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hello and welcome to the building an indie business podcast with supremerumham I'm your host Alex Edmonds today I will be going over solo podcasting I will be discussing how someone can podcast by themselves why they should have a podcast by themselves the disadvantages that I have noticed and the benefits of interviewing the reason why I wanted to go over this episode is because I've noticed that people don't want to be podcasting by themselves they struggle with that and I am someone who does it by themselves so I thought I should help people out that way yeah okay so let's get into the episode how to record a podcast a solo podcast okay so the very first thing that you can do is have listeners send you questions and then you answer those questions on air so one person who does this is Bill burr he has listeners email him questions and then he answers those questions on his podcast and he's been doing this for years since 2008 and so people will ask him about a comedy about any of his projects and so he will answer those questions on air another way or how else you can podcast alone is by reviewing content and so this could be you talk about your opinion or any ideas you have about the news or something that happened industry and bill also does this he will some sometimes when he has no material what he'll do is he'll just go to Yahoo News and just start talking about the headlines and what he thinks about them but you have to remember he's a comedian so he doesn't really do research or give an actual opinion he'll just make fun of it another thing you can do is read so going away from Bill burr near I all on his near and far podcast what he does is he reads his articles that he writes or has some one guest hosts the podcast and they will read the article that they wrote all right so the final thing that you can do to podcast alone is create a format and so what I did how I I record my podcast is I have my own format for the podcast and so this format is say something say the reason why you think this and give an example so in a previous episode about podcast marketing I said that live streaming is a good way to promote your podcast and so why I said this was because you will get a new audience listening to your podcast and some people might like a behind-the-scenes look and by live-streaming the recording of your podcast you give people a behind-the-scenes look yeah so that is how to podcast so um now getting into the why why you want a podcast alone or like a benefit of podcasting alone is less equipment and less technical errors so when you have someone else involved in your podcast and that someone else could be a guest and you have a different guest every week that requires equipment extra equipment so you have to get a mixture you have to get extra headphones you have to get extra mic and when someone else is involved with the podcast like someone new they might not know about all the technical aspects so there might be a problem or you have to set that up and by podcasting alone you avoid all that for my podcast I have my headphones a mic and I just plug it into my computer and that's it I don't need a mixer I don't need extra headphones it's just done with the mic and the headphones okay another benefit of podcasting alone is you can record whenever I record on Fridays because that fits my schedule but when you have a guest or another host you have to both um you have to account it for a guest you have to accommodate their schedule so it's whenever they can and then you have to make it fit your schedule and for another host you have to make your schedules in sync and that adds a layer of complexity for a podcast another reason or another benefit of podcasting alone is you don't need to be constantly searching for someone else to be on your podcast and this happens when you have a guest on your podcast and by podcasting alone you don't have that other layer of complexity okay the disadvantages of podcasting along one disadvantage is that it can be very difficult to move your podcasts out of your own network and what I mean by this is you promote your podcasts in your own way and you promote your podcast at the same exact time so really only the people that see your podcast is the people that fit or that go on the website that you posted on at the same time the people that when you tweet out your podcasts the people who retweet it will they might be in your network and then that the same group of people continually see your podcasts but when you have a guest on your podcast they will tweet out their episode and so that expands your network and gets your podcast to a different network okay the final disadvantage is that when your solo podcaster you're the only source of content for the podcast so every week I have to come up with but the content of the podcast and so if there's no if I don't come up with the content for the podcast then there is no podcast this can be different when you have an interviewer or when you when you have an interview podcast because you can rely on the person you're interviewing to create the podcast or the content for the podcast so I was supposed to create a corporate podcast a podcast for the company and what my boss wanted to do was just take the one screen that I created which was like questions for the podcast or the podcast guest and then take that script and have it for two to three episodes I honestly hated that but it was my boss and I'd really it's not my problem really and so by having this one script it I would be able to rely on the guest for the content because they would be answering the same questions and yeah by doing that I was using the guest as the source of content for that podcast luckily that never happened and I was able to not have that project attached to my name okay so moving on to the benefits of podcasting the benefits of interviewing a on a podcast having an interview podcast is the guest helps you create content so a good podcast host will let the let the guest speak so a host podcast or the host on the podcast a good host will just be silent and let the guest speak so they are creating the content for you and the other benefit of interviewing that I noticed is you have access to the guests network so if I were to have I don't know President Obama on the podcast that will give me a chance to have people from Obama's Network seeing my podcast and then if I were to have Bill burr on the podcast then I will have access to Bill burrs network so I'm getting uhm very different networks seeing my podcast which can grow my listener base okay that's all I have for solo podcasting thank you for listening if you want to host your own podcast episode I have the unreleased open podcast community podcast and if you would like to host a podcast without the hassle come join the open podcast network the link to the network is in the show notes and just talk to me and I will help you sort out hosting a podcast episode thank you for listening have a nice day bye