people that have swiped right on you and at the end of the night when I called it about about 10:45 right before I went to bed I got six potential matches and so yeah I was like swiping not conservatively at all I was swiping on everyone and maybe people weren't looking at my profile and the same thing was happening and I was getting caught in there swipe storm okay so date - I had one potential match I sent them the opening line and they didn't respond so the matches description said radio and bartending so they may have been looking for podcast recommendations okay I learned that tender does not allow users to set podcast episodes as a theme so tinder has like a partnership with Spotify that allows users to connect their Spotify account to their tinder profile and it shows what they listen to then they can pick like an anthem one song that they really like and I tried to set my own podcast to my anthem and they wouldn't allow me to okay on day two I said I added my university to the profile that sender profile and then I thought that would increase my chances of getting a match okay on day two as well I started to profile people so I would instead of swiping right on everyone I would swipe left on people that I thought were party people or people that like had something about smoking weed in their profile or in their picture because those aren't the type of people that listen to my podcast okay another way I started to profile people is I kind of noticed patterns about what profiles were fake so I started to swipe left on profile our fake profiles and I'll talk about um fake profiles in a bit okay day three I got unmatched from my previous match the the radio and bartending woman and then nothing else happened on day three day four um I got one match I tried a more normal opening line and I said hey do you like podcasts no response they didn't unmatch me but I got no response on day five I looked into how fake accounts make money so they make money with affiliate links to porn sites so they get money when a view is made so they want people to click on the link and then it sends the person to a video that is set to auto play and then when the video is auto played the the person makes money okay day six I swiped conservatively until I ran out of matches but nothing happened day seven nothing happened so the reason why so that's the end of the experiment the reason why I cut the experiment short is because it didn't look like I was gonna get a listener so I failed at my goal so problems with tender that I noticed tender is very much pay-to-play so in order to use tender and get a lot of matches you ah you need to give them money like with their grayed out stuff they would show me that I had matches enticing me to pay for tender and then you would also pay to get more swipes for the day and then you could also super like someone which is like if they saw you while they were swiping it show like a blue star and then you can also pay to unsleep someone yeah two on swipe left or right or when you were swiping if you wanted to go back to someone um you could pay for that this is all while showing me ads still so every time I would swipe or not every time but occasionally when I would swipe I would also see an ad so yeah they're they're squeezing their users for money which is it's just annoying I mean I get it they need to make money yeah I don't have anything else to say about that um can't click on links so I had a link to the podcast in my profile but it didn't it wasn't really effective because they went to Abel they weren't able to actually like click on the link and be taken to my podcast when I sent a link they could click on it then so I had to wait till I was matched with them okay um finally my biggest problem surprisingly enough women don't use tinder for podcast recommendations so I had to break down that barrier and be a trailblazer and that something that is very difficult to do I've never been a trailblazer before so I don't really know how to be a trailblazer and I think that's the main reason why I failed a my experience experiment I'm not a trailblazer no matter how much I wish I was I'm not okay thank you for listening have a nice day if you enjoyed this episode you can subscribe to the podcast okay have a nice day bye