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Building an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds, people on the internet, call me supremerumham. And this is the building an indie business podcast. All right. Okay, so today I'm going to be discussing images for revenue, research, and the reason why I want to discuss this is because one of my goals for this year. 2021 was to figure out how I can, and, like, make images for revenue research and incorporate it. That's the word I was looking for. And to be content. So, I'm going to be discussing how I first like started with images for revenue research like one of my trial and error, errors. What I'm doing now. The benefits of what I'm doing. The problems with it. And my solution for that issue. Okay, so let's get into it. Alright, so the first attempt of image was. I was experimenting with making a simple green graphic and Breaking Bad green. And the reason why I call the green color in the logo Breaking Bad green is because I took the logo of Breaking Bad took the green color that they use in the Breaking Bad logo. And that's the green I use. And if you notice, the way revenue research is styled is the Breaking Bad logo so it's two tiles, and then they're right next to each other. Right. So yeah, that's why I call it Breaking Bad green. But that wasn't my point. Sorry. So, what I had planned or not what I tried first was like the green color and white font, and it said, generate revenue. And the very first time I tweeted this out, I said, um, generate revenue. Because generate revenue, so that I can write up a blog post about your project is too much text. And so yeah I just started tweeting that out. Every I think was every Tuesday. And this is like Sergio, and maker log, where Sergio will post an image of make like the word make any. It's like, Good morning, something like that so I try to copy that and thought it was pretty. It's a, it's a good idea. So I made my own version. Right. And the problem with this one, is that it's not very eye catching like yeah it's green and Twitter's white or dark blue. So the green will stand out, but you know it doesn't it doesn't fit well with the content. Yeah, it's just like, okay, generate revenue. What else, right. There's no really, like, call to action for people like, hey, generate revenue and read my stuff, you can't generate revenue and read revenue research that's two different things right. Like, for Sergio, make when you make stuff you're gonna log it so that fits well with his content. Right. but not mine. Yeah, it didn't, didn't work out, and I had like five graphics but a week for like five weeks. Yeah, it's not. Yeah didn't work well. Okay, so now what I'm my, what I'm working on now. And what I think is gonna work well. I'm doing gifts. Gifts not gifts. So I'm just gonna bring that out there right now. Okay. So, um, I saw something on indie hackers. That was like, oh, I've generated content and Nope, not generated content. Okay. generated traffic to my website. By creating gifs, so I decided to try that out. So I learned how to create GIFs from YouTube videos where you just take the link to the YouTube video. And then bam, you cut it up, you add your captions. And there you have a gift from a YouTube video. Right. I said gift, not gift. Okay, so what I've been doing is I related it to the GIF I related the GIF to the blog post subject. And the images are related to a TV show. So right now I'm doing always sunny, because that is my favorite show, supremerumham is. It's based on Always Sunny in a way. I talked about that in like the first episode of the podcast. So I always try to find like a scene from always sunny that relates to the podcast. Not that the blog posts subject. so like I started at Tech Talk. And there's this sequence in always sunny, where they're creating a video for investors to look at, and they mess it up right so they don't stop the video though, so they just like, there's this little part of the video, that they're showing the mistakes where he's like, dude, like, go over there. Don't look at me. Do your stuff over there though. And so he's like directing it. And I made the caption was the caption. It was, oh making a tic Tock video with your friend. So yeah, I started it with the TIC Tock thing. Right, so that's cool, the TIC Tock blog posts, I don't know, I can't speak today. Um, The benefits of this GIF image sequence production stuff. Um, the gifts are searchable. So there's a bunch of services, where people can go to, to find a gift for to post somewhere else like to post on Twitter to posts on other websites. I don't want to promote any other social media platforms. That's why I stopped myself. And so people can search for my stuff, right, and maybe they like my, my always sunny gifts. And they click on my profile, and then they go Hey, who is this guy making all these gifts. And I have a link to revenue research in my profile for the gift maker place. And then they click on revenue research. They have an interest in finance, and they subscribe to my content. Boom. I just got a subscriber because I created a gift, and that's searchable. What up, um, yeah, but what I want to do is make it. I want to add a watermark to my gifts. And so that way. If my gifts gets shared, people will see revenue research in the GIF. And then they might look it up be like Hey, who is this great writer who makes all these funny gifts about always sunny. Maybe I should check out his website. And subscribe to it. because this content is great. You never know. Right. And then another benefit of. What is this stuff. Oh yeah. Another benefit of the gift making is that they're acceptable on many platforms. So, I was experimenting with making native posts on platforms like LinkedIn, and I was able to add my GIF on the native post for LinkedIn. And I yeah you can't do that with other content like if I were to make a video. Like, like a video on YouTube or something like that. I don't think I'd be able to add it to my native post on LinkedIn. Because you can't really add, I don't think you can add videos, like, I don't know. But it fits other platforms, I can put it on Twitter as well. When I'm promoting the post, things like that. And then another benefit is they're very easy to make. Great. If I just use my own service for the gifts for product I had to make those myself and that wasn't fun. So having a service to make the gifts myself, or like that makes them for me is great, you know. Okay, so then there are problems with gifts and everything in life, right. So, one problem with my gifts are that they're, they're not responsive, out of the box. So originally when I put the GIFs on the tech talk, post it like it was out of shape, compared to the rest of the content and didn't fit. Because I totally forgot to make it responsive. Because now my code so I just forgot to, you know, spruce it up a bit. So yeah, then I just took it off the, um, the blog post itself. So yeah, that's another problem, it doesn't look good on the phone. And I think that's because I don't have control of it. Right. Unlike if I made the image myself. Another problem is that it's more. It's, it's more stuff to add to the page. So it makes the load time slower. And that might discourage people from reading like content, which is the whole point of making the gift so if people don't read my content, after seeing the GIF and click on my thing. Then the GIF is pointless. Right. So that's another issue. Um, the next problem that I have is, there's only so many always sunny, or just TV references in general that I can remember that relate to my content like for the. Let's say the Christmas tree blog post. I can't really like I barely remembered the always sunny reference and I had to like, pick a specific spot. I then have something off the top of my head, like with the Tech Talk blog post. So yeah, I might have trouble coming up with a gift in the future. It wouldn't surprise me. Because like for says pricing. I don't know anything off the top of my head that released always sunny, that I could do. So yeah, um, another thing is the dimensions are restrictive. You know I didn't make them. So, to adjust the dimensions to make it look nice. In general, it might be difficult. Right. Yeah, so like see there, how it fits nicely, or just how it fits, and then maybe avoid looking nice. I don't know, it's hard to adjust I think you just go in like the iframe that I was given. But, no, I wasn't given an iframe, you have the option for an iframe and the link, and I chose the link. So I think I need to choose the iframe. And that way I can adjust it. but then I have to adjust it proportionally right so I have to figure that out. Yeah, I'm gonna have to do some, some work here to figure it out. Okay. Um, but my solution is just to use the GIF as promotional material and not put the GIF on the pitch. So that way that avoids the responsive issue. The phone issue, the load time. And, yeah, anything about adjustments. All those issues are gone. If I just use it as promotional material. So, if I just tweet out the GIF. If I, I don't know, whatever I do, with the GIF in terms of promotion, if I just do that and not put it on the page that avoids so many problems. Right. Okay. That's all I have in terms of gifts. I want to do this episode because I want, I had all my goals and I told you them. And so I wanted to, you know, talk about how I'm accomplishing them instead of just, just saying these are my goals and this is I achieved them, you know, blah blah blah, like I did last year. Okay. So, thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.