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building an indie business in the center of venture capital i am Alex Edmonds people on the internet call me supremerumham and this is the building an indie business podcast okay so today i'm going to be discussing the survey that i have created for the podcast and podcast listeners and the reason why i created the survey now is that um on march 8th it would it will be two years since i released the first building and indie business podcast episode so i wanted to collect some feedback and talk about it i did a survey the first survey about uh like maybe six months ago maybe a little earlier than that and uh i didn't promote it well so for this survey i'm going to talk about it on the podcast i'm going to talk about every question and then i'm going to talk about like the options that someone has to fill it out and i'm i'm going to talk about why um i'm asking that question okay so let's get into it first question is how did you find the show and the options are a friend twitter uh tick tock maker log or other um i want to know how my marketing efforts are doing and so if no one answers um twitter i'm just going to give up twitter entirely um right and i always give the oth the other option so that if there's anything else that i'm doing that i didn't think about um i know that that's working and i'm going to go back to doing that thing i think one because one way i've been promoting it is i've been promoting promoting it in different marketing channels like marketing forums and i stopped doing that so uh i want to know if i should continue to do that or should i just keep not doing it right okay second question is why do you listen on the podcast and the three options are to hear revenue researches progress entertainment or to learn about finance and i asked this question to find out what people expect do they mind me talking about myself or um are they here to learn something very specific and um if they i get they're here to learn something very specific like if they all answer to learn about finance then i'm not going to do episodes like this anymore so because that would be like a more entertainment um or revenue research area so yeah so how long have you been listening is the next question and i want to ask this or the three options are since the beginning six months and less than six months and the reason i want to ask this one is i want to know if i have to explain old references so i'm gonna explain an old reference right now i did my ninth episode of the podcast was called dogs and web development and this episode um what happened oh yeah i i was looking so i had a conversation with someone on twitter and they were like they showed their twitter analytics and they said hey like you guys are only here for dog pictures and someone was like like what's the point of doing dog content right and then i was like well if your audience loves dogs and um you do dog content it'll get more clicks and views and i was just joking right but i tested it out so i named the episode dogs and web development and i basically explained what um what i just explained right now like the conversation me testing it out and when the podcast was on anchor it was my hide or like my most downloaded episode so i have i did that with coffee as well so if people have been listening since the beginning um i don't have to keep explaining that if the majority of the listeners have been listening for six months then i have to because i would now that's a two-year-old reference so yeah okay um where do you listen to the plot or to the show is the next question and i have the options of apple spotify google breaker or other and i just want to know where people are listening because i think that's interesting for my research okay and then is there anything i should add to the show and i just put music sound effects and interviews and this is like just little things that might make it more enjoyable and i don't know i believe that doing like little tweaks every every iteration is how you build something so like adding music would be a little iteration adding sound effects would be a little iteration and especially now because i know how to edit a podcast and i didn't when i started the podcast and i know how to how to what's the word i'm looking for i know how to do it like where it won't take up too much like of my time right and i'm more willing to edit the podcast now than i was in the beginning especially because i spend the entire day on the podcast um on fridays when i record um usually when i record i don't do anything else besides the podcast so like i could i'm willing to take the entire day to add music or add a sound effect like if i wanted to add clapping right now i could do that and it wouldn't take up too much time so i'm more willing to do it okay the next question is what is your favorite episode and i want to see er for this question there are no options i just want to see what people say immediately um like what's the first thought and the reason why i want to do this is because um i want to see what's memorable to people um if they remember the really unique episodes like dogs and web development i'll do more stuff like that i'll maybe try ice cream and web development if they liked an interview i'll do more of that right so i just want to see what people people remember the podcast right um right and then is there anything you want me to talk about uh that's the next question and the reason why um i wanted to add this as an episode is maybe there's something i mentioned that i was going to talk about like in a later episode and but i never did the update on it right so maybe i started talking about like a podcast experiment that i'm i was doing i like tick tock maybe and i never updated that episode so um maybe there's something that i haven't been thinking about that um that a listener men remembers and i don't um but i will update the tech talk episode i'm still collecting data okay so the next question is do you know there's an email list and the options are yes or no and the reason why i want to add this is because i am unsure if there and people know there's an email list for the podcast and i am unsure because i recently did a twitter um what do you call it a twitter a twitter poll where um i asked if people read the show notes and the poll was uh like evenly split it was let's see i have it right here um 20 so 23 people they answered the question and 52 of those 23 people said they do read the show notes of a podcast and then um then 20 or no then 47 said no so i think that was evenly split so that was 12 people that said um yes and then 11 people said no and just for those numbers uh and so the reason why i asked that question is for this podcast episode and the reason why i asked it is because um i really have only promoted the uh podcast email list in the um in the show notes so if half the people don't list or read the show notes they don't know about the email list which is in the show notes right so uh i wanted to make it clear in the survey that there is a email list and then i put a link to the landing page so that if they are interested in the the being a member of the email list they can just click and there they are and also i think this question was also asking if people read the show notes because do you know there's an email list people would know if there's an email list if they read the show notes so if a lot of people say no i know that they don't read the show notes now okay um yeah and so also my goal i had for 2021 one of them was to grow the email list and so by putting this question and a link to the email list then it helps me grow the email list okay so the next question is is there anything i can help you with and a lot of the things i do on the internet um i do because i just want to see what would happen or what people would say i maybe they want to hire me for something i don't know so i just want to see what people would say and this is that question i just want to see what they would say and then the next question is anything else questions comments and this is the same thing i just want to see what they would say or it's a section where maybe they want to say something that i uh should have asked or they just want to mention something like i liked i don't know i like that time you i like when you make a lot of jokes right so maybe this is that area and then um then the last question is what's your email and i mentioned that you will not be added to the podcast email list and the reason why i want to ask for their email because if they put a lot of effort into the show notes not the show notes ah this survey sorry both started with an s that's why it messed me up okay so if they put a lot of effort into the survey i want to they they might have put a lot of effort right and i want to know i just want to know who they are and so maybe maybe i find when they're interest or one of their answers interesting and then maybe i want to ask them more questions so by giving me their email i can get in touch with them and then even then um if i know the listener and i talk to them regularly then i could just it's a way to identify people right okay so as i said that's all the questions that's only eight of them and the reason why um that's only eight right one two three four five six seven eight nine 11 okay that's 11 questions last year was 10 questions but they're not like a lot of the questions you're not really have to think about so i wanted to keep it very simple to not overwhelm people because if i overwhelm people then they will not finish the survey and then i made every question optional where no one has to fill it out to continue to the next survey or the next survey question because uh from my personal experience when i when i have a required question that i don't want to answer in a survey then i just exit the um the survey and i'd rather have like 50 of the questions filled out and then get some data instead of no survey questions from someone right so that's one thing and then the survey also gives me a chance to get to know listeners what if um there's someone that i don't know that listens to the podcast but they put a lot of effort into the the what's the word i'm uh for the survey right i'm going to contact then them and i'm going to invite them to everything i'm going to invite them to one of my telegram groups one of my discords i'm gonna start following them on twitter um i don't know what other social media networks i'm on oh i'm gonna start following them on tech talk um so yeah that's gonna be really interesting um i'm trying to get five people to fill out the survey minimum and if i get five people to fill out the survey then i will do an extra episode not an extra episode i'm going to do an episode on the results i feel like 5 is the number where enough people have given me data that i can talk about it for a while yeah so if you could fill out this survey i'd really appreciate it um it'll help me get to know you guys and it will help me to um improve the podcast because i will take all your suggestions and i will add it to the podcast tweak by tweak and make the podcast better to grow the podcast and then next year for the third year survey uh more people will fill it out because we've improved the podcast together and there's more people listening and more people to fill out the survey okay thank you for listening have a nice day bye