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buildin and indie business in the centre of venture capital I am Alex Edmonds known as supremerumham on the internet and this is the building an indie business podcast alright hello to all my listeners in France this podcast episode will be about random tips and this is all the things I've accumulated in my mind that don't really necessarily fit into one episode so this is that episode that they all fit into now okay first I wanted to talk about my book my book what's the deal with podcasting it's um a collection of all the episodes I've done on a podcast not all the episodes but a lot of the podcasting episodes I would say and there's still some left that I have to do the link to the book will be in the show notes you can get it for free just put the discount code of ba IB and you can get it for free you don't have to put a credit card in okay so let's get into the episode alright so the first tip I have is better equipment does not make better content people don't really care about the very specific aspects of your sound quality if you if people can hear what you're saying you're fine what people are listening to your podcast for is the content so you're better off focusing on the content quality instead of these sound quality okay have fun remember podcasting is very fun I I really enjoy my podcast it's one of the best things I do all week and you have to keep that in mind have fun don't take it so seriously just relax chill out bro yeah remember to have fun okay my next tip is pace yourself you don't want to burn out on podcasting and making episodes so what I would suggest is to pace yourself don't do five episodes in one day you'll get burned out eventually do like one maybe two a week and that way you pace yourself and you won't burn out so quickly and just have an RSS feed that's empty with only six episodes okay um the next thing I thought of is don't put your name in the title of the podcast the reason why is because that doesn't really do anything for you if um you're not famous somehow or people don't know you when you have a well-known brand that's when you should put the title and the your name in the title and since no one really knows you you have to say I use SEO to grow your podcast so instead of putting your name put in keywords of your podcasts of subject subjects and then more people will find your podcast then after four to five years you can add your name to the title okay speaking of the title you don't need to put the word podcast in your title it's redundant so when I if I were to put podcast in my title I would have to say I host the the building and indie business podcast podcast it's redundant you can you can just tell people hey it's a podcast or you can just put podcast at the end of the title like I do I say the building and indie business podcast but podcast isn't in the title I'm just letting people know that hey I have a podcast okay create a pre-recording ritual so before not for but like in the early days of this podcast I got really nervous I used to get really nervous recording and livestream in the podcast then I created my own ritual for podcasting a podcasting ritual and that helped me relax and get in the zone for podcasting so I a drink water I eat some food I sit down and then that puts me in the mindset for podcasting and I don't get so nervous when I am speaking on the mic okay so the next thing the next tip I have let's say is protect your throat and what I mean by this is make sure it's covered when you're out don't it don't abuse your throat when you're not podcasting don't go yelling don't don't go to a bar and start yelling at people when you have a sporting event don't yell at that sporting event too much because when you're a podcaster your throat and your voice are your most important assets and if you lose your voice you can't have you can't create your podcast episode and so that affects your podcast okay if it ain't broke don't fix it and so what I mean by this is let's say you get an advertiser and you start getting money for your podcast you don't have to upgrade your your equipment just because um you get money for your podcast all you really need to do and this goes back to better equipment focus on your content more maybe hire someone to do the editing and that way you can focus more on content okay be consistent I've discussed this before but I think it's very important be consistent in your quality of your podcast and in your scheduling of the podcast yeah be consistent okay don't want no one think won't increase down I don't know what that means oh yeah no one thing will increase your download numbers so what I mean by this is you have to keep doing things consistently and your download numbers will grow with that if you get published someone covers you in their magazine or something that won't and that will increase your download numbers but that's a one-time thing it won't mean that you get a million subscribers immediately yeah so you have to keep being consistent and your your numbers will grow with consistency okay the more you add to the podcast the more that needs to be maintained so the more software you add to the podcast the more software that you have to make sure is updated the more equipment you add that means the more that needs to be maintained you know you have to make sure it's clean make sure there's no problems with the equipment things like that okay don't eat sugar before your recording so I learned this the hard way actually when you eat sugar it makes your voice sound weird my voice doesn't sound like this right now it sounds kind of low and different so if you want to have consistency in your podcast don't eat sugar before drink a lot of water that's what I do yeah okay the average commute is 27 minutes okay so a lot of people listen to podcasts in the car and so you wanna what you want to do is you want to make sure that people are not messing with their phones while they're driving and so by having a podcast that meets their the average requirements for someone's commute you make sure that they don't have to be looking at their phone and while they're driving or on their commute so yeah you also know I'll talk about that later okay editing is not necessary so you don't have to edit a podcast I kind of like how I kind of stumble and you hear that because it makes it more authentic other people do that as well that's why you don't have to edit the podcast I would say edit when you have a guest and they want something removed or they the sound quality is not as good or like the content quality of the guest okay you don't have to add you know fireworks or clapping every time you say something yeah you can just keep it raw and authentic okay people listen on more than one speed okay so you have to keep in mind that people listen to a podcast on 1.5 X 1.2 X so that affects how you sound if you're talking so fast then it'll sound a lot faster on 1.5 X or 1.2 X so you don't really want to be talking too fast so that gives people a chance to hear everything you're saying in a normal tone okay not everyone has to listen your podcast and so I was listening to Bill burr on Joe Rogan and he was saying that he doesn't care that not everyone likes his comedy or him and that kind of made me think it's like you don't need everyone to like your podcast because they're you don't need a big audience to make a living at podcasting or this is this goes into business as well but whatever this is about podcasting so you know you can have a million people listen your podcasts and that will support you a million people is a very small percentage of the amount of people in the world and you don't even need million people you can do it with a hundred thousand people I'm supporting yourself through the podcast yeah so you know not everyone else like your podcast choose your audience and stick with that audience grow your audience through that niche of people and you'll be okay okay um people search for podcasts using their preferred switch search function on their preferred app okay so what this means and why I'm bringing this up is because people find a lot of people will find your podcast if you title your your podcast episodes well so let's say I'm looking for how to make money podcasting so I will type in how to make money and then my podcast could come up if you name your podcast episode something like make money and something else on the internet your podcast title will be less likely to come up and people will not find your podcast organically okay alright swearing so first thing I want to say about swearing in general is that when you have that tag that says your podcast is explicit that is not inclusive because kids can't listen to your podcast and so that's one reason why I don't swear on the podcast because I have younger family members and I will have to hear about it if those kids and my family hear me swearing and I just don't want to hear about it okay the next reason and why everyone I think should not swear on their podcast is because I heard that in other countries when a podcast episode is tagged explicit those countries will hide your episode in your RSS feed from the citizens of that country so you're getting less downloads from specific countries when you have your episode tagged as explicit okay and then if you have every episode tagged as explicit then people in those countries can't listen your podcast at all okay next thing the penultimate one okay listeners don't care about your download numbers don't bother sharing your download numbers with your listeners they don't care how many other people are listening to your podcast they might care if their friends listen your podcasts in if they want their friends listen your podcasts they will share the podcast with their friends and yeah you don't no one cares about if your podcast has ten thousand listeners if you're already if they're already listening to the podcast so don't bother sharing download numbers with listeners okay and the final thing make your podcasts easy to find doing allowing people to organically search your podcast makes it easier for people to find your podcast which is less work for you because people find your podcast without you having to promote your podcast okay and that that builds that brings dividends to you okay that's all I have for now thank you for listening I have a nice day