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building an indie business in the centre venture capital I am Alex Edmonds also known a Supreme Rome hand on the Internet and this is the building and indie business podcast alright so this episode is going to be about social media and promoting your podcasts on social media I'm going to go over the goals that you should have for promoting your podcasts on social media how to promote your podcast and social media the benefits any problems that you will run into okay so let's get started one goal that at least I have with social media is to connect with my audience so a lot of my audience may be on a social media platform and by joining that social media platform I'm able to talk with my audience without having to do anything extra like spin up my own forum or create my own chatroom okay another goal that I have for social media is to get people to click on my stuff my links my profile things like that okay how to get people to help me reach my goals the first thing that you can do and that I do to get people to click on my stuff is fill out my profiles so I have a pinned post on all my social media profiles I fill out my bio I add my links I make sure to have a picture I add my website to the website portion yeah I fill it out the next thing I do to promote my podcast is I create snippets of the episodes so like for this episode I could create a snippet of the house section the benefits section and the problems and I can release these episodes every day or these videos every day these snippets of videos so like Monday I can do the house section Tuesday I can do the benefits section and Wednesday I can do the problem section and you have to be careful with this because each different social media platform only allows you a certain amount of time so you have to make sure to be within the guidelines and not waste your time so like for Twitter I think it's two minutes that one I know for sure I don't know the other ones so how do I create these snippets great question sir um the way I create these snippets is I use overcast FM specifically the app on iOS only hey Marco if you're looking to sponsor the open podcast community reach out to me we can discuss it so via the way I create the snippets is overcast has a feature where you can take a snippet you can take a portion of applauded cast and create a video of it which is great I love it I hardly ever do this so for the podcast um another way you can do this which is platform agnostic is headliner dot app so the app that I use to turn my audio into video allows me to create snippets and what's great about headliner is it will show you it'll create your video for you based on the social media platform so you can click Facebook you can click Twitter and it will create different videos with the different lengths of your episode okay another thing that I do on social media is I summarize each episode so I basically take all my notes and I put it in one post and then with a link to the podcast at first so the first thing I do is I have this at this week's episode was about the title of the episode with a link to the podcast then I comment any different sections of the podcast so I take my notes and I will highlight I will copy the different sections so I will copy the house section and then paste it into a comment right under the link to the podcast and then I will do the benefits and then I will do the problems and that's all I do okay the next thing you can do is create a social media account for the podcast and this is another thing that I do and you can post all this stuff that I just mentioned in the account for the podcast and then retweet it or not retweet it but share it I'm being platform agnostic in this episode or at least trying to be then you share the post from the from the podcast account with your personal account and now you have more visibility and when people see that a post is being shared they're more likely to share it so you have the likelihood that more people will share that that content okay another thing you can do is use hashtags and hashtags improve visibility and so more people will see it more people will share it so for Bai be the podcast that you're listening to right now I use podcasting hashtags I use podcast hashtag podcast psycho podcasting and hashtag Potter and family and those increase the visibility to people that have an interest in podcasting okay another thing you can do or the final thing that I do is I ask people to share my content so I will say a person from open podcast I'd really appreciate it if you would share this post and sometimes they do sometimes they don't it improves visibility and then it's it shows people that this post is being shared and more people will see it it's more likely to be shared and yeah okay the next thing I do is I the final thing that I do is I follow people that think that I think have an interest in my content so one one Twitter account that I follow people from is overcast on FM because I would love it if overcast on FM sponsored the open podcast community okay so how exactly do I find people to follow and look at my choose to look at my content um great question I'll go over how so first you think about the company that you want to sponsor your podcast or community then you go to one of their posts one of their original posts then you follow anyone who has interacted with that post the reason why you want to specifically follow people that have been that have interacted with their last post is because these people have been the most recently active compared to people that follow in that account so you know most likely that those people will see that you're following them liking their posts if you go by followers you might end up following the inactive people and some platforms allow you a limit of people that you can follow in a day so following an inactive people is a waste okay the benefits of social media there are lots of users and there there are millions of them per platform I think Facebook has like 2 billion twitter has 300 million so in on each platform there niches and within those niches there are thousand millions of people and that's the minimum there'll be millions of people like if you go hashtag podcasting there's gonna be a million post that's a million potential people to be a listener of your podcast okay the next benefit of social media is there are many different platforms so like if you're not good at writing or like promoting your podcast they're writing you can do it through video you can do it through audio yeah you don't have to stick to one platform it's that's what makes for our social media great virality okay the final benefit of whatever I'm talking about social media sorry is that um one of your posts can go viral and you would get a lot of clicks and that's a lot of people potentially listening to your podcast and becoming a subscriber of your podcast that's great okay problems I got a lot of problems with you people and now you're gonna hear about it okay you you people know there you list the listeners of this podcast know that I'm not a big fan of social media so I have a lot to say about the problems about with social media so one problem is that you don't own the content so if a a platform doesn't like what you're saying they can erase your account and you lose all the content that you've created and all the followers that you've gained just like that this is why I like owning your content you can check out that episode about owning your content in the somewhere in the podcast speed okay the next thing I have a problem with with social media is algorithms so many social media platforms will have an algorithm for a person's feed and what that means is that they optimized a person's feed so what that means for you as a user and poster promoter on social media is that when you post something it doesn't get seen right away by someone who logged in as you've posted your content on social media and so if your post on social media does not I does not do well with the social media platforms algorithm you're getting less potential views okay the next thing that I have a problem with with social media is platforms don't like users encouraging other users to leave so this goes back to the algorithm actually so there are many social media platforms that won't allow you to post a link in the post and the only link you get is the one in your profile so if you're encouraging people to leave the platform um you'll be ranked lower in the algorithm and get less views it actually happened me um okay um people like and share but they don't actually listen so it's very easy to like and share on social media platforms but clicking and listening to a podcast episode is very different than liking and sharing it takes people away from the platform and away from their regular routine of scrolling so they you could get 100 likes and shares on social media but only a few listens because people aren't actually listening to your podcast and that's one problem with it okay can't take your audience with you that's literally how I have it written so you can't share your audience on a different platform so you can't take your Twitter followers and bring them to YouTube or not yeah YouTube that's fun so every time you join a new platform social media platform you're starting from scratch pretty much unless you post on the old platform hey I'm on this platform now but still because of the algorithms your entire audience isn't going to follow you to the new platform okay not much control over user experience so on social media or their social media platforms that allow you a limit of how many characters you can use in one post along with that you can't control how a user sees your posts you can't allow you can't create a post that will have like a fireworks effect as soon as someone sees it you can't make the background of your post a different color you can only just share your text that's it and it looks uniform to the entire platform which is a disadvantage to someone who knows how to create a user experience like me hey what do you know okay finally your last problem that I have which is I think this is the biggest section know how to is the biggest section whatever doesn't matter um the final problem that I have is there you have difficulty on different social media platforms of organizing your posts so it's very difficult on many social medias social media platforms to see the different posts that you have done or like to scroll to the bottom of your very first post and I have difficulty with this because if you're changing your strategy or like writing different copy you can't compare how your new copy versus your old copy is doing it very easily especially if you post a lot or like you share others people other people's content so um compared to podcasting where I can just very easily scroll or with a newsletter I can there's an archive that shows just my posts or my newsletters and it's very easy to navigate yeah okay that's all I have for you um if you got my problems reference please let me know because that would make me very happy so there's the blog if you want to write a blog post about um podcasting let me know and you can add it to the open podcast blog and that will help you get more visibility for your blog post same thing with the open podcast podcast community podcast if you want to practice um podcasting and get on a an initial audience through the open podcast community podcast let me know okay that's all I have for you thank you for listening have a nice day bye