Audience of Revenue Research


Building an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds, also known as supremerumham on the internet. And this is the building, and indie business podcast. All right. Today I wanted to talk about something that I've been struggling with for a while. And it is finding revenue researches audience. Right. So I just have this whole thing that I want to talk about, it's kind of it's organized but it's unorganized I don't really have like an agenda. I just have a lot of questions that I've been struggling with. And I just want to talk about this because this is something that a lot of people creating products and content struggle with. So I want to talk about how I've been struggling with it. Right. So, let's get into it. My problem is, I'm still unsure, even after 10, maybe. Yeah, 10 blog posts that I still don't know who the audience is for revenue research. Like, there's my intended audience. But I don't know if my intended audience is, who is reading my stuff, right. And the problem is here that I have not, I haven't had much interaction with the readers of revenue research. And this isn't for lack of trying, right. So, this is why I created the survey, because I want to know who's reading my stuff. Is it my intended audience is it just random people. Right. Um, yeah I was really excited when I first started revenue research because someone emailed me and then we started talking. After like the first or second blog post, we got in a whole discussion about why crud revenue research and. Yeah, he just asked me questions and I answered everything. And I kind of. We had a back and forth. That was great. And that made me really excited because I don't really interact with anyone. When I'm creating content or like in the, in the past, right. I don't even know who's listening to this podcast. As of right now. I know there's Josh, there's Brandon. That's about it. Right. That's why I've been creating service. Oh, Constantine to. Um, so yeah, that's why I created both surveys because I wanted to talk to people who listen, or listen or read my stuff, right. So, yeah, but they, they stopped interacting with me. They stopped opening the emails I'm not even sure if they opened up like the third or fourth revenue research blog post. When I emailed it to him or her I don't I don't question anymore. Yeah. So, there is one subscriber and they're really dedicated to revenue research content, they, they're in the discord community. I invited them personally to discord and they read everything, but that's about it in terms of interaction with subscribers. Right. So, my intended audience is indie makers that want to learn about monetization and investors that want to learn about different industries and how the industries work before they invest in them, right, because I've been on both ends of this, right. It took me a year to monetize open podcasts. Before that, I didn't have any idea how to monetize I was, I was just like sitting around being like, yeah, I'll get to it. And then I had no plan, right, and then I was like, you can monetize content. And so, let me do that, let me write a book, and then sell it. And then that way I can also grow open podcasts, because people will buy the book, and then come to open podcast. So, that, that was my way of monetizing open podcast and growing at the same time. Right. And before that, my prod, my project alert for, not around anymore. I didn't know what I monetize it at all. So I put like one affiliate link at in the corner. But that was it. And it was like it was a good ad, right, not good but it was like it, it was appropriate for my audience, because it was alleged for BTC was alerting people of the price of bitcoin, whether they wanted to sell or buy, and then the ad was for the brave extension, not extension the brave browser. And so, there's a cryptocurrency component to that browser, and so I thought it fit right and it's all about privacy, and people who are into bitcoin are usually in to privacy. Right, so I thought it was a good fit. And then I've also missed out on several investment opportunities, because I didn't understand the business model of the company, and how they made money. So, now, even before revenue research I was, I was searching like how different industries make money. Some of the like the very first articles or blog posts of revenue research, were very easy for me to write because I was already looking up this stuff. I was looking up how athletes make money. I was looking up how free apps made money I already knew that I had. What did I have already. I had the movie theater one already to go. I just had that in my brain because I remember years ago, looking that up, and seeing how they made money. So yeah, it wasn't very research heavy. At the beginning, and that's why I was able to pump out content like every other week. And then once I needed to research things. That's when I started to push back and maybe every other week and now. Now it's whenever I feel like whenever I finish it right. Okay, So, yeah, I also know that other people have missed out on investment opportunities as well because they didn't understand the business model. I know people that didn't invest in e commerce, because they didn't know how those companies made money. And then I also know that people missed out on invest in social media, because they didn't know how the social media platforms made money. Right. Now we all know. Right. And so it makes me question things I'm like, is my intended audience the right audience are is my intended audience, the people who are seeing my work, because I don't know. And the email list growth has been very slow compared to what I expected. I got 10 subscribers really quickly. It was like maybe three blog posts and I had my 10 subscribers, which was my goal, but I thought that growth would continue, and it really hasn't. So, that has me questioning things, am I targeting the right audience, am I promoting in the wrong places. Does my writing suck and that's why I'm not getting subscribers. Right. Even though I hit my goal of 10 subscribers and 10 blog posts. I feel discouraged. Right. Am I not growing because I lack content. Because that's okay to me, because, as my content grows, then my audience will grow, and so it just takes time. And then I wonder are my is my content like too broad. Going from Christmas trees to movie theaters to tech. Is that why I'm not growing, because I don't have like a subject specific audience. Right, or I'm not subject specific in terms of my content. Should I just move on. But then, how can I know for sure that. Moving on, is the right thing. Right. Is there a place where I can test my theories out on a new audience and find out whether I'm right, or whether I should just move on. Because this new audience is my intended subscribers, and they don't like my content. So, Yeah. And then I wonder. Are my current subscribers, my intended audience. And do they see my content and not like it. So, yeah, I'm just wondering, should I move on, but like, then I'm wondering, will SEO change all this because right now. I'm building up revenue researches domain authority, and I'm getting it higher up in the search results, and as soon as my domain authority just like 30 or 40. I'll be getting organic traffic and will those people searching for the content and clicking on it start subscribing and then I have organic traffic and subscribers and. The only problem was that I'm not good at promoting and SEO changes all this. I don't know, it's tough. It's tough to know. And then also there's a problem that I don't really have any, Any other ideas to work on. So that kind of ruins this podcast, and my other stuff. I can always go to like CSS art right. But then, I'm starting from zero there, and if I just need to keep writing and creating content. There's no reason for me to go to CSS art, like, fully jump in to CSS art. Right. So, it's my problem. All right. I don't know about this episode. If you listen to it, and you're at this and thank you for listening. I appreciate it. If you have any ideas for me about this or any comments or questions, or advice for me. I'd really appreciate it. You can tweet me, email me, I don't know, send a carrier pigeon. Anything you want to reach out and you could also fill out the survey, I'll put in the show notes. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.