Ultimate Paintball Guns SEO Strategy


building in any business in the center of venture capital i am alex edmonds people on internet call me supremerumham and this is the building an indie business podcast okay so today it's uh it's gonna be a little messy i want to do an episode on my seo stuff specifically i want to talk about ultimate paintball guns and how i got that started and how i decided to um do that and now i created it um and this is mostly because people have been asking me to write this down and i have an easier time you know talking about something and then doing it so i might be like going through websites and then like trying to figure out like what exactly it is i have to say i don't have any notes on this actually i have some notes but not a lot anyways let's get into it alright so ultimate paintball guns i bought an expired domains also my paintball guns an expired domain ultimate paintball guns and the reason why i decided to use that domain and create an affiliate website is because i put that domain um on in ahrefs or ahrefs and i did the backlink checker and the backlink checker told me that their domain authority is 41 which is good because mine is like 20 for the podcast website and like 15 for open podcasts so that means that when you create a page for it that will rank high on google right so then i decided to um find an affiliate um an affiliate link related to that industry in this case it's um paintball right so um i googled like paintball affiliates and like three or four websites came up and i applied to all of them and i wanted one that had high-end paintball guns so i found one that sold paintball guns that were like fifteen hundred dollars and they gave me eight percent so if i made one sale on that that would be like a hundred almost 150 dollars so i decided to make a wordpress website and wordpress cost like 25 dollars a month you know one sale would cover my expenses for five months so that'd be very profitable and if i kept getting one sale one sale one sale then um i would you know be making money from it and not just covering my bases right so that's great and then yeah so i put it on wordpress and then i picked the top most expensive affiliate products so there were some products that were fifteen hundred dollars there were some that were five hundred i think i chose the limit of like 200 i put all the products um i created a description for all the products that were uh 200 and no no less than that um because i wanted i wanted one sale to cover me for a month right yeah so in terms of setting up the website and getting traffic um the first thing i did was i started an email list and the reason why i started an email list is because that gets you direct traffic and the number one ranking factor is direct traffic so um every time some new i added a new product to the website i can email it to the email list and get direct traffic immediately so it rank higher um or faster on google and then so speaking of google um i set up the wordpress website and the first thing i did was i indexed it on google being um google bing um baidu and yandex and this is so it'd rank faster and i could start getting traffic sooner than if i were not to index it right and then uh i had to write all the descriptions for the product or all the products there so i took the existing um descriptions of the paintball guns and i put it in dashword and i optimized it for seo right i changed the the words and descriptions things like that and then um i used rank math and rank math helped me to make sure even more that the product like the whole product page was optimized so it helped me determine the appropriate keyword density which is how many times the keyword would arrive or should be in the product description it helped me determine the best length for the product description images um it let me know that i needed a table of contents things like that and so um i struggled to get the product descriptions um up to you know it was like 2 000 words so what i decided was that um i had i had to treat it like revenue research i needed to have like topics that i would discuss generally for every product description so that was instructions reviews available colors what comes in the box add links to compatible products product dimensions frequently asked questions history of the company or product um yeah so i started with the descriptions i know not i started with the instructions and the instructions um i would just copy and paste it from the manual so i would look up the manual of like the i don't know of a paintball gun of the tipman um a5 and then if it was like installing instructions i'd put that in the description and that would give me like 1500 words and then so i was left with 500 words and um to get those 500 words i'd like do the i would write the history of the company myself and then i put it in um like a content writer like an ai content writer and then it would write the rest for me and the reason why i wouldn't do the content writer for instructions is because i didn't want um people to use my instructions and then get um something wrong and then maybe hurt themselves right so i would do that um and then i would add all the images and the images i would put the alt tags because the alt tags helps with seo so i'd make sure that was done and then um i this isn't applicable to everything but i'd start an affiliate program and the reason i would start an affiliate program is because i wanted to get backlinks and by starting an affiliate program that allows other people to promote the website and put it on different um websites and those websites would give backlinks and that would increase the domain authority of the original website and then you're getting sales of products that that you wouldn't originally get because these are new websites the products are being promoted to right okay and then i would create some sort of lead magnet to get people to sign up for the email list that could be anything from like a a paintball starter kit um startup starter guide or like some type of calculator for paintball uh something like that and then um yeah so then i'd start writing blog posts um i would do like a holiday gift guide like paintball guns for dads or like top 10 paintball guns for dads a how-to guide how to load a paintball gun how to get your girlfriend in a paintball um product reviews um alternative two so like alternative two tipman a5 and then i just list out like 10 paintball guns right um yes and then i would create like a frequently asked questions page and the reason why i would do that is um it creates internal links so all those blog posts that i'd put i'd post i'd put those in the frequently asked questions um page so like how to load a paintball gun i'd write a little like maybe a paragraph and then link to the blog post that i wrote something like that um yeah and then um i'd make sure that the errors were all cleaned up like any 404 pages anything like that and i do that with ahrefs so i have that linkedin and then maybe i'd create a forum to uh to increase time on site because time on site is another important ranking factor in google so yeah um the more it's like a social network for people specifically for paintball and like you know people spend a lot of time on social networks right okay and then what would i do next um create a form oh link building so to get backlinks i'd try to do guest posts so like on hacker noon or some medium publication and then link back to ultimate paintball guns right or find like like hacker news um type websites and if those gave backlinks i'd post my blog posts on there to create a backlink and then i would maybe create graphics like take the how to load a paintball gun blog post make graphic and then email that to other websites and um you know get a backlink from them um yeah and then what i can also do is create video content so um start a youtube channel and then people that search for things on youtube they would look for my content and the link to ultimate paintball guns would be in the description so i'd create a video on how to um how to load a paintball gun and a link to ultimate paintball guns would be in the description and if a lot of people view that video they would um you know click on the link and then you know buy my stuff right and then um for other link building uh a podcast that would be another method that i would use um and i think that's it let me check what else what else my notes say i have i did all my notes on paper but that's um yeah alternative to lead magnet email list new products um oh promo codes yeah i can do promo codes um and oh coupons coupons that's another thing i could do um create coupons and then you put those on coupon websites and that gives you a backlink um yeah then abandon carts you email people when they abandon cart you email people that haven't been the store in a while um uh yeah that's another thing expired domain found a affiliate website create a product description displaying the most okay um let me see completed tasks um oh social media yeah so another thing for social media is like you you know create content um like you would promote it by tweeting it out maybe a thread something like that and people would click on it i haven't done that yet if i'm being honest um yeah you can cross promote as well so you let someone guest post on your website your blog and then you guest posts on theirs and that gives you both a backlink you'd have to talk to people for that though which i don't like so there's that um what else is there um for seo let me let me do my thing um podcasting seo so let's see um most important ranking factors oh structured data yeah you do that in that's on page so i talked about that transcription create a small product um search intention site map um yeah that's all google search console stuff um yeah um i think that's all i have um yeah that's all i have thank you for listening have a nice day bye