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Building an Indie Business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds. People call me supremerumham on the internet. And this is the building an indie business podcast. Alright. So, today I wanted to talk about lead magnets magnets. And I want to just talk about just like what I'm thinking of in terms of the revenue research lead magnet. So I'm going to talk about the open podcasts like magnet magnet, what the current lead magnet is for revenue research, some ideas I had. And, yeah, that's about it. Okay, so let's get into it. For open podcast, um, the lead magnet for the book was the workflow document. And so, the workflow document was supposed to be in the book, and I took it out, because I didn't want to mention brands. In the book, without getting paid. So I thought, why not make it a lead magnet that people could pay for. Right. So, for revenue research. There isn't that one chapter that I could pull out and add as a lead magnet, because for a book that I was writing or that I would write for revenue research. It would be different topics, there would be no central topic that I could, like, take out and add as a lead magnet so I have to come up with other lead magnet ideas. So right now, for the revenue research lead magnet. Um, it's a podcast. So, when you go on the website, and the, um, the email capture pop up pops up. You will see that it says like get access to the revenue research podcast. When you sign up, and so the welcome email has the RSS feed to the podcasts, and I like make sure to let people know that this is a private podcast in the email. So, yeah, I don't know if that will attract people to read the book or if that attracts people to sign up for the email, but I know there will be other effective ideas to get people to sign up. So, the ideas I have right now are. I take the highest search blog posts based on monthly searches and make that a lead magnet. Um, but I realized that this doesn't make sense because first of all it's too narrow, like, let's say, let's say the top search, post is like how podcasts make money. Well, only the people interested in how podcasts make money will sign up for that. And also, if they're searching for it. That means they already have the information right because it's on online on thing already in the thing on on the website, right. So, how can I make that a lead magnet, unless I like, I have the title there. And then I make the I delete all the content and I make the download button. Like, you have to sign up to get the thing that the content. Yeah, but then that's only one. That's only certain people like if people are interested in video games. They might not sign up for that podcast lead magnet. Right. So that's why it's too narrow. Um, my next thing is, I saw this article about really long lists. And it just said like, people will Google, like, or what pops up on Google is like 10 ways to blah blah blah blah blah. And that 10 ways could be like 10 ways companies, generate revenue. Right, so I could create that long lists. 10 ways. 10 popular revenue generation models. And so I could offer that in every article and set of the podcasts be like. Find out how the 10 different models for generating revenue. Get the list when you sign up and create that. Right. And then, um, people with search setup like how to generate revenue. And my article, or my, my lead magnet will show up. Correct, yes, I agree. Another thing that I've noticed is that people make their content in the PDFs and make it downloadable. So, I can have like a button at the top that says download this content for every blog posts and blog posts. And that's one way I could capture emails, create PDFs, of each blog posts, and that's pretty easy, because all I would have to do is create the button. Right. And then, um, no I wouldn't create the button right I would send it to them. For every post post, right. So, all I would have to do to create the PDF is download it on Google. Right. Um, you Yeah. And then I looked up like lead magnets like, oh, what are lead magnets that I could it could create. Um, and so for that. Some things popped up. The one idea was a checklist. So, people create checklists, for as a lead magnet and I could create this lead magnet about like how to generate revenue. And so I would create like a checklist for them to think of ideas to generate revenue. And so I could do. Do you have three options you have. b2b. b2c. And then, like donations, things like that. And then I could outline ways to generate revenue, help them with that. Um, and then I talked about how they can generate revenue from anyone. I guess like you could do ads, you could do subscriptions you can do premium content. Um, yeah so I outline it all for people. And that would be a checklist for them. Right. And then another one was community. I give people access to a community, which I've created already. I created a Discord server for community members. And, um, I could extend an invite. If they give me their email right so that would be another way I could generate revenue or not generate revenue, a lead magnet. The problem with the community access is for a community to add value, you need a lot of members. So I need to see the community with people in in the community, right. So that way, the email members the people that sign up for the email list, and join the community, they get value out of it from the existing members. But if it's a lead magnet. Who knows how many people I would get to join the email, or to join the community. And then that might affect the quality of the community. So are we need to find friends that I have to join the community and help me provide value to the potential email list, members. Right. Um. And finally, the last thing that I saw as a lead magnet is a calculator. So. Oh, the. The thing I looked up said that, um, a calculator is a good like lead magnet, you, you like you create a calculator. And then, to get the results they give you their email. This was also in Steph Smith's book. Shout out. And so, um, that's a lead magnet, that's a potential lead magnet that I can do help people calculate revenue, and how I would do this is like, give them. Say, have them put in their price, have them put, how many customers they want to have. And then we'll do the math for them. This is pretty easy for me with JavaScript and all the programming that I do on the paywall, not the paywall but like the Yeah, let's say the paywall for the email might be a little difficult for me. Um, I have to figure out how to do that that might not be too hard actually think about it. So I looked up the, The monthly searches for this and it's 6600. So that's a decent amount there's one company that just does calculators. Um, yeah, they do different calculators it's like the revenue calculator the, like, I don't know the gas calculator, things like that. Um, yeah. So that's what I have from the article that I read. Alright, and that's all I have for this episode. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.